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  1. I was lucky enough to meet Mr Lasorda in 2009 at a Sounds' game and got to shake his hand and have a few words with him. He kept kayfabe to the end, as I asked him what he said to Jesse Orosco in 1988 and he did a lookaround and said he couldn't use words like that with women around. R.I.P. Tommy
  2. Please, My Sweet Satan, make him hire both.
  3. Shawn Michaels versus Hulk Hogan level of oversell.
  4. That leaves Pedersen with two fingers.
  5. I can't stand Collinsworth, but he's right about the Eagles. What a showing.
  6. I pray Mark Davis' cell service is out.
  7. I was thinking that new 7 on 7 league, but your analogy rings. I'm really only interested in the outcome, but I do have a healthy respect for Alex Smith's journey so I haven't switched over to Minecraft or a cat video.
  8. Talk about a career turnaround for Tannehill.
  9. The Titans/Texans game has been quite entertaining.
  10. That's why the Roku remote app rules. You can even use your headphones/earbuds of choice if you don't have a jack in your physical remote.
  11. I picked up Sundered Eldritch Edition on the Switch for $4. Almost had myself convinced that I'd never be able to enjoy a MetroidVania again after my negative experience with Hollow Knight. But Sundered looks gorgeous and plays great. It's very grindy and not hand-holdy, but still enjoyable. I'm so impressed with the game that I'll probably pick up Jotun, by Thunder Lotus the same developers as Sundered, since it's on sale for $3.
  12. I have spare DIY recipes for the following: Water flooring, Golden arowana model, and Golden flooring. Have been letting them lay on the floor of my house forever and am finally tired of getting a notice from the association that there's clutter on the floor. Let me know.
  13. I think BB King's is down 2nd Ave a little past where the explosion took place. The building used to be Bellsouth. Lots of cell service problems reported on WKRN facebook comments. Not sure if connected. I live outside the city and slept through it all.
  14. The Washington Football Team/Club is automatically better than the Green Bay Packers.
  15. I cannot get the 2nd snowball to the right size. Stuck at one perfect and I don't know how I managed that one.
  16. I'm trying to avoid being super-spoilery with my reviews these days. My anti-Its' A Wonderful Life reference basically meant in that film George was shown how things would be without him and it wasn't trauma inducing (IMO). But in One Magic Christmas, Ginny gets an emotional avalanche dropped on her for the change to happen. (Not a literal avalanche.)
  17. I have to echo what @Curt McGirtsaid about Full Moon pictures. In the 80s and 90s, I haunted a few different video stores and always looked forward to whatever had a Full Moon logo. Trancers and Subspecies were probably my favorites from their franchise titles. Never was a fan of Puppet Master, but they had quite a few lesser known films I enjoyed like Doctor Mordred, Oblivion, and The Dead Hate the Living. They always seemed to get the most out of their (low) budget.
  18. They also train and employ individuals who otherwise wouldn't be in the workforce.
  19. Well there goes some fans "encyclopedic knowledge" of MLB. Going to be impossible to put a number on Josh Gibson's actual HR total. I have always been in favor of putting as many players from the league in the HOF as was deserving, but statistically the stats from the Negro League are suspect at best.
  20. I'm an idiot. Misread the recipe and thought it was silver instead of gold.
  21. Seems fairly easy to stand there and shake for a bit. Still haven't gotten a silver ornament.
  22. Can't believe they cancelled the Redbox Bowl. They could literally play that outside any Walmart or Dollar General Store.
  23. This snowball thing is a gamebreaker for me. No one in the history of ever started a snowball by kicking.
  24. There's plenty time left for the egg-nog by the Yule log scene.
  25. DAMMIT!! At least I got the DIY for the western gravestone a bit ago.
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