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  1. Russo was quite full of himself and bold in parts especially undermining Vince's input and basically saying he had a knack of *tweaking* good ideas to make them even better, cementing Vince's true genius by knowing how to turn a good idea into an even better one is sort of pretentious in the way he was speaking and caught Austin cold I feel, after a while Austin's whole voice palette changed once he realized how full of shit Russo is, even correcting him on the whole magazine cover thing. But it was a enjoyable listen, Russo is a guilty pleasure.
  2. At just shy of 45 does anyone look better than this man in wrestling right now?
  3. Haven't bought anything wrestling related (excluding the network) in about 10 years. That routine will be coming to an end.
  4. They should have Rollins win the second MITB match, Reigns win the MITB title match, then have Rollins cash in and win the title to end the show.
  5. Drew McIntyre was one of the best workers on earth? eh? Besides that overrated Chris Masters match what else did he do?
  6. Can't see anyone but HHH winning the belt, the rest don't make any sense to me. So yeah it'll probably be Orton.
  7. Bryan winning the title the way he did and not being able to defend it (bar against Kane in the worst match ever) or get past June is a fucking tragedy. Now if Big Dave is a surprise entrant in the Ladder match then.. yeah.
  8. Well that's half a bowl of cheerios down the sink this morning.
  9. Adam Rose actually makes the Bronco Buster look kinda vicious and his finisher is ridiculous in all the right ways. He needs a fresh feud though, but with who?
  10. He looks like Rock did in the Scorpion King.
  11. Did RVD not sign an autograph for you or something?
  12. You guys are truly under-appreciating Big-E's new singlet.
  13. The inevitable Cena/Rusev match is going to be awesome.
  14. Heyman is the master. So cool in deflecting all the Punk nonsense potentially ruining a good show in seconds with his promo. Good call.
  15. Well nah I frequent Preston and have seen posters which is the home to Preston City Wrestling who bring a shit load of imports in and he's worked there numerous (?) times. So I know who he is, but yeah. Keep it in mind buddy.
  16. Casual's like myself don't know who volador jr is though. Plus Devitt paints his characters so they're not really comparable
  17. Bret's 4/10 look of disdain at Charlotte's sub-par sharpshooter made me belly laugh. But yeah Nattie can actually wrestle when she can be arsed, another storming match. Kidd/Neville should be pretty special.
  18. Tyler really smashed his head off the ramp HARD there. I get too much of a Zack Ryder than a Shawn Michaels vibe with his new theme, maybe it's a grower. Great match
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