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Awesome show with tons going on all over the place. Thrilled to see Jazz coming to Impact that was a cool surprise, makes me wish she wasn't retiring, but I'm glad she will at least go out in a somewhat bigger way than it seemed when she announced her retirement last month. Great to see Team Sea Stars and especially Killer Kelly, who I thought came off like a total star even in under 5 minutes. I'm reminded of her classic with Meiko two years ago and I hope she sticks around in Impact. I love the Deonna/Su Yung feud so I'm glad that is continuing. Wrestlers Court was highly amusing as expected. Solid main event as well, good show overall and good setting up future things as usual. 




Impact Wrestling - AIring November 24, 2020

*Matt Striker joined Josh Mathews on commentary this week.

*Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz def. Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) (7:01) when Kiera pinned Delmi to advance in the knockouts tag team tournament.

*Crazzy Steve (as Suicide) def. Rohit Raju (8:00) with a sunset flip to earn an X Division title shot. During the match, Raju unmasked Suicide, believing that it was TJP but it was Crazzy Steve as Raju was then distracted by TJP coming onto the stage.

*Kimber Lee (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) def. Killer Kelly (w/ Renee Michelle) (3:15) after a swanton. After the match, Susie came to the stage and said they hurt her friend and that's bad but now her friend was here and it would get really bad. Susie turned away and then Su Yung came to the ring and took out Kimber & Deonna.

*Swoggle (doing an AJ Styles parody) (w/ Karl Anderson) def. Ethan Page (w/ Josh Alexander) (2:35) with a rollup after Ethan was distracted by Anderson taking out Alexander at ringside. Prior to the match, Anderson mentioned the North injuring Doc Gallows, who will be out for 4-6 weeks. As a result of this match, the North will not get a rematch for the tag team titles.

*Fallah Bahh vs. Daivari went to a no contest (0:36) when Eric Young & Joe Doering took out both men. After the match, Rhino ran out to fight but got beaten down as well. Eric Young got the mic and repeated that the world belongs to them.

*Rich Swann(c) def. Ken Shamrock (13:45) to retain the Impact Worlds Championship when Shamrock used a rear naked choke but Swann rolled back into a pin. After the match, Shamrock hit the referee then Sami Callihan came back out to join in attacking Swann. Eddie Edwards ran out for the save but got beat down as well. Callihan & Shamrock taped Eddie to the ropes where Sami busted him open with his baseball bat. Scott D'Amore, D'Lo Brown, and officials came out to try to stop them. Shamrock beat down D'Lo as well while Callihan continued to beat down Eddie to end the show.


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I was excited to see the Sea Stars on my screen. Nice effort and hope we see them again. 

I think Jazz and Jordan are officially my favorite team in this tournament now. 

Nice stuff from Kelly and Kimber as well as the post match Su shenanigans. The Knockouts are in great shape right now. 

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