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  1. Put your money on the cognitive behavioral therapist, every time.
  2. I read the apology, and I immediately knew Starr was still bullshitting when he said he was "seeing 3 therapists simultaneously". ban plz
  3. Is 4 (now 5, granted) replies a record low for a Raw thread?
  4. Barnes & Noble yet again runs an Arrow %-off (not sure how much) sale concurrent to their Criterion sale. And Amazon is matching this one; got Switchblade Sisters and Willie Dynamite for 19.99 and 21.99 (respectively), when they usually go for 27.99+.
  5. Already picked up, thru the Criterion sale: The Lure; Memories of Murder; Mikey & Nicky; Odd Man Out; and, Pick-Up on South Street.
  6. Criterion 50% sale may be starting Friday, Jul 2.
  7. Hell, Maffew is still getting mileage out of "Back, and to the left ... back, and to the left ..."
  8. The idea of 50 1yo Bobby Lashleys terrifies me to no end.
  9. I hope so. I hope they end up on a nat'l stage again somewhere soon.
  10. So we learn today that they released Ever Rise when Shane Matthews had a child on the way.
  11. RVD's insane bump from piledrivers deserves mention.
  12. Yes, amusingly titled the "June Swoon" sale. Because calling it the "Goddammit You Are Going To Buy 100 Rifles or 6th Man Eventually, Asshole" sale was too on the nose.
  13. General board question: Has anyone ever made the joke that AEW could still technically fit into the "Feds Just Trying To Make A Buck" section?
  14. My intro to wrestling and first figures answers are the same: AWA Road Warriors.
  15. Really hating that the releases I want are limited editions. Nate ain't got money like that to spend ....
  16. But really they're probably only going to use him to measure the length of the ring entryways. .....
  17. Same, about RAIDERS. Those Kino films are very good editions, I have them. Excellent purchases.
  18. I asked the Severin Facebook commenters for feedback on this film, for a blind buyer. No reply yet. Is this a good pick-up? Just curious, what'd ya get? Also, Target is running a B2G1F til June 19.
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