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  1. I thought they had pushed her for a bit but isn't she somewhat being punished for her DUI a few months back?
  2. If you didnt get the Into the Spider-Verse Blu Ray, you may have missed this. If not enjoy anyway.
  3. Wasn't that old John Travolta movie. I think it was called A Civil Action based on the same case?
  4. It was a good concept but theaters weren't going to cooperate with it long, especially with it's original pricing. Now individual theaters are doing their own thing, some are decent some aren't as good as one may think.
  5. I thought this was a fun little match. Apparently the guy, Carter is a guy trained by Seth Rollins.
  6. Interesting. I didn't know it came from there, I just saw it being talked about on Twitter
  7. Thank you sir. I was hoping for Roku because I'm considering investing in one of those boxes and I'm curious about the Apple service
  8. This is probably a stupid question but I couldn't find anything that says so, but will Apple TV be available on non-Apple devices or just Apple devices?
  9. Not sure if to put this in here or the Impact thread but rumors seem to be going around that Impact is in talks to buy ROH
  10. With the new iPhone announcements I'm tempted to switch, and I get apple TV too? This is a sweet deal
  11. I think Apple is killing it today with their new announcements. Yeah you have the luxury high priced items but some of the lower costs iPhone and iPads look nice too.
  12. Man that sucks. I remember him hosting a big block of wrestling, like 6 hours worth on late night UHF on a Saturday night. I learned so much as a kid watching him host that.
  13. Reminder the new season starts tonight at 8. I'm actually excited, I enjoyed last season.
  14. I don't think it was. But there's another one out there of him going "You gotta be joking me!" That one is funny too
  15. And Taggart's seat just started to get warmer and its only the first game of the season. Took a lackluster 1st quarter and missing a few of their starters, but BAMA is starting to heat up against Duke
  16. Didn't they also so their starting RB?
  17. According to Engadget, yes you can download, unlimited, with the only restriction is the space on your mobile device
  18. Is it true Vince and Dunn are taking it over from Hunter?
  19. I was watching a video on YouTube about collecting the mini-consoles, and I can't help but just be somewhat angry about it. I mean this person prefers to play on the actual console and just collect the minis, but that makes it hard for those who just want to play the games and can't afford to get the individual games since some can go for more than what the minis sell for. I mean there's a lot of Saturn games I'd love to play but you try to get the individual games, you'd almost be playing for a mortgage, and I would pay $100 for a mini and be able to play them legally.
  20. Very annoyed at my local Walmart, went there to get the Bluray and they said they're not putting it out until noon, which makes no sense, its the day of release, they should've had it out at midnight but didn't. So I had to go a couple of stores over to Target, who was better prepared and had it out. I'm just annoyed and needed to vent that. I'm going to watch it again now.
  21. Not complaining but Dylan Hales isn't doing it this year?
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