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  1. Co-signed on digging The Dead Don't Die.
  2. Kevin Nash has changed the reason why he won't go see Sting's last match.
  3. Venmo won't let me donate. It says I have to know the dude's last 4 digits of his phone #. EDIT: Crisis averted. You can confirm it anyways.
  4. The movie isn't even approved to be in production yet, according to Waters.
  5. Anything But Love. I loved that show.
  6. The second to last time I worked as a ring announcer was doing a tour through Alaska. On the tour were Valentina, The Volcano Kid (RIP), Black Metal, Disco Inferno, and Virgil. We did shows at military bases throughout the state. Virgil charmed every room he was in, getting freebies left and right. He'd even keep it up by being hilarious on the van rides. Disco got so annoyed that the one time he got an upgrade on a flight, Virgil got us all stickers that marked our flights as upgraded just to rib him.
  7. What is it about people in wrestling thinking pencil mustaches suit them?
  8. Considering that the medical team was nowhere to be seen around Page, I think it was more a case of selling and keeping him from breaking up the choke on RVD.
  9. I'm very amused that Ric has found a way to turn on Sting one final time. Feels right.
  10. Stardom's PPV was at 11:30 am in Korakuen Hall, so over here on the West Coast, it was like 5:30pm. Not much of note except Koguma's return and The rookies really shined for the night as all their opponents gave them a lot.
  11. You say this when Jason Isbell is in a film up for multiple Oscars. Also, Austin would be a perfect Wade Garrett for Road House 2024
  12. Best to just look for a compilation of his scenes, because the movie is fucking awful.
  13. He should've been. Elmore Leonard literally wrote the character to be Dwayne.
  14. Wasn't sure where to post this, but according to BC, The DC/Marvel crossovers are going to be reprinted, including all the Amalgam books. I'm stoked to be able to get a copy of New Teen Titans/X-Men, which I've never read.
  15. I really liked the cage itself. It gave lotsa space to let the guys cook.
  16. I won't complain if they belt up Mina.
  17. Mayu isn't going to modratS. She's a longer contract.
  18. A friend of mine is on the cruise. He saw Mojo last night, and heard the code call for Mojo this morning.
  19. Takeshita vs Jericho was nowhere what it should've been. Jericho should absolutely NOT kick out of top rope powerbombs. He should've put Takeshita over clean as a sheet like Takeshita did, taken time off and come back when I'm not afraid he'll break his neck every match.
  20. You need to establish womens' tag teams before you create a women's tag team title. TNA got that. WWE didn't.
  21. She's being replaced by Geraldine Viswanathan (Breakers, Miracle Workers).
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