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IMPACT!- 1/12/2023!

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Brian Myers and Heath begin the wrestling action.  Myers is prolly the most underrated dude in IMPACT!  Heath has good punches.  Myers is fun running round the ring and nailing Heath with a forearm thingy!  Myers is good with a batch of low impact heel offensive maneuvers.   Heath has a fun low impact babyface offense!  This is a good Memphis studio match.  Myers hits a Spear!  FOR TWO!  SWEET Toprope Powerslam by Heath!  FOR TWO!  Heath hits his finisher, called the Wake Up Call, a kinda of Reverse Bulldog.  That was pretty good.  Speaking of underrated folks in IMPACT!, it's Savannah Evans!  She takes on Rosemary.  Rosemary bites the face off Evans!  Evans really lays it in.  Rosemary makes with the Plancha off the top!  Evans goes back to beating the crud out of Rosemary.  Gisele Shaw punches Rosemary upside the head as she CHEATS!  Please note that JesSICKa isn't wearing a BATTLE COAT!  Nice EXPLOIDER by Rosemary!  Evans responds by beating the hell out of Rosemary and hits a BEAUTIFUL Spinebuster into a BEAUTITUL Fisherman Buster Suplex!  A Spear by Rosemary!  MANY DISTRACTIONS! Evans hits the UNCLE SLAM FOR THE WIN!  Postmatch, they beat on the Death Dollz!  That was the best Rosemary match I can remember, mostly because Savannah Evans beats the holy hell out of folks.  The problem with using the 99 cents YouTube account is that you can't fast forward through the Sami Callihan/ The Design bullcrap.  But it doesn't have any commercials.  Alan Angels isn't very good at cutting Sami's hair.  He looks much cooler and crazier without hair.  He is now CALLIHAN!  Mike Bailey is the what?  Third best wrestler in America?  Maybe.  Anthony Greene!  He is a NOAH dude while IMPACT! is a New Japan kind of company.  Greene is REALLY good.  This match is waaay fun.  Bailey is as SPECTACULAR as usual.  Greene hits a TOTALLY AWESOME Tiger Driver!  Bailey CRUSHES Greene with an Ultimate Weapon.  I assume Anthony Greene starts going over people soon.  He's so good.  GAH!  I am forced to watch the build up of Josh Alexander versus Bully Ray!  That should be good though.  Moose, Steve Maclin, Rich Swann, Jonathan Gresham, Joe Hendry and Eddie Edwards divide up into teams and wrestle each other!  Joe Hendry gets on the stick.  I like that Hendry is all World of Sport to match Gresham's Malenkoism.  Moose and Edwards are the best heavyweights in the match.  They do a lotta stuff!  Edwards and Moose are good beating the fudge out of Swann.  That's a grand batch of CHEATING!  Neato QUEBRADA by Gresham!  Edwards hits the second best Blue Thunder Bomb I've seen in the last 24 hours (Konosuke Takeshita wrestled last night).  After beating on Rich Swann, they now beat on Gresham who makes the tag to Hendry!  Everybody hits a finisher!  Moose is the last guy so HE WINS with a spear on Joe Hendry!  That was good batch of wrestling.  Anthony Greene/Speedball was the best match.  Evans/Rosemary WILDLY overdelivered!  YAY! IMPACT!

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Solid matches that got some time but definitely had an 'end of taping cycle' vibe. I'm digging these Savannah Evans showcases more and more, she's getting great. Liked the unique Josh/Bully podcast style opening.

Heath/Myers was good. The tag title mix is delivering some quality singles matches lately. 

The Design/Callihan segment seemed to go on for quite awhile but the show overall went by quick. Speedball is always the best.

Fun trios main event. The heel team was quite a grouping of guys that have hated each other at various points but they managed to work well together. I believe in Joe Hendry!

Hard to Kill looks really good overall, should be an awesome show. Mickie/Jordynne main eventing feels big time for them.


Impact full results:


*Taped for BTI: Raj Singh & Shera def. Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice (8:24) when Shera pinned Dice with the Lion's Roar.

Impact Wrestling - Airing January 12, 2023 from Pembroke Pines, FL

*Heath def. Brian Myers (13:23) after the Wake Up Call.

*Savannah Evans (w/ Tasha Steelz, Gisele Shaw, & Jai Vidal) def. Rosemary (w/ JesSICKa) (12:56) after the Full Nelson Slam.

*The Design (Deaner, Angels, & Kon) held an Initiation for Sami Callihan by forcing him to shave his head.

*Speedball Mike Bailey def. Anthony Greene (6:15) after Ultima Weapon

*Moose, Steve Maclin, & Eddie Edwards def. Joe Hendry, Rich Swann, & Jonathan Gresham (16:49) when Moose pinned Hendry after the Spear. After the match, the lights flickered on and off with Eddie in the ring.


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We are back In Pembroke Pines, Florida.

This is the Go Home Show for Hard to Kill

We get a recap of D’Amore going through the table last week. There was a recap last week to start the show off as well I should’ve wrote something about it as it set up D’Amore going through the table.

First thing we get is Josh Matthews on Zoom interviewing both Champion Josh Alexander and Challenger Bully Ray one last time before the match at the PPV. It’s gonna be a Full Metal Mayhem Match. Josh seems annoyed by Bully, Bully had been targeting the people in Josh’s life. Bully seems interested in the fact that Bully is in Josh’s head. I appreciate Bully rationalizing his attack on Scott D’Amore, Scott punched him first. A great heel has a little bit of justification to their attacks. This is Josh’s first Metal Maybem Match but he seems ready to get Bully in the ring. Josh says when the bell rings all the talk is over and with that we are done. This segment had me interested in the match well this and Bully taking out Josh’s mentor with a power bomb through a table. On paper Bully Ray in the main event scene in 2023 seems eye rollingly bad but the build that I’ve seen I’m interested in the match and I also know the result so I’m not worried about any lolTNA happening.

First match of the Night is Brian Myers vs Heath. Match starts off as matches start off they tie up have a bit of a back and fourth. Action spills to the outside there’s a dust up well the makings of a dust up on the outside between Myers Heath and their respected tag team partners Matt Cardona and Rhino leading to Cardona and Rhino being ejected to the back. Heath hits a cannonball dive off the apron onto Myers. Action goes back into the ring. Thru end up back outside this time with Myers in control. Back in the ring as we go to break. Back from break Myers is in control of the match putting in a head lock. Myers is control for a minute. Myers makes a comeback much to the crowds delight. Myers comes back hits a DDT but Heath kicks out. Myers gets a you suck chant. Myers hits Heath with a spear Heath kicks out again! This prompts a Heath’s got kids chant. Which got me thinking of when Heath had Kids and introduced them all on SmackDown. That was 6 1/2 years ago “Roscoe” has to be 18 or 19 now. I don’t believe that there isn’t a 18 or 19 year old red headed wrestler out there that Impact can find and have him come in to play Heath’s son Roscoe. Back to the match Myers goes to the top rope Heath runs over hits a power slam. Crowds fully behind Heath. New Japan smack each other on the mat all the way to your feet spot. They end up in the corner. Heath attempts a super plex Myer fights him off hits an elbow drop Heath kicks out for a third time. Heath hits a Wake Up Call which I can best describe as a running spinning Russian leg sweep without actually sweeping the leg for the 3. I liked this match a lot. Really good opening contest it was given time going two segments. These two guys spent a decade plus each in WWE they know how to put on an exciting TV match and that’s exactly what they did.

And just for shits and giggles here’s Heath with his kids.

Chris Bey and Ace Austin are outside the building. They are fresh off a tour of New Japan competing in the Super Jr Tag Team Tournament getting to the finals but not winning and they are in the four way for the Impact Tag Team Championship match at Hard to Kill also including Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns, Heath & Rhino and Matt Cardona & Brian Myers. BeyAce and I’m now calling them that from now on are confident they will walk out as Champions.

JesSICka and Rosemary find Taya Valkyrie taken out backstage and it’s right before Rosemarys match with Savannah Evans. Taya alludes to it bring “the four of them”. This leads into Rosemary Vs Savannah Evans. Rosemary JesSICKa and Taya are the Death Dolls and the “four of them” are Evans Tasha Steelz Gisselle Shaw and Pony Tail Man. Savannah is a powerhouse and Rosemary is unhinged brawler type. The styles mesh well here. Lots of hard hitting fast action. Rosemary doves off the top rope to the outside onto Evans and Ponytail as we go to break. We come back from break Rosemary or in full control hitting strikes in the corner. Evans hits a devastating big boot on Rosemary. She gains offensive control of the match. Shaw gets involved as Evans distracts the ref. Evans hits a butterfly suplex. After some rag filling at the hands of Evans, Rosemary hits a reverse DDT and mounts a fiery comeback. Rosemary with a T Bone Suplex but Evans kicks out. That damn Evans. Evans with a spin buster followed by a fisherman’s suplex. Rosemary with a spear looks like she’s gonna win Pony Tail distracts the ref JesSICka shoves Pony Tail. Tasha gets on the apron distracts Rosemary. Evans attempts a full Nelson slam, as Giselle Shaw is on the ramp, Rosemary gets out of the move whips arcane towards Shaw Evans stops short Rosemary charges knocking Evans into Shaw who flys off the apron opening up a full nelson slam on Rosemary for the 3. After the match The Four of Them beat down the Death Dolls. Another good match. 

Our Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the night is Moose Vs Rhino from Hard to Kill 2020.

Taylor Wilde is doing some super natural four elements gimmick and I’m all for it.

We get another really good Mickie James video package which isn’t on YouTube but it explains Mickie James Last Rodeo angle where If she loses she’ll retire leading to the match with Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace who herself is on a tear. This is gonna be a challenge for James. 

The Design, Deaner Kon and Angels come out for Sami Callihans initiation into the group. They are gonna cut Sami’s hair. Deaners like a cult leader with this group. He’s in all white a speaking in a holier than thou style. I think this is a nice evolution from Eric Young’s Violent by Design group. The lights go out and come back on and Sabu is standing in the middle of the ring pointing towards the ceiling. In all actuality it’s Sami with his baseball bat. Deaner tells him to give his bat to Kon. Deaner says something about making the right choices along the way then he compares Sami to Sampson saying he has to cut his hair to become weak. Sami says don’t you break yourself down to see make yourself stronger. Alot of talk about seeing this until the end. Crowd doesn’t want Sami to join The Design. A traitor chant starts as Sami takes a seat to get his hair cut. A you sold out- cut it dueling chant starts. A louder you sold out chant briefly breaks out as Deaner tells Sami that the people don’t care about him. I think the crowd got bored cuz they are cutting Sami’s hair with scissors and a get the clippers chant starts. Deaner reveals clippers and it gets a pop. The clippers got a pop. Sami shaves his own head. Sami has patches on his head and Deaner makes him look at himself in the mirror. Sami doesn’t like it he’s about to fight he’s got the Scissors. But he hands them to Deaner. I don’t know if I liked this segment or not it may have gone on a little too long. I don’t know where they are going with all of this Callihan in The Design stuff but I’ll see it through I’ll see where it all goes.

Gail Kim is backstage with the backstage interviewer whose name I don’t not know. Scott D’Amore was powerbombed through a table and everyone is dying to know if Gail Kim is going to step in as Director of Authority. Gail says it’s not her back at Hard to Kill the new DOA will be reveled.

It’s now time for match number 3 as Speedball Mike Bailey takes on the returning Anthony Greene in different trunks than last week. Greene gets it. Bailey gets the advantage quick but adjusts his knee pad and Greene comes in with a flurry of strikes. They start slugging on each other until Bailey hits a succession of martial arts kicks on Greene. They end up on the outside and Bailey gets sent shoulder first into the steel steps. Greene hits a beautiful tope to the outside. Greene has the offensive control and a let’s go Speedball chant breaks out. Greene gets Bailey into a single leg crab but Bailey gets to the ropes. Bailey starts a comeback with a moonsault to the outside. Back in the ring and Bailey hits a top rope drop kick followed by a series of kicks. Bailey is in full control of this one standing twisting shooting star press well I lied Bailey got a running start but it was off the mat not the turnbuckle so still impressive. Greene fights back goes for a school boy roll up but Bailey goes head first into the bottom turnbuckle. Another Speedball chant. Some back and forth Greene hits a Power Bomb with Bailey coming off the ropes. Bailey kicks out. A this is awesome chant starts and I wouldn’t say a dueling chant starts but a speedball chant starts up almost trying to steamroll the this is awesome chant. Bailey hits this standing moonsault but his knees land on Greenes chest then he kicks the shit out of Greene a bunch hits the kneesault move off the middle rope which he calls The Ultimate Weapon for the 3. Yeah I dug this match. Anthony Greene got a lot of offense in during his two outings in Impact. I’d like to see him back. Impacts back in Florida taping TV January 20 & 21 maybe Greene comes back. It goes without saying that Mike Bailey is good, I’ve seen him wrestle before I know he’s good I’ve never seen nor heard of Anthony Greene until these last two weeks of Impact and I was impressed. 

We get Voiceover from Kevin Kelly hyping up New Japan on AXS featuring Kenny Omega vs Will Ospreay from Wrestle Kingdom a really good match btw check it out if you haven’t already.

Next up is a really good video package for Josh Alexander Vs Bully Ray at Hard to Kill.

Match number 4 is Main Event Time as Moose Steve Macklin And Eddie Edwards Vs Rich Swann Johnathan Gresham and Joe Hendry. Each member from both teams is wrestler a member of the opposite team at the PPV. Macklin Vs Swann, Gresham Vs Edwards and Moose Vs Hendry. Hendry goes to speak and the crowd chants Dancing Moose. Hendry calls Macklin and Eddie Moose’s back up dancers. Back Up Dancers chant breaks up. Gresham and Edwards start this match off but Edwards who has been avoiding Gresham, tags in Macklin and Gresham and Macklin wrestle for a few moments then Gresham tags Hendry in and he wrestles with Macklin for awhile and then Rich Swann is tagged in. The first two Hard to Kill opponents to square off in this match. They barely go at it as Macklin tags Edwards in. The heel side seems to be avoiding their upcoming opponents so far in this match. Some back and forth between the two a faint This Is Awesome chant starts I don’t necessarily agree Swann did a couple of arm drags nothing to start a chant about. Gresham is tagged in so Eddie quickly tags in Macklin. Gresham ties up Macklin in his octopus stretch, heels run In Which leads to the babyface’s running in which in itself leads to a stare down and we get the Hard To Kill Opponents swinging on it each in the middle of the ring. A bunch of movez happen everyone hits everyone with shit. Swann dives to the outside onto Eddie and Moose then he’s a running big boot from Macklin as we go to break. Back from break we are back in the ring and Macklin chops the fuck outta Swanns chest. Edwards is tagged in and chokes Swann with his wrist tape as the ref is distracted with trying to keep the babyfaces out of the ring. Moose is tagged in and the crowd taunt him with a Dancing Moose chant. I really hope this catches on and they cried starts chanting Dancing Moose at the subsequent TV Tapings. Heels need taunt chants gives them something to play off the crowd with. Moose yells at the crowd while making quick work of Swann. Swann is getting the Ricky Morton, the heels are isolating him in their corner they are tagging in and out staying fresh as they wear down Swann. Macklin has Swann in a chinlifi Swann breaks free almost makes the tag but Edwards tags in and cuts Swann off before he can tag out. A Lets Go Swann chant breaks out. Swann fights back against Macklin both men down after simultaneous clotheslines. Macklin crawls to his corner Swann the sane Edwards tagged back in cuts Swanns tag attempt off again. Swann with an enzaguri to Edwards. Swann tags in Gresham who cleans house until Moose comes in tosses Gresham onto Edwards’s shoulder for a Blue Thunder Bomb. Moose drags Gresham to the heel corner and the Ricky Morton starts all over again but it’s short lived as Gresham breaks out tags in Hendry and Hendry cleans house. Moose and Hendry end up in the ring. everyone starts hitting shit on everyone else again. A cool spot Is Gresham sunset flips Macklin and springboards himself into a cutter on Edwards. Moose spears Hendry for the 3. After the match Eddie is in the ring alone the lights starts to flicker off as what I will describe as thunder and lightening sounds play over the PA and then everything goes back to normal and Eddie is very confused as we go off the air. Good match fun main event. Good way to hype up the PPV putting opponents from PPV matches across the ring from one another.

Another solid episode of Impact doing a great job building up to the PPV one night away plus featuring good matches given time.

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