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6 hours ago, TheVileOne said:

End the brand split and go from there. 

Would it really kill WWE live event business if they stopped stretching the roster so thin on two touring sets of house shows? Have less house shows and load them up with more names. 

I mean, it would cut it in half. Who's really going to house shows based on "names" anyway? Maybe Cena bumps ticket sales, but does anyone else?

In what universe is the roster thin? Dozens of active workers don't even get TV time.

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Or end the brand split but still keep 2 live tours going if they make money.

People will know they get some combo of Reigns, Rollins, AJ, Orton, New Day, Bryan etc at the top of the card and guys like Ascension, Breeze, Truth etc can work the undercard.

The biggest issue they have ending the brand split is that it takes away the titles as a crutch for the creative team. With only 1 world champ, 1 womens champ, 1 set of tag titles etc they will have to actually write decent motivations for these characters to be fighting each other, something they have been utterly incapable of handling in recent years.

I would have - 

WWE World Champion
US champion (on the USA Network)
IC Title (on Fox)
Tag Titles
CW Title
24/7 Hardcore title - Almost make it WWE Network/PPV exclusive. It'd be defended at house shows, talked about on TV, maybe a rare match now and then, but otherwise it's only on PPV or randomly a fight breaks out on 205 live or something. Putting the belt on guys like Harper, Cesaro etc Great workers who don't always get the push, would make it more enticing for the 'smark' crowd to tune into everything in the hope that the HC title gets defended.

WWE Women's Champion
Women's Tag Titles
Women's TV Champion - While I hate giving the writers a crutch the women need a secondary title. To help move it around the rules would be as follows: Defended every week on either RAW or SDL and announced in advance. Hold the title for 100 consecutive days then you vacate it and get a shot at the Women's championship. Instantly give the belt meaning/purpose and raises the stakes of every match the closer we get to day 100.

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They ran two and sometimes three separate tours at once in the 80's with only one "brand"

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