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  1. They've been doing that since time immemorial. At least Shayna has to earn her shot. Sometimes obvious is fine.
  2. I like the epic format, but it seems like the more creative liberties performers have gotten the more they're missing the mark on when to execute the finish. Gargano was really good at finding it. Zayn too. I don't know what's happened. Maybe Adam Cole sucks? I blame Shawn Michaels
  3. I understand the flex of wanting to showcase the absurd amount of athleticism Lee and Dijak have for their size, but some of those spots were bordering on life threateningly dangerous. The impulse of wanting to top their previous matches caused them to dance over the line of what's acceptable and what's out of their comfort zone and it showed. If it wasn't for the crowd being so hot, the presentation would have stuck out a lot more than it did. They've had better matches. This one wasn't it. Balor CRUSHED Gargano with the GDG.
  4. Looking forward to the insanity in front of a large crowd
  5. Not surprised the Saudi money has reverberated to the MMA grifters.
  6. Put some respeck on Kayla's name! y'know.. I hope Finn being at her workplace every week didn't contribute to her decision
  7. I'm going to need AEW to release Dustin's theme for my gym playlist
  8. I broke my heel like ten years ago and I still have lingering issues with it. She's very fortunate she's able to walk let alone do something as vigorous as throwing yourself at mat covered wooden plank several times a week. She's gotten herself into great shape too, fair play. In other injury related news, my man is back
  9. I think Ciampa wins and you go Balor/Ciampa at the Mania takeover. I'm exhausted with Cole's reign (and UE in general).
  10. Yeah. I can see why they wanted to tie his Dad's blindness in with the angle, but my immediate reaction was wanting him to kick Moxleys ass. Some miscalculated emotional trip wires were laid with that. Kinda wish it was saved for when Santana and Ortiz eventually turn face.
  11. Santana's promo about his father was fucking fantastic.
  12. you can keep your Omega/Okada jibber-jabber. This is the best match ever.
  13. Becky was over all night long. Petty nit-picking the phony reality of WWE to stimulate your dopamine receptors aside, Becky driving the ambulance and then returning in said ambulance for a straightener was bad ass. All it was missing was Becky stitching herself up on the roadside. Raw's hit a bit of a hot streak recently. There's stories all over the show. The only thing I forwarded was the Mojo/Outlier/SP stuff, partly because I'm not a fan of any of them, but even that ended with forwarding some kind of story arc. I don't think Seth has the acting chops to pull off the Messiah, but I appreciate that he's giving it a shot. He needs to work on his cadence, and internalizing some bible passages wouldn't go amiss. Also hot crowd tonight! They popped for what they were supposed to. Maybe it's an indictment of how good Raw has been, or that the town is just super enthusiastic generally, but I enjoyed their interaction.
  14. You would think Jericho will be lobbying for a spot on the card.
  15. That tends to happen when one has an identity crisis. Getting a bunch of permanent tattoos gives people a sense of security. Anyway:
  16. EC3? They already signed a better version in Brian Cage. Still, can't be worse than Kip Sabian and Joey Janela stinking up the mid-card.
  17. There is more stock in The Fiend than Kevin Owens. Goldberg is disposable at this point. He's reached that point of his career where he should be doing jobs and he's only coming back for another 7 figure Saudi check. I'd book the typical Goldberg sprint. Goldberg passing out to Bray's mandible claw probably works best. The question is then can Bray deliver the archetypal Goldberg match? I don't rate him in the ring, but it shouldn't be too difficult. I love Goldberg, and selfishly I'd book him to win, but Bray should be winning the match.
  18. Riddle's still using The Jackhammer, which simply could be explained as Vince doesn't watch NXT or it hasn't been stooged off by anybody who relays the reports back to him. The whole thing is dumb, but hey people are talking.
  19. What should happen? Goldberg wins in 10 seconds and we get Goldberg/Reigns. What will happen? something like what you typed
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