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  1. On the brightside, while I'm getting him ice cream, he'll probably be saying some super racist shit that I'm secretly recording and can blackmail him with later.
  2. That was a hell of a throw by that punter.
  3. Like, 90% of things that are organically cool in wrestling end up having a shitty long term outcome.
  4. Terelle Pryor, who started at WR today, is currently the Browns leading rusher and passer. Also, the Browns got a delay of game on their first offensive snap.
  5. How about a gimmick where Harper and Roman punch the shit out of each other on TV and pay per views for three straight months?
  6. My favorite story will always be the one about Sid's pet squirrel biting him in the dick, Sid falling over in pain, and Sid crushing the squirrel on accident. All because someone bet him he couldn't keep the squirrel in his pants for a full minute.
  7. Paige: THIS IS MY HOUSE! Seriously Gordon, we had to sell our house and now we're living in the restaurant. Please help us turn things around.
  8. If you're offering people Ryan Matthews for Todd Gurley straight up like you proposed last page, it's easy to see why people don't want to trade with you.
  9. Houston at New England Sunday, September 25 Arizona at Buffalo Minnesota at Carolina Denver at Cincinnati Detroit at Green Bay Baltimore at Jacksonville Cleveland at Miami Washington at NY Giants Oakland at Tennessee San Francisco at Seattle Los Angeles at Tampa Bay San Diego at Indianapolis NY Jets at Kansas City Pittsburgh at Philadelphia Chicago at Dallas Monday, September 26 Atlanta at New Orleans Tiebreaker #1: Total points in Atl/NO 63 Tiebreaker #2: Blaine Gabbert passing yards 179 Tiebreaker #3: field goals kicked in Cle/Mia 4
  10. Ospreay is like Oasis if the Gallaghers had feuded with Ozzy for no reason instead of Blur. Marty Scurll is like Primal Scream. Sort of interesting and fun but is so obvious in it's influences that it's ultimately shallow, despite trying to create something unique and modern.
  11. I'm starting to think that Sabre Jr isn't meant for people who are as passionate and well versed in wrestling as most people here are. I imagine when someone here sees Sabre work, the thought process consists of "Of that's cool, Johnny Saint did that spot. That looked like a Jim Breaks move. Neat" while when someone who hasn't watched the 70s WoS stuff (ie isn't old as fuck like we all are) they think it's really revolutionary and cool. He's a really good Beatles coverband, playing mostly to an audience who has never heard a Beatles song before.
  12. Morishima retiring within the same calendar year as Danielson is proof that rassling is both poetic and horrible.
  13. I mean his thought process, in that split second, was probably like "If Watt falls down and gets up and gets a sack and I stand here like a fool, that shit will be on Sportscenter like 100 times"
  14. I don't care about Watt or Fisher, but "playing until the whistle" is so ingrained in these dudes that I'm sure he had no idea that Watt was hurt.
  15. They could have them fight each other a bunch, since that's what got them over in the first place, wouldn't need a title, and would eventually be a way to elevate a non horsewoman.
  16. Thursday, September 15 NY Jets at Buffalo Sunday, September 18 San Francisco at Carolina Baltimore at Cleveland Tennessee at Detroit Kansas City at Houston Miami at New England New Orleans at NY Giants Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Dallas at Washington Tampa Bay at Arizona Seattle at Los Angeles Indianapolis at Denver Atlanta at Oakland Jacksonville at San Diego Green Bay at Minnesota Monday, September 19 Philadelphia at Chicago Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, Wentz or Cutler CUTLER Tiebreaker #2: Points scored by the LA Rams 13 Tiebreaker #3: Denver Bronco sacks 4
  17. In case you haven't seen, Griffith, Guts, Casca, Judeau and Schierke are all confirmed as playable characters and there are screen shots of battles from basically every arc.
  18. I'm not saying that it's going to be good or anything, but multiple reviews seem to ding it for not being as inventive as the original. That's an awful steep curve. I'm not in love with the Blair Witch Project, but criticizing a movie for not being as innovative as a film that literally jump started an entire subgenre is harsh.
  19. The Miz/Dolph match got the crowd so hyped they popped for Kane like it was 1999.
  20. I think the discussion may be a semantic issue as well. Perhaps when people are saying "Actually, he's been a great worker for years", they don't necessarily mean he has hundreds of hidden gems, but instead that he has wrestled in a way that has allowed for his partners and opponents to be more over after feuding with him than they were going in. On some level, that's the definition of a good worker. Wrestling fandom is historically slow to change an opinion, and I think the pendulum swinging too far is a natural reaction to a decade of "The Miz is the worst guy on the roster, Dolph Ziggler is being held back by politics" talking points. Hyperbole is the currency of the IWC, and sadly is one of the only ways to get people to even address a point. No one would change their minds on The Miz if we went around and said "hey guys, the Miz is pretty good".
  21. He's had a bunch of fun TV matches this year, but prior to that the best stuff was the Lawler match and a bunch of US Title stuff with Morrison and Bryan. They all had really good chemistry.
  22. The Browns are pretty clearly tanking, and RG3 wasn't going to help them win games even if healthy. This is probably the worst roster they've had ever, including the expansion year. They took a flier on a dude who had one great season, and it didn't work out. The number of articles published today about how the Browns should've taken Wentz are staggering. People are dumb.
  23. I thought that was less egregious than Otunga making his first ever good point about Miz doing the knee stomp out of the surfboard spot to mock Bryan and Mauro stepped all over him just to say more Japanese names. He is actively more interested in saying names than he is in people getting over a narrative.
  24. Dolph Ziggler is great at exactly zero of the things you listed.
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