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  1. The GAEA website is still up if you haven't checked it out yet. http://gaea-inc.com/gaeajapan/index.html
  2. Yes, it's the real Lolo Jones. But what I meant was, the Lolo Jones that doesn't usually show up on camera. I had an ex who's sister was an Olympic hurdler. They all hated Lolo because she got all the attention and they knew the "real" Lolo Jones wasn't the one that showed up for the cameras. That's exactly why the British track and field chick did what she did in the first episode. Not much Punk in episode 1 but he can't be quiet for too long.
  3. Well, scratch that. Good to see the real Lolo Jones coming out for the Challenge. And that Invasion reunion show set up a ton of teams for the next season of Rivals.
  4. I'm in Orlando in late July, is that when they're planning the tourney? How many tapings were there for the CWC? Who wants to set the over/under on when Rossy panics and books a Seaaaadddddllllinnnng invasion?
  5. So, did anyone watch this season? Decent enough, I think the 13-15 episodes is better than the 30 episode epics they used to run. Anybody see the preview for the new season. Since it's 6 episodes, I assume nobody's getting eliminated. Good to see a Punk/Bananas confrontation. I see that MTV Canada has like 20 seasons available, too.
  6. This must be where all that heat comes from.
  7. I once made a Best of tape of those hot GAEA years, starting when Asuka first appeared. Don't remember who the hell I sent it to.
  8. HZK spent way more time in the ring than Shirai. At least it felt that way. But even still, Shirai still did her crazy dives.
  9. It was ok, basically HZK the only straggler, I picked a bad place to sit, the config of 1st Ring is a little different from the last time I went. It's too bad that Kyona isn't 4 inches taller or she'd have a much higher ceiling.
  10. Went to the Stardom show yesterday. Had a debut of a new pre-teen by the name of Hanan. She has a proto-Maekawa thing going. Jessica Havok had a five minute squash of Natsuko. (Has she been in Japan before?) Kris and Azumi had a nice little title match. If Io is going to WWE, she didn't slow down on her craziness. Poor Mayu seems like she's really having trouble. I think Oedo Tai tried to recruit her and she was teasing joining up. It was something seeing Sumie Sakai again after all these years.
  11. If that many people hate Roman Reigns that vehemently, he must be my favorite wrestler.
  12. Congrats to Sakura Hirota for giving birth to twin aliens, a girl and boy.
  13. On my way to Japan next week. Not even sure I'll get to any shows but we'll see.
  14. I figured my analogy would be confusing but I'm trying not to be specific. Stardom was Warner Brothers Records looking at Napster in 2000. "In early 2001, there was a major restructure of the Warner Music Group; about 600 positions were eliminated across the three labels" And pretty soon Stardom might have fewer wrestlers than they have belts.
  15. I'll give you an analogy. Stardom are the major record companies in 2000. Not because they are wealthy but because they could see the future and fought it.
  16. They saw her naked pictures and sent her back to Japan. "WE'RE TV-PG!" The fact is Stardom could have controlled this whole thing but have screwed it up. Apparently.
  17. Act's new TV show debuts on Friday, Dropkick to You. It's about a woman who's fiance dumps her and ends up becoming a pro wrestler. I think Act is like the Pai Mei to this woman's Beatrix Kiddo.
  18. Not technically a gif but the music adds a little bit of umph to this.
  19. The article Wikipedia links to says the surgery happened in 2016. The last thing on her Twitter is some retweets from January.
  20. That's when Kana was in her "Sexual Harassment Panda" phase.
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