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  1. When The Shield splits up, you instantly have three guys with a lot of potential: Roman Reigns as a sort of Batista/American Badass, Seth Rollins could perhaps work in a sort of early Shawn Michaels-like role, and Dean Ambrose is a perfect heel. When Mark Henry and (especially) Sheamus return, you have two relatively fresh faces as well. Cesaro, I think, could get over based on his ring work alone. Big E could definitely make it because he's entertaining on the mic, but I don't know how good he'd be as a heel. There's just something wholly likable about him. Of course, that's not really a problem because I feel WWE especially lacks good faces you can get behind. Although I don't think Cody Rhodes is superstar material, perhaps with a good enough angle that he can grow into, he can be a good upper-level underdog. He can certainly play that role. Wade Barrett is also on the verge of coming back, I believe, although I really can't see him as a face. He's a perfect heel. Where's Justin Gabriel, by the way? I remember liking him quite a lot in FCW when he was the champion. He had some fun in-ring stuff and he played the 'fiery underdog' really well. In NXT, you have Alexander Rusev who could work both face and heel. Going by those NXT 'Behind the Scenes' tapes, he's got a sense of humour and his English is good enough to get by. And he's easily believable to become a monster heel in an instant. His theatrics could turn him into a sort of Umaga-type monster heel. Kassius Ohno also definitely has the potential to make it, but I thought he was in the dog house, so who knows what happens to him. And Mojo Rawley has potential. He cut a surprisingly good promo in NXT, although he'll need a bit of a gimmick change for people to take him serious, I believe. And there's Sami Zayn, of course.
  2. I think WWE missed the chance to push a new face when they put Big Show in the role he's in now. I don't mean that another guy (whoever it might have been) would have become a superstar and the new face of the company, but it would be a fleshed-out role in a fleshed-out angle to put an erstwhile unknown/bland face in. I think a good angle is more important than a good character when you're introducing someone or pushing someone. Even if you have a cool gimmick, if you show up on Raw without an angle, you're just... there. Without any reason. Put any mid-carder with a little bit of charisma in Big Show's role and see where it goes. It might not have worked out, but at least you'd have a fresh face in there with the potential that he might grow into his role and become more established.
  3. Yeah, but I mean with the same rhythm and meter as the actual Pirates of Penzance bit.
  4. I have made up my mind to only throw myself at English's feet when he does some kind of pro-wrestling variation of 'I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General'.
  5. I recently re-read Gary Hart's autobiography. I've only read four wrestling books (also Lou Thesz's, J.J. Dillon's and The Assassin's), but Gary Hart's book blew them all out of the water, as much as I liked them. Hart's book is just... a very good book and a very entertaining read an sich, without needing the addendum 'for a wrestling book'. He's very candid about everything, including Gino Fernandez and the Von Erichs, and he talks a lot about what spawned certain gimmicks and angles and what goes on in the booking office and how shows and companies are run. Anyone else here as big a fan of the book as I am?
  6. That's a nice black pussy. ... What? Someone had to.
  7. That calls for Woody Harrelson and a pair of hedge clippers.
  8. ... That's the third time I've seen someone kick out of it. At one, no less. And Scott's just standing there as if it's not a big move at all. You're ruining my childhood, Big.
  10. I've always found it disappointing when someone in WCW or WWE did/does a Northern Lights Suplex. I think it was mainly Benoit who used it. I used to watch New Japan before I had even heard of the WWF, and Hiroshi Hase used the Northern Lights Suplex as his finisher. Only one or twice did I see someone kick out of it. It was a killer move, like it was impossible to kick out of. And then, years later, I saw it being used as a lukewarm near-fall in WCW and WWE. It always hurts me a little inside. WWE, give someone the Uranage (another move you don't see often enough) and the Northern Lights Suplex as signature moves/finishers.
  11. Well, none of those things ever stopped Vince from pushing a guy before.
  12. Curtis Axel used it for a while in FCW. I have no idea why he stopped using it. The only two things I remember about Mark Jindrak in WWE are that he teamed with Luther Reigns (remember him?) as Kurt Angle's enforcers, and that he had a match on Velocity with Doug Basham that was surprisingly good. Oh, and his knock-out punch finisher wasn't Big Show-level atrocious. I do wish Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire would have gotten a push during the Invasion. I always thought O'Haire had a lot of potential back then. Any reason why he didn't stick around?
  13. I'd love to see a Tag Team Elimination Chamber simply because I'd love to see Brodus Clay and Tensai squeezed together in one cell -- and getting out as the last team.
  14. ... Really? My memory is horrible. I thought Razor/Michaels was the first one. I retract my statement with shamefaced awkwardness.
  15. I'd probably put Taker/Lesnar on three, and have Nash/HHH somewhere as well.
  16. Duplicates, people, duplicates: one for Hall and one for the office. Duh.
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