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2 hours ago, SirSmellingtonofCascadia said:

This seems about right. I love the idea of Dr. D-as-Austin being a massive babyface in 1985, but it probably wouldn't have happened. 


Dr. D did the trash talking babyface character in Stampede. I think he could have pulled it off in the WWF as well.

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1 hour ago, GuerrillaMonsoon said:

I think the question isn't quite accurate as Hogan left the AWA of his own accord because Verne fucked him on t-shirt money and the title run.

If Hogan goes to Japan full time, or Crockett instead, it probably delays the inevitable arrival. If he stays with Verne - it probably just means that Vince continues to actively raid the AWA post the initial poaching of Heenan, Ventura, Okerlund and Hogan instead of just passively allowing him to rot/fucking him on the TV syndication markets instead.

It's probably worth noting that Hogan wrestled his last AWA date on 14/11/83. He's working shows for Vince a month later, and is WWF champion barely two months later. New York worked around Hogan's availability and want to leave Verne, rather than Hogan being right place right time. The most likely outcome here is that the Sheik either gets a longer run with it, or he exchanges it back and forth with one of the other mentioned guys before Hogan eventually takes it maybe a year later?


If Hogan goes to Crockett instead of Vince, imagine Dusty coming to New York to be Vince's babyface ace.

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