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  1. The Funker made the LA Times. https://apple.news/AMD8YdCGhQDGLYQHD1UTKpw
  2. The first non-WWF wrestling show I saw was WCW, right after Flair won the title back from Steamboat and Funk piledrove him through a table. I was hooked ever since. R.I.P. to the best to ever do it.
  3. Sabine isn't force-sensitive, as Huyang (David Tennant?!) explains.Since she kept Ezra's lightsaber, Ahsoka tried to teach her to use it, like how Ezra taught her to wield the Darksaber.
  4. John Cena, Alison Brie. Christian Slater?!
  5. Edge's post-match promo after the show ended. He announces that he doesn't know what is next until he talks to his family, but it is his final time wrestling in TO.
  6. Wrestle Universe is what Stardom World and NJPW World should be, but isn't. It's much more userfriendly.
  7. They really made us wait for Celia Rose Gooding's songs. And Christina Chong's got PIPES.
  8. The US kinda underachieved the entire tournament. They'd control the ball a lot, but could rarely get it into the net.
  9. They could have reused Jillian Hall's mole
  10. Juanita "Sapphire" Wright is on the list too.
  11. Dave thinks Mariah May's name is Maria.
  12. We programmed in BASIC on Commodore PETs 5 years after they discontinued them. If you were gifted, you got the one with a disc drive rather than cassettes.
  13. I do not appreciate the erasure of Super Stardom (not so) Big Machine.
  14. So Magic Johnson now has stakes in MLB (Dodgers) , MLS (LAFC) , WNBA (Sparks) , and the NFL (Commanders).
  15. Today/Last night was an embarrassment of riches of kickass matches. The ones to check out: TJPW: Mizuki vs Miyu Yamashita NJPW: Will Ospreay vs Taichi & Yota Tsuji vs Kaito Kiyomiya NOAH: Katsuhiko Nakajima vs Kento Miyahara
  16. New Ms. Marvel book in October. Written by Sabir Pirzeda and Iman Vellani
  17. Most underrated older guy is absolutely Dustin. But Spoiler Guy is up there.
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