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  1. if watching a million shows this weekend has taught me anything it's I absolutely loathe the ''you deserve it'' chant
  2. Enzo & Cass bring new eyeballs to the show etc etc. I'm not mad about it. I liked them as a tag team in NXT that being said The Briscoes are going to murder Enzo aren't they? Two funny things that happened during Naito/Ibushi. 1. The security guard working himself into a shoot not cowering to Naito's shtick making Naito break character offering up a handshake (the camera seemed to pan away when all that was going on) and 2. The fan who picked Ibushi off his ass to save the count. That dude was having none of it. I fell asleep when Matt Taven *sigh* won the belt. Loved Cobb/Ospreay, my match of the weekend so far. edit: caught the replay of Okada/White, the end stretch was amazing
  3. What Pete Dunne's chest looked like this morning
  4. I don't even think it's a thing that's what makes it hilarious/creepy that a fan would have the temerity to ask her in the first place and for Alexa to accept is uh, a notch in that dudes win column for the rest of his life I guess. Never underestimate the lengths wrestling fans will go to make wrestlers feel uncomfortable. Sunny was selling similar photo ops a while back involving spooning and a queen sized bed. Yes those pictures are as frightening as they sound.
  5. UE would be a good shout actually. They've done just about everything there is to do in NXT. We know Ricochet and Black are leaving, other than Shayna and Velveteen is there anyone else primed for a call up?
  6. Echo the request of a must-see list rather than combing through everything. From what I'm hearing Ospreay/Bandido was the best match on Thursday. Meltz was raving about it. I'm at the point of my fandom that Orange Cassidy is exactly the kind of light-hearted goofiness that I crave on a wrestling show. Damn GCW running Spring Break at the same time as Takeover
  7. Suzuki/Barnett was an all out war reminiscent of Walter/PCO last year. Suzuki with a somewhat full head of hair is a strange sight, takes years off him. Edit: Regal & Ambrose were in attendance at Bloodsport
  8. I'm with you there. WWE uploaded a 20 minute extended version of both training camps. Suddenly I'm all in.
  9. Zack Gibson might be the best promo in wrestling.
  10. when you're done ruining more threads with your authoritarian egalitarianism let me know. You'll be on ignore until then.
  11. I thought the tendrils were taking inspiration from the Predator films. Finn was apparently asked about them from some dude on reddit and Finn shrugged off the suggestion saying ''I just thought they looked cool. Don't over think everything, man." So me being morbidly curious I punched in ''Finn black face'' into the twitter search engine and the majority reaction was either dumbfounded that it's even a talking point or people cracking jokes. I did see a few black people stating it clearly isn't black face and a couple of white dudes trying to make it a thing. That's not saying people do have a problem with it, but y'know. Maybe Finn is a big racist. I know one thing, I'll never look at Demon Balor the same again. You all suck.
  12. Harper putting on a clinic in not only professionalism but salesmanship here. If I was in NY for Mania and meditating over going to one of the Axxess events I absolutely would pay the admission to see this match alone. Guys like EC3 could learn a thing or two from this. Don't go out on national television looking disinterested and demoralized. Find a way to turn those lemons into lemonade.
  13. waiting for Niners Fan to defend this shit
  14. I'm just going to pretend everything else in between Becky's face to face with Ronda the night after the Rumble and the segment tonight never happened. The tedious twitter spats, the breaking of fourth walls. I'm making the decision to trim all that fat, because the segment tonight earned it. Way to re-heat your main event, don't let me down. Anyone catch EC3 arms folded, looking completely demoralized with the rest of the jobbers? Fucking hell. He looked destroyed.
  15. I don't think enough people care honestly. Anyway I'm hoping the Andrade/Rey match announcement is a screener for Andrade (and a few other guys like Ali, KO and Zayn) to be added to the US Title match at Mania, hopefully in the rumored ladder match.
  16. Doesn't Snoop have a wife? lol. I don't remember that at all.
  17. someone's remade D-Brine's ''Monster'' video for Kofi and it's gold.
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