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  1. Okay, 51 pages is enough when nothing new has come out in weeks. If the old man is indicted (hopefully!), we'll open a new thread.
  2. I facetiously apologize for using the same gif twice. That said, my response, in full:
  3. By their own admission, they played each other one on one hundreds of times at home, and she won the majority of the time. That may be their own embellishment, but I've seen them both play and... I wouldn't wager money on him "eating her alive", no.
  4. The University of Tennessee's women's hockey logo goes fucking hard:
  5. Someone actually got Manfred to look up from changing the rules for a second and realize his players look like shit out there: Here's the absolute funniest part of the article: sure.
  6. Look, I know this comment is utterly ridiculous coming from seeing that trailer... but it looks Too CGI. Like, everything is off by a shade of lighting or uncanniness. Nothing blends the way it would in real life. And it will obviously make a billion dollars.
  7. All I know is the Dolphins philosophy in the late rounds has clearly switched from Best Player Available to Fastest Player Available. That said, I apologize for my future (and current) obnoxious use of I CHOPPY CHOPPY YOUR QUARTERBACK!!!!!!
  8. Well, it's Monday and we've got a draft to finish! So far, it looks like the biggest move is Bron Breakker moving to Raw as both shows were "defending their rosters". This can also be read as Hunter "likes things how they are." Anyway, after the draft, we have a new NXT Champion to celebrate as that Trick was whooped, but he pulled out a huge win over Ilja Dragunov (who's name better be mentioned as a new draftee!). And after all that, Backlash is coming to France! Let's see how that goes. You could say... it's an Enigma...
  9. Indie Wrestling Was A Mistake, Chapter 24087
  10. Darby Allin is currently in the hospital after *checks notes* Says here getting hit by a bus in New York. ... Dude would have 100% died on Everest.
  11. Doc apparently revealed that Dame has an Achilles' injury, while simultaneously telling the Pacers they no longer have to defend him.
  12. Jesus, I honestly forgot the Dolphins don't have a 3 this year because of the Tom Brady/Sean Payton tampering crap.
  13. ... You don't want to go down this route. Drop this now.
  14. In "God, please let this never be recorded on a frame of film" news: Aaron Sorkin is writing a movie about January 6th. It's being described as a pseudo-sequel to The Social Network.
  15. And once again Tony proves he doesn't know the difference between "carny" and "actionable".
  16. Short version... they're doing their Players' Weekend gimmick again this year. But... no nicknames.
  17. He definitely considered "I'm rich enough to kill this man" during that stare down.
  18. NASCAR is going to flip their shit if the Super Bowl moves to the same day as the Daytona 500.
  19. You may or may not be *shocked* to hear that Kirk Cousins' was to put it mildly, nonplussed, with the Falcons draft. Penix will also be 28 when Cousins' contract ends.
  20. Joel Embiid has been dealing with a case of Bell's Palsy that began during the play-in game.
  21. I will not believe it's over until they get the 4th win... but Vasilevskiy looks human for the first time in years.
  22. One of the more under-reported things was between the loss to Dallas and the '10-'11 season, he by all accounts very much was on the hot seat. At that point he met with (whatever the basketball equivalent is of) Sabremetrics people and "found God." (By God I don't mean religion) Somewhere in the first half of that season, LeBron was actively campaigning for him to be fired when Riley, Wade, and UD sat him down and explained that neither Spo nor he were going anywhere and he needed to listen for the good of the team. He did and finally bought in. The rest is history. As for tonight... hey, Boston's great and is probably going to win it all. But one game at a time.... Spo got a team giving significant minutes to 2024 Kevin Love and Haywood Highsmith to beat the juggernauts by 10 on the road. Anything is possible.
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