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  1. So I don't follow the NOOWZ sites - or have account on any other wrestling-related message boards for that matter. Am I to understand that Edwards and Richards basically blew their shot with the company and won't be reporting to Florida any time soon? I only know what I've read here. Richards/Edwards blew a spot in the tag match, then ignored Trips/the ref when he gave them the sign to end the match early? I don't know how these things work, but, if the boss loses interest in seeing the rest of your tryout match after a bad spot, I'm guessing the reason could be he's already decided you're not what he's looking for.
  2. I expect Cena probably has done some politicking and refusing to job for certain guys. I also think that, on balance, he's been a good guy about it and done more jobs than a lot of top guys would in his place. I'll believe Undertaker is going to come back and put over Daniel Bryan or Punk 5 min after it actually happens. Same with Austin, Rock, etc. I shudder to think how Hogan or Dusty would put Bryan or Punk "over". That said, Wade should have gone over Cena and gotten a chance to run with the belt. I don't have a problem with him not wanting to put the group over. WWE did nothing to get anybody new besides Barrett over. The angle was over, and Wade could have gotten over. The other members were non-factors.
  3. Great that Liger found a track suit that sorta matches his match attire.
  4. Who is that? Takayama (?) as Hansen and .... ?
  5. Essa Rios vs. Samoa Joe in a WWF ring. Didn't look up the date, but it's 2001 (Coach and Dok Hendrix spend the beginning of the match pushing the XFL),
  6. So is Ryback actually released or did someone hack his twitter account?
  7. No one in the WWE is on steroids. They have a wellness policy.
  8. I've watched the three episodes they've upped on their website. I'm probably in for the season, at least. Really curious about where they'll go with the idea, and what exactly the researchers were doing. They've done a good job so far giving the show a claustrophobic, creepy vibe. I really can't see that working out well.
  9. Hard tp get more random the Undertake wrestling Jinsei Shinzaki on a Michinoku Pro card: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2swfqkMm44Q Classic 90's All Japan matchup: Kenta Kobashi & Toshiaki Kawada vs. Stan Hansen & ...... Rob Van Dam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn83sWFk4wk
  10. I liked Meltzer's JLA run a lot (just reread it two weeks ago, actually). I'd say it's anything but "actively terrible". But, yeah, his GA story was great. I think I would have liked both Smith's and Meltzer's run with a different artist. Hester's stuff doesn't do much for me. Smith's hit and miss with me, more miss, GA was ok. I fairly liked Daredevil.
  11. Yeah, who does he think he is? Michael Cole? CM Punk? Big Dave complaining about B-era stars believing their own hype is amusingly ironic, though.
  12. Well, for one thing, he was allegedly paying Marvel to let him write Black Panther.
  13. I'm a big fan of what Johns did with the character, but it really seems like a good time to get him off the canvas for awhile. And I don't really care for Bunn as a writer.
  14. Supposedly. At the time, there was a story going around that Dreamer still didn't really want the belt, and the 30 min angle was cooked up to satisfy him (fairly sure Meltzer has said that. but I'm not going to try to look it up).
  15. Nope, BET never aired it at all. Reginald Hudlin contents BET didn't want to show because the audience for it would have been "young and male" (um, what? Isn't that BET's target demographic). I vaguely remember renting it, and thinking it was average at best. General impression was that the writing wasn't good and the motion-comic style animation looked cheap. I don't remember it very well, though, so take that with a grain of salt. I have more vivid memories of hating Hudlin's Black Panther comic, for what that's worth.
  16. Cuba Gooding Jr sure looked buff. Well, it would have been a better career decision than Snow Dogs, Chill Factor, or Boat Trip
  17. I demand a wacky fish-out-of-water comedy about an American journalist who gets lost in Tokyo on the early morning hours and has all sorts of encounters with eccentric, vaguely disreputable characters (i.e., indy wrestlers) as well as the local Yakuza (i.e., he goes to a New Japan show). Dave can be played by John Cusack.
  18. First time I read Bald Bombshell's post, I thought he typed.... Not gonna lie. Was more interested in the PC Awards when I thought Gellar was going to go postal.
  19. I'm not as high on Slott as a lot of people, but I've enjoyed Superior Spider Man an awful lot. To the point where I would prefer Doc Ock to stay on for the duration. Putting Peter back in the suit doesn't interest me much, but it was inevitable, and the new movie made it obvious that Pete would be back by May 2014. I'm very surprised they've gone this long with Octavius in the role. A couple things Slott has done haven't worked for me. I complained about the "Peter as ghost conscience" stuff before, when the book first started, And, yeah, the longer Superior Spider Man runs, the more obvious it is that the supporting cast are apparently clueless idiots for not thinking something's up. I don't necessarily expect "normal" characters to think 'Pete's acting odd. Maybe someone put their mind in his body.", but it wouldn't be a stretch for super heroes to consider mind swaps/possession/etc to explain odd behavior. Still, I like the idea from a conceptual standpoint and Slott's mostly carried it off very well.
  20. Fascinating development. Not something I'd watch enough to pay for (if they really launched a network that was carried by my cable provider, I'd be more interested. Not particularly interested in watching a lot of streaming video. Don't enjoy watching.streams on my computer). But, if they really commit to this, and they chase the TV money as aggressively as they seem to want to, yeah, the "build everything towards PPV" model will change, sooner or later. Be interesting to see where the go from here.
  21. Well, yeah, but the hat makes the outfit. Without the hat, the whole ensemble just looks stupid.
  22. I can kinda get why he was upset, but what sort of idiot thinks that shooting on a guy in a worked match, then "leaving" with the belt is a good plan? Also, he had barely been in the company, wasn't really an important guy, and had already given notice. What advantage would their have been to putting him over (or at least, not making him job)? Mark!
  23. Yeah, chickenwing jawbreaker is sort of a face to face stunner. Only finisher I remember Disco using is the Chartbuster (which was a standard stunner). I was planning to get into CAWS and hacks and what-not, but finding that the No Mercy Zone is gone has dulled my interest a bit.
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