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  1. Bellator already ran Stud Stable vs. Hobo Army. Blew the feud off in the first match with a squash. A cage match at that. Without even building up any heat first. Terrible booking.
  2. Josh Mathews: "I was embarrassed by the name 'TNA'. Go back and watch. I would never say it." Also, Josh Mathews: "It's Joey Ryan vs. Billy Gunn! This one's 'Touch It' versus 'Suck It'!" Has Ryan's divorce been finalized? I'd imagine that's the real reason he hasn't already signed with AEW.
  3. http://thefwoosh.com/2019/08/boss-fight-studios-legends-of-lucha-libra-debut-at-expo-lucha/
  4. PCO's blind in one eye, Scurll drives on the wrong side of the road, and King's from Los Angeles. Flip's the safest choice.
  5. Hope Steve Harvey shows up in his big-ass suits and starts making tag team matches.
  6. Justice League was way better than I expected. I was not ready for how awful this version of The Flash was though. He even ran awkwardly. I liked it way more than the first Avengers film. Aquaman is the best superhero movie of the past decade.
  7. Lame comedy spots, Cornette ranting, people running to snitch to Cornette, people bitching about Cornette. They're all bad and none are hills worth dying on. Memphis Wrestling and SMW are good. PG-13 > The Young Bucks. Bob Armstrong > Kenny Omega. Fight me in the streets if you disagree. And Cody should have Porter Wagoner suit JJ Dillon in his corner. Alright!
  8. I don't really think Scott Hall got any good until he was into his babyface run as Razor Ramon. Ole Anderson's telling of the Black Scorpion origin was he was filling out the cards for the house shows and Jim Herd kept yelling at him that whoever he wrote down against Sting wouldn't draw so he frustratingly wrote down "Sting vs. The Black Scorpion" and Herd was all about it. There was never an end goal. They just did Flair to blow it off cause Sting wasn't drawing as champ cause they put him in this Black Scorpion angle with no end goal.
  9. I'm not into the intergender stuff but they're too far in to pull out on Tessa Blanchard winning the World Title. I think she should beat Cage to win it though. Cage retains at BFG and Tessa wins the X-Title. Then follow up with a few weeks of Cage successfully defending against Fulton and Jake Crist while Tessa successfully defends against Callihan and Fulton. Then she exercises Option C and challenges Cage at Destination X on TV. Melissa Santos as ring announcer. Cage toys around with Tessa and then she comes back and hits the Magnum for certain victory until Melissa Santos interferes for the DQ and Cage and Melissa turn heel. Then do a Tessa/Melissa match where the winner chooses the stip for the World Title rematch on PPV and Tessa just murks her and chooses a cage match. At the contract signing, Tessa pulls out a baseball bat and drills Cage in the clavicle. Then at the PPV in the unforgiving steel cage, Cage tosses Tessa around and bounces her into the cage and then she hits the Magnum followed by her drilling Cage headfirst into the cage and hitting the DDT for the win. Now you have to get the belt off of her without making everybody look bad in the process. Have Scott Steiner send Petey Williams to challenge her and he cuts a promo about how her odds don't look good cause she's a woman but Petey's Canadian so her chances are better than zero but if she really gets lucky and plays her cards right then she could end up as Big Poppa Pump's freak tonight. Then after she beats Petey, Steiner can send Jordynne Grace to challenge. Then she can do a short program beating Johnny Impact and then Taya Valkyrie challenges her and Tessa challenges Taya to put up the Knockouts Championship as well so it's title vs. title and Tessa wins the Knockouts Championship as well. Then at the PPV, she has to have two championship matches defending the Knockouts Championship against some yak and the World Championship against Callihan in a street fight. She retains the Knockouts Championship and Havok attacks her with a bat and then she loses the World Championship in the main event after fighting off all of OVE and Havok again hits her with a bat. Then you've got a Tessa/Havok Knockouts Championship program and I don't know, maybe turn Moose face to chase Callihan.
  10. They should demote Murphy back down to NXT for not responding with "I'm not your Buddy, Guy." Also, Rollins should be revealed as the person trying to kill Reigns.
  11. Vince, Sr. was the promoter. The WWE story is he worked his way up to manager of Turner's Arena. The sole source of that seems to be the WWE video package of him running around with a towel. I don't question his importance to Vince, Sr. as a loyal employee or his inclusion in the WWE HOF but there's no need to trump up some accolades to justify his inclusion since it's a HOF with no standards at all other than the whims of one mad man.
  12. Koko B. Ware being people's low bar to entry for the WWE HOF has always been completely ridiculous considering he went in with a class that included Chris Von Erich. James Dudley was in the second induction class. Johnny Rodz went in before Koko Ware. Koko B. Ware sang the title track to a wrestling album when that sort of thing was important to the WWF. That alone puts him several levels above a lot of guys that went in before and after him. Also, the answer to best non-hoss squash match worker is Koko B. Ware.
  13. If they get a rights fee then AXS is an upgrade. Otherwise, it's kind of a lateral move as far as coverage goes cause even though AXS is in like 10-million more homes, nobody watches it. Really, it's probably just cause AXS has NJPW and some people at IMPACT come off like complete marks for NJPW.
  14. Which they don't tell anyone about. The only way anyone knows about IMPACT+ is from watching Impact. And even then they don't tell people about the free tier. Or anything really, the Flashback segments are completely useless filler that don't even tell the viewer where the clip is from to entice them to subscribe and watch the whole thing if they're interested. Their YouTube channel has over 2 and a half million subscribers. IMPACT+, probably like 2 and a half million less. Probably even less than GWN which they waited way too long to rebrand. The weekly show is free anyway so put it on the platform with the most available viewers and with the least barrier to entry.
  15. Jericho's partners should absolutely be The Dark Order and their new gimmicks of El Hijo del Ralphus and Jerichoholic Ninja II: The Grayson.
  16. They should just put Impact on YouTube the next day already. I don't understand why they insist on making it so hard to watch their flagship show. Friday night at 10 is just a lousy timeslot whether it's on a channel nobody watches or streaming on Twitch. Nobody would talk about MLW if the only access they had to it was on beIN.
  17. No, Court Bauer won't let Schiavone do anything else with AEW. The big surprise should be during the main event of Cody/Spears II, Arn Anderson shows up wearing the Panama hat, jack! Bahgawd, whose side is he on? Tune in next week, we're outta time!
  18. 90s cause evil Iraqi beret Slaughter. Of course, Triple H gets two Masters Of The Universe figures. They lose points if they don't call the one with the claws, Terra Ryzing Claws Triple H. Some of those are real inspired. Cena's invisible weapons, Macho Man-At-Arms, The Big Dog as Fisto, Castle Grayskull as a ring. Ultimate Warrior just looks like regular Warrior with a pointy stick. If the real Warrior had a pointy stick he would've put his eye out running to the ring. And I'm just throwing this out there. THE BIG MOSS MAN. He smells like Cobb County so pine trees and gridlock.
  19. I watched Fyter Fest For The Fallen. I didn't bother with the pre-show and that was still about an hour and a half longer than it should've been. Building looked and sounded great. Grayson with the sarong looks like the Bucks' cabana boy and Uno looks like fatter Shark Boy. The Super Smash Bros. looked like bigger geeks though so I guess it's an improvement. I feel like they missed an opportunity by not having the creepers go under the ring at the beginning and then come out during the match to interfere to at least justify Marko Stunt's interference. They had the ramp right there so the one creeper that was covered up could've sneaked to the back under the ramp and Jericho could've done his run-in by coming up from under the ring like he'd been there the whole time if we can pretend that he wouldn't have died of old age waiting for Page/Sabian to end. Everybody in this company is kind of a dick. Liberal middle finger usage. Stunt interfering for no reason. Lucha Bros. attacking Daniels for no reason and then attacking SCU with the ladder. Omega chop blocked Cima. Cody snatched that kid's Blackjack Mulligan money out of his hand and stuffed it into one of the Buck's mouth. Three of the EVPs don't know how to work to the hard cam. Commentary wasn't good. Excalibur's okay but he's just spouting off move names most of the time. They need Ross for name-value but he looks old and he can't hear the opening bell and he mishears the ring announcer and has to jump on him or the refs about the rules (which are inconsistent). Marvez is like a more awkward Mike Tenay with his non-sequitur interesting facts. Also, referencing 5-star matches or calling a move Meltzer Driver just sounds so lame for a mainstream company. Luchasaurus shouldn't be standing next to Dustin Rhodes.
  20. Hot scoop on the hotline is that Alabama Doink's death caused a power vacuum to form in the United States Of Doinks with Mississippi Doink, Middle Tennessee Doink, Georgia Doink, and Florida Panhandle Doink all trying to annex Alabama for themselves.
  21. Mike Posey. P-DOG! And I think IMPACT got it way worse than ROH. AEW took their director and event promoter. They hooked up with AAA. And IMPACT's World Champion tried to work AEW's pre-show.
  22. I watched some of Fyter Fest. Not the pre-show and stopped during the Batista thing. I've seen The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros. wrestle already. Now if the mystery man had been Savio Vega, the real TNT the Caribbean ninja, I might've powered through. I like Fenix and Pentagon, Jr. better as singles. AEW should quit screwing around and do Pentagon, Jr. vs. Moxley. This was not Jim Ross' crowd and they should've sat him out of this one. Commentators out there saying Christopher Daniels is Curry Man. Everybody knows Curry Man is the TNA Fired Champion and owes Daniels money. Why is the guy getting a shot at the AEW Championship having to wrestle a four-way to get on the next show in a match with Kip Sabian who wasn't even on the DON main show and if you don't already know who he is you wouldn't know anything else about him after his guest commentary spot? He isn't Chris Sabin or Black Jeez is what I know about him. People all sensitive about a chairshot when Darby Allin's out there smashing up his guts and spinal column. Don't worry about Cody Rhodes. He got that executive-level health plan. Notice there where like half a dozen people checking on him while Allin was laying in a heap outside the ring.
  23. Au Revoir Miss Bordeaux Her sensuous scent permeated through the thick smoke-filled room. "Bahh!" desperately exclaimed Fallah Bahh the massive Sumo from the Philippines as he entered. "Bahh Bahh Bahh Bahh Bahh!" he sang to the tune of Scarlett Bordeaux' familiar theme but the siren did not answer his call. "Bahh bahh bahh bahh...bahh?" he sang again. Slower almost whispering with shaky trepidation as the smoke slowly dissipated and with it the last lingering scent of her. "Bahh." His lower lip trembled. The realization that his muse, tag team partner, and his friend was truly gone. He was now alone. Alone in this chaotic galaxy where some things wood were also metal. Alone. A lone tear rolled down his cheek. Alone. When a salvo of saliva shot into his face from the side creating a deluge of rage from within the proud Filipino warrior. "Where's your bitch now, fatboy!" screamed the vile Sami Callihan the leader of the evil quartet known as OVE, Ohio Versus Everything. His mimicking henchman the deplorable Jake Crist handed his leader a microphone while the massive Madman Fulton wielded a video camera. "This is not Rolando Melendez, fake news reporter. He's on special assignment in The Undead Realm." The group all cackled. "This is Sami Callihan, Hashtag The Draw bringing you this special report. Scarlett Bordeaux is gone and she ain't never coming back." The fourth member Dave Crist gesticulated silently in an unsavory snakelike manner. "And in breaking news, Fallah Bahh is about to join her. Get him boys!" With Callihan's order OVE surrounded Bahh. Bahh stood his barefooted ground ready to battle to the bitter end. OVE pounced like a group of jackals. All hope looked lost for Fallah Bahh when the room suddenly filled with smoke. Could it be? Has she returned? NO! The trio known as The Rascalz join the fray. With the help of Dez, Trey, and Wentz evening the odds, the cowardly group of OVE make a hasty retreat. A man in a dashiki enters. He is not the man who is a superstar nor the man with the most cars. He is the griot of IMPACT Wrestling. "Today, Fallah Bahh learned where there is smoke, there is fire. Fire from within. The fire of passion. The fire of friendship." Dusk turns to dawn. Over the horizon, a space shuttle launches into orbit. "A new dawn breaks for the courageous warriors of IMPACT Wrestling" concludes the griot. From the space shuttle window, a growling Sami Callihan can be seen shaking his fist.
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