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  1. It would be entertaining to watch at least. This year was as painful to watch as the year Okafor was being featured. The situation with this team is such a mess. The owner Josh Harris had quietly become the NBA's Jerry Jones. The coaching hire right now is a battle between Brand and the front office wanting Lue and Harris wanting D'Antoni.
  2. The best part of this Eagles game is the Eagles are playing at home and getting booed by piped in crowd noise.
  3. Yeah and I think most realistic deals involving Horford would require payment from the Sixers for that reason. The Sixers having interest in Paul and only having negative value contracts to send out in return is a nice bargaining chip for Presti. The money for next year alone: Harris 33 million, Simmons and Embiid 29 million each and Horford 27. You pretty much have to do Harris or Horford and I would bet most people would have them as 2 of the 10 worst contracts in the league.
  4. It is a lot of money but if they do deal with Sixers it means taking on a contract that would require compensation from the Sixers. Since Horford has 1 extra year than Paul. Only half of that final year is guaranteed. Knowing the players Presti likes he'll probably want Thybulle. Sixers did jump them in the draft to grab him. I assume the Sixers will want to move Horford and Josh Richardson for him for financial reasons. Which could bring a 3rd team into play. Richardson only has 1 year left. I doubt the Sixers will be willing to move Thybulle. Since he makes the most sense as Rich
  5. Yeah OKC could do relatively well in a deal. Milwaukee and Philly could start bidding against each other. I still can't believe their 1st round pick is coming here this year. Which was top 20 protected.
  6. Asking for Porter and Murray for Josh Smith 2.0 would get Brand's number blocked.
  7. Wish I had known about this album when we did the 70s album project. Would have finished very high for me.
  8. They'll turn on him eventually and run him out and he'll return with a hobo army.
  9. Death walks behind you Death walks behind you Death walks behind you Death walks behind you Lock the door, switch the light You'll be so afraid tonight Hide away from the bad Count the nine lives that you had Start to scream, shout for help There is no one by your side To forget what is done Seems so hard to carry on Luck is false, that it's near Bring yourself to understand It's your fate or what's cast Point a finger at yourself Death walks behind you Death walks behind you Death walks behind you Death walks behind you Lock your door, sw
  10. That was great. It made me think of something funny I heard years ago with Bill Shatner recording a commercial. With the director trying to tell him how to read the lines.
  11. That is too bad. i was really hoping the league would try and pull something stupid like hosting a Rams vs Cardinals game in St. Louis.
  12. Like the rules. I just hope this does well enough to get a 2K XFL game. I don't think getting close to reaching the quality of play of the NFL is as impossible as it once seemed.
  13. I was expecting this team to be fun to watch. Since they have a good mix of defenders. Wrong, the offense is just too ugly. Recently they are getting killed by teams playing 2-3 zone like it is a college team. Look at Brett Brown's response to how Ben SImmons can contribute against the zone.
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