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Found 21 results

  1. Starting the offseason thread (despite the season not ending till Wednesday)
  2. One thread is more than enough for the rest of the way - especially because there are so many series that no one gives a fuck about All Wild Card series start on Friday, Oct 7 As a reminder, the Wild Card round is Best of 3 with all three games being hosted by the higher seed
  3. Tomorrow's Yanks/Sox game has already been ruled a rain out and moved to Friday EDIT - Seattle at Minnesota is also being moved to Friday
  4. Getting this started because Jayce Tingler might be fired before the Padres leave San Fran
  5. One thread will be fine for all the playoffs as we all accept that somehow Houston will win the WS again and everyone but Lawful will be in hell. Schedule AL Wild Card Game, Tuesday, 8 p.m. ET on ESPN Yankees at Red Sox NL Wild Card Game, Wednesday, 8 p.m. ET on TBS Cardinals at Dodgers AL Division Series (starts Thursday) Best-of-five format Wild Card Game winner at Rays White Sox at Astros NL Division Series (starts Friday) Best-of-five format Wild Card Game winner at Giants Braves at Brewers
  6. Dates and Times (sorta) are set - Yanks just need to know if they are going to Houston on Sat or if Tampa is coming to them
  7. Roster expands today so games will get even fucking longer. Next season can't get here soon enough
  8. Once again, Happy Bobby Bonilla Day! It should be noted that phenom rookie Pete Alonso is getting less than paid half ($550k) of what Bobby is making this year (~$1.2M)
  9. Season has officially started (first of two in Japan between As and Mariners is in progress) Pitching is clearly behind hitting. There has already been a grand slam
  10. To recap from yesterday Josh Donaldson to the Indians - Jays gets PTBNL which is described as "someone with some value". Basically everything is tied into Donaldson's health. Jays are also paying $2.7 million of the remaining $4 million Dodgers get David Freese Brewers traded for Gio Gonazlez - This was awkward as the Nats are playing the Brewers and Gio was told he was traded but since it wasn't official yet, he spent the game in the Nats dugout Brewers also got Curtis Granderson Yanks traded with the Pirates to get Adeiny Hechavarria
  11. Happy Bobby Bonilla Day.
  12. I realized, I don't actually know which teams most people root for, so figured this would be a simpler way of finding out than digging through other threads.
  13. If @Lawful Metal has pants... They have spontaneously combusted.
  14. Yes, yes - we know Bartman is getting a ring. You guys have posted it twice now. Though the idea that he needed to be forgiven at all is silly. Of course I already saw one Cubs fan on Facebook screaming about how fans need to be taught how to blatantly interfere with the opposing team People are stupid
  15. RIPPA

    MLB - JULY 2017

    Random things - Yanks are calling up Todd Frazier - Marlins will supposedly be sold by the end of the month - Red Sox released Allen Craig - David Price and Dennis Eckersley got into some sort of argument - Benches cleared between the Dodgers and Padres which somehow lead to Dave Roberts shoving Andy Green
  16. RIPPA

    MLB 2017 - JUNE

    Mr. Met fired for giving a fan the middle finger Yup - when it goes South for the Mets it goes South
  17. RIPPA

    MLB 2017 - MAY

    Through some miracle - I actually had Anthony Rendon in my starting lineup yesterday
  18. The last day of the regular season (well if the Tigers/Indians don't have to play a makeup tomorrow...) so I am starting this Reports are that Robin Ventura is out as White Sox manager to be replaced by Rick Renteria Also reports are that Walt Weiss will be fired as Rockies manager
  19. Starting the offseason thread because the reports are now out that - not surprisingly - Matt Williams is going to be fired Per Joe per Jon Heyman God we are going to have - what? - 9 vacancies this offseason?
  20. Just to see who would make it - if we, the idiots, had a vote. YOU CAN VOTE FOR UP TO 10 PEOPLE (this is the honor system people) Names are alphabetically just to make it fair A tip from last year - READ ALL OF THE CHOICES BEFORE VOTING!!! A lot of folks got tripped up because they missed names (especially those who where picked guys in alphabetical order).
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