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  1. I wondered that myself. If so, they were both quite good at it. I'm chalking it up to weird shit just happens to me.
  2. And they say that only dude gamers are creepy! I tried to join you in a couple of missions when I finally got back online but I kept getting booted because your session was full. Next time, we'll just create our own session like normal and run missions. @jstout: Send me a Friend Invite so that i can bring you into parties if you are online. I'll be online all evening till very late, but I won't always be at the machine. My wife herniated a disk in her neck, and I'm taking care of her. I can't always tell her to wait for my help while I finish a mission. Supposed to take off for a couple hours to go shooting with my father today. We'll see if that improves my shooting in the game. The reverse definitely doesn't hold true.
  3. I'd have traded places with you. I think you'd be out of luck. They seemed disappointed that I wasn't actually a woman.
  4. The freaky experiences keep topping themselves this week. I decided to do one more survival tonight to level up my female character before logging off. I head over to the boneyard, and get put in a game with two people that are in the same crew as one another. When we start up, one of them sends me a party invite. I decide what the hell, plug in my headset and accept. Turns out I got put in with two girls, probably teenage from the sound of their voices. They immediately start talking about my character's breasts, and about how horny they are. It was briefly funny, but hell, I'm a million years old and graduated from teenage girls a couple decades ago. After a couple minutes of listening to two girls do their best imitation of 12 year old boys, I'd had enough and set my headset down so I could ignore it. Through it all, we kept playing the survival as normal. Around round 6 or so I got a lull and decided to unplug my headset, forgetting that the chat sound would switch to the TV. I've never been so grateful that my wife was asleep clear across the house from the XBOX. One of them was out for that level, and was making some rather loud, peculiar noises that I'm sure would have raised questions had my wife been around to hear. The resulting frantic search for the mute button took care of that, and I was actually quite happy to fail that survival a couple of rounds later. Looks like I'll be ignoring all non-crew party invites from now on.
  5. I guess that makes me court jester for not knowing I had picked up a package.
  6. Have you done Extradition yet? It pops up every day for me, but its 1-6 and our crew has not tried it yet. It is for 1-6 but I think that you and I are the highest level guys. I think that rate of success would be better if we ran with Rank 40 to Rank 70 guys in that mission. I think we could run Base Invaders if Dragon flew Ron's plane in low and got as close to the fighters as possible. Then we have two crew members take out the fighter jets while the other two guarded Ron's plane and try to keep soldier response to a minimum. If we all called Merryweather for air support or called in an airstrike, that would help blunt the Army response.. Then if we survived all of that, the first team takes the Cargobob while the other two fly Ron's plane out and we all just go low under radar over the ocean until we shake off the Wanted levels. The tough part is that the soldiers have MG's and Carbines that can take you out quickly and Rhinos will respond if the Wanted level elevates. Some of Lester's missions are dirt simple and the payday isn't that bad. I was surprised by how easy Hack & Dash and the Parking Garage scenarios were. I'm a pretty decent wheelman so i usually shake off the three star wanted level in Hack & Dash without getting one scratch on the FIB Buffalo and it is easy to ambush the enemies that show up after you swipe the documents in Parking Garage because they drive right into a crossfire while you have elevated line of sight. I usually hate Madrazzo's missions that turn into deathtraps or have me chasing down someone through half the state like in some of Simeon's repo jobs. I've got a level 120+ guy that I can throw in for that mission. I'm mainly playing my secondary character, but I can dust off the high level dude for that.
  7. I'm off all week, so I'm doing a bunch of missions with random people to level up. Don't know if there's a full moon in the game or something, but I have run into a string of dumbass. Got stuck into the mission where you have to interrupt a deal out by the ocean, grab a cargobob and pick up the container. Everything went fine. We took out the crew, and did the pickup. One of the crew is sitting on top of a hill and shoots down the damn helicopter with a RPG. Right after that I got into a mission stealing weed for Trevor with 2 other people. Again, everything works fine till we get to his trailer. One of the other two parks his car right in front of the garage. The guy driving the van we stole starts lobbing grenades at him. Eventually they manage to take out one guy's personal car and the van, failing the mission. Last night was the worst though, doing the mission where you steal two cars from the playboy mansion with a crew of 4. Everybody has to go to the gate at the same time, and one person would not move at all. For some reason that mission requires everybody to be at the gate together before you can progress. The rest of us got pissed and started throwing explosives at out teammate. At that point she starts screaming at some guy who's in the room with her, but not in our party. He starts screaming back at her, calling her a stupid n*****. That goes on for a while till somebody manages to take her out and she quits out. The the guy that's hacking the gate can't get it to work. He tries for like 10 minutes, but can't do it. I tried to take over, but it wouldn't let me try. The third guy starts beating the cars we're supposed to be stealing with a baseball bat. After about 15 minutes total, I finally said fuck this, stuck satchel charges on both cars, and blew us all sky high. First time I've ever been happy to fail a mission, just to get the hell out of there.
  8. If you don't already know, Rockstar has managed to break the Los Santos Connection mission, where you have to hack a computer and then interrupt a deal at the airport. Apparently the only way to get that mission to work is to have somebody be at the hanger before the computer is hacked now.
  9. I played a couple games of LTS with the crew yesterday, then had to take off. Still pretty new to XBL. How do you find the chat other than getting invited like yesterday?
  10. I actually like some the capture missions, if they're full or close to it. Easy way to pad your kill stats. If you have just a few on each team it's pretty terrible. Got stuck one tonight that wound up 2 on 0.
  11. With as much glee as I've shown over the whole Texas fiasco, I ought to mention that Brown showed a lot of class in his resignation. Specifically, he said his two regrets from his time at Texas were the death of Cole Pittman (a Texas defensive lineman killed in a 1 car wreck), and the Bonfire collapse in 99. I graduated from A&M in 94, and happened to know Cole personally (my wife was the main math tutor for the Texas football team at the time). There aren't many events that I can remember exactly where I was when I heard about them. Those are two. I remember spending all day after the stack fell trying to make sure friends' younger brothers were ok, and eventually learning that one wasn't. I also remember how much my wife had liked Cole, and how broken up she was about his death. Brown could easily have said his big regret was McCoy getting hurt in the NC game with Alabama. He didn't mention that, and I've got to give him respect for it.
  12. Every time I go to rob the store northwest of Richman I see a couple dudes on those bikes. I've grabbed one of each of the 10K types. Is there a way to track/insure them?
  13. I may have actually underestimated how much fun this thing at Texas is going to be. The self congratulatory messages earlier in the week from Orangebloods are a great read now. My suggestion for their next hire - If they really want a guy that has coached at Alabama, Fran is just down the road in San Marcos.
  14. Being able to run in my apartment means I'll stop avoiding the place like the plague. Another plus - the new patch somehow magically fixed my strength on my primary character. The previous patch dropped it from max to the default number. Now it's back without me doing anything to improve it.
  15. I'm guessing you're right about Saban, which will leave a lot of folks around here with egg on their face. Local news was reporting on his wife supposedly house hunting here, and others are cyber stalking every private flight from Alabama.
  16. There's been a lot noise around here about Briles, though it's quieted down somewhat since his extension. Assuming you're right about Brown leaving, whoever takes over better have a thick skin if his name isn't Saban, whom a lot of Texas fans are almost treating as their birthright. Why do you say they'll wait on moving Brown out? Seems like they'd want their guy in now for recruiting, unless they don't think he'll be available till after bowl season. Not arguing, just don't follow the reasoning.
  17. So if the whole state goes down does that mean College Station can become the 51st state? Maybe Perry is secretly an evil genius, and that's his master plan.
  18. The whole thing with Texas is turning into a glorious mess. The majority of the fanbase, or at least the majority of the vocal fanbase, is yelling for Brown to go. Brown doesn't seem to want to go anywhere, and his his lawyer (who has given so much money to the athletic department that he has a statue on campus, and a building named after him) is basically threatening scorched earth if the school fires him. Then you've got the new AD coming in to replace Dodds. Dodds is still supporting Brown, and the new AD probably won't want to fire him as his first major act. Add in the ongoing fight between the Powers, the school president (another Brown supporter), and the board of regents. That's got ugly enough to get the governor and the state legislature fighting each other over whether to fire Powers or some of the regents. At this point, Brown may end up starting a civil war that takes down UT and the whole damn state. This is grand entertainment for somebody that loathes burnt orange, especially living in Austin.
  19. Looks like I've baffled the social club by adding a second character. Happened to look on there today, and it's got my score at almost 6.8 million. It's about tripled what I've really got, and done the same with time played too. Too bad I'm not getting credited with that in-game. Curious if that has happened to others as well
  20. I've got a custom vehicle in every class, all painted the same color, and I can't remember the last time I raced. They still look great in the garage. Is racing pretty much dead at this point? I've barely raced at all since they changed the rewards a few weeks back. The change has actually made the game more fun for me, since I've been doing more missions, but it would be fun to still find people racing now and again.
  21. I went ahead and started a second character a few days ago, after I got my main one to 120 and made enough money for my tank access. The tank is a pain in the ass to drive, but it did allow me to finally get through Death from Above. I'll probably barely ever use it, but I wanted one anyway. Went with a horrifically ugly female for the second one. Finding it slow going leveling up this time without the crutch of easy RP from racing. Took me about a week to open up the first mission from Martin.
  22. Off Limits will always hold a place in my heart, purely for the supporting cast. Somebody rounded up Keith David, Scott Glen and Fred Ward and just told them to be complete badasses.
  23. That plane delivery mission is one I seem to get all the time when I join a random mission. I've never been in a group that failed it, but usually at least one person crashes trying to land. I've never tried to pilot the planes myself for that one. I always just jump in one of the conveniently parked buzzards and go after the enemy helicopters.
  24. The super power is the second level sniper rifle with all the mods. It's got insane range, and seems to be a one shot kill even if your health and armor are fully maxed. I've used that thing to take out people I know had no idea where I was, and I've had the same thing happen to me a few times.
  25. The were reloads purchased a while back. Obviously they didn't inspect that round closely enough before they did it. We'd used about 1500 of the original 2000 rounds without any problems. I'm chucking the rest though - not taking chances on that again.
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