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  1. Meltzer and Mike Johnson reporting two different things, as usual. I guess after TNA dies, Mike Johnson will finally admit he was an employee.
  2. Not true, when Russo fully took over during the second half of 2009, the ratings started to go down compare to the first half when he was not fully in charge.
  3. $500 per hour is the minimum rate, it could be more.
  4. According to Univision wiki page, they own both Galavision and El Rey Network.
  5. How would that work? Ricky Reyes said he just signed a contract with AAA/El Rey. I assume its wrestling with a reality tv twist when it comes to interviews and storytelling. James Powell said Ring of Honor was one of the promotions. As for the second promotion, Going out on a limb and say Matt Riviera former TCW promoter and Bruce Tharpe got together to pitch a show for the NWA. I know I know............
  6. GFW would have first rights to TNA since Jarrett stills own a part of the company. And if WWE thought about buying the rights, they would indirectly be funding GFW. Interesting scenario
  7. The whole Jarrent agreed to not shop GFW to Spike doesn't make sense and I don't believe it. What if Spike TV went to GFW? In order for the agreement to be legit if all 3 parties agree to it. Court Bauer said on a recent podcast, that Ring of Honor can still air on cable channels. I think the agreement only affect Network tv channels that's not owned by Sinclair example your local NBC channel cannot air ROH because its not own by Sinclair.
  8. Will we be able too see these shows on WWE network? I could care less about raw and nitro.
  9. I think 22% of the audience is under 18 and 30 % is 50 and over. What the chances of these two groups ordering the network?
  10. You guys act like WWE have nothing to worry about but this is actually a serious issue. I wouldn't be surprise if WWE officials kissing Direct tv ass behind the scene. The WWE network might not be a success, that is a huge possiblity that wrestling insiders/fans is not talking about. Do you think staying PG will help or hurt the network?
  11. I doubt the fans that order Indies ppvs and dvds even watch the current WWE product to care about the network. Plus, if they want old stuff they would just continue to use youtube or torrent sites. Since WWE is streaming, this will make things much more easier and faster to BOOTLEG. And folks, other than the LIVE ppvs this is really no different from WWE On Demand. I don't expect a lot of subscribers.
  12. They should go to BET and TVONE and make Kenny King champion.
  13. Love the use of the Impact Wrestling color scheme, and 1/4/14 now being a big date for ROH after TNA did oh so much on 1/4/10. At least this will likely build up one or two future ROH guys using AJ, unless it's a regular gig. He looks like a porno star now.
  14. Oh ok, yeah you are right. That title never had any prestige. At least when they had the NWA belt, WWE could play off the history of the NWA but not the Impact Championship. I am trying to understand while there are titles in TNA at this point.
  15. I disagree, I think most fans would know who AJ Styles is. I hate bringing up Edge/Matt Hardy/Lita storyline. Fans chanting We Want Matt was not in the original storyline plans. WWE was just smart to capitalize off the heat. Let's not act like the average wrestling fan is stupid. With that being said, AJ Styles buzz would wear off and he would become a mid carder.
  16. His stock did drop but he is still a top 3 name in terms of drawing. Floyd vs. Manny would still break records in my personal opinion. People might say they don't care but they would watch.
  17. Taking Impact on the Road,going live every Thursday and trying the Monday Night Wars may have been failures but it was necessary steps to try to grow the promotion beyond the "Arena Football" feel. How can people be against Hogan/Bischoff for that? You have to take chances. Re-creating Monday Night Wars may have been stupid in hindsight but on paper which night gets the biggest wrestling audience? They manage to get over 2 million viewers on the first Monday show BUT of course TNA didn't know how to capitalize on that. As for Jarrett, he probably help Konnan and his AAA US show out.
  18. I think most people realize Floyd is just putting on the show for the cameras because if you listen to most of his interviews, Floyd is very conservative and always putting over guys. Broner on the other hand,is the same egomaniac all day long.
  19. As much crap Broner talks, he is a draw and is entertaining. Boxing needs that. Broner going to be ok due to his gimmick. If he wins a future rematch,everybody going to forget about the loss.
  20. Cena definitely had a better year than anybody in TNA, WORKRATE WISE.
  21. This guy should be posting it within 2 weeks http://www.youtube.com/user/BillWattsEra/videos Freakin love this youtube page.
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