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  1. My daughter is watching The Ghost and Molly McGee, and it’s weirding me out a little too much that the voice of the titular ghost is Mastershake, not as in I recognize the voice actor, as in he’s 100% doing Mastershake’s voice for the character. That said, I’m now in the mood to rewatch some old ATHF.
  2. I can see Eternals being “high concept” while still being constrained to the MCU formula leading to reviewers and a lot of non-comics reading MCU fans being turned off. Knowing really nothing about the plot of the movie, the concept seems like it may have played better as a D+ show. Regardless, I’m eager to see it.
  3. They should rip off the Wakanda colonizing space story from the comics, just so they can do a Poochie-esque “T’Challa and Shuri died on the way to another planet.”
  4. No worries, the Constitution doesn’t say shit about private companies firing people for their shitty opinions and speech, so you can defend the Constitution and think they should fire her.
  5. Between this and the leaked Blade release date, it feels like we’re getting closer to a new slate of announced MCU stuff.
  6. Same here. I need to finish Legends and Supergirl, the latter of which I’m pretty behind on. I think I caught up with Flash.
  7. I feel like they’ll save that for a later reveal. I feel like he’d be an awesome surprise (guest) star of Secret Invasion if they keep it more grounded.
  8. I honestly didn’t make the connection he was Abra Kadabra.
  9. I’ll second the love for Rutherford Falls and Mythic Quest. The former is produced (but not showrun, iirc) by Mike Schur of Office, Parks & Rec, Brooklyn 99, and The Good Place. It’s not at the level of those shows, but none of those shows, save the last, we’re great in their first seasons either. It’s a pretty short first season, as I think I binged it in just a few nights.
  10. Yeah, it seemed like he just completely caught him off-guard. I just finished watching it a bit ago, and I liked it a good bit at first glance. I’m also pretty tired so I haven’t put much thought into any potential plot holes. My favorite part was Ultron’s reality warping punches to go with the Monitor vibe the Watcher was giving off.
  11. They may not actually go this route, but introducing the multiverse seems like an easy way to introduce a whole slate of new characters you’ve just gotten access to, so it’s less “we’ve run out of ideas” and more “let’s introduce something cool to have an in-universe explanation as to why mutants and the Fantastic Four haven’t been around yet.” They could definitely overdo it, but they’ve just now introduced it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept things focused on the main MCU after Phase 4, and any multiverse related shenanigans are kept in What If! or something like an Exiles series.
  12. The superhero fight was really good, but it bordered on the edge of my suspension of disbelief with Artemis constantly being slammed into brick walls or through toilets and such. She’s just an incredibly athletic high school kid, so she shouldn’t have been able to go toe to toe with Hourman like that, but that was a relatively minor quibble. Eclipso is awesome, and they seem appropriately afraid of him, although the number of people willing to touch random black goo is a little too high.
  13. Just caught up to the Stargirl where Eclipso escapes from the Black Diamond and this is such good shit.
  14. They released a mid-season trailer which seems to show a lot more.
  15. They also announced four new release dates for Marvel movies in, iirc, 2024.
  16. Same here, although it will be Gizmodo or AV Club for me.
  17. Yes, I know. My point is simply that if someone has been watching for those connections, they haven’t seen them yet.
  18. There’s definitely been rumors, and I thought Strange talking to the Watcher was a hint of things to come, but so far none of that has shown up on the screen.
  19. My daughter hasn’t been watching any of the Marvel stuff, so I wasn’t watching it with kid appropriateness in mind, but that said, it seemed pretty gore-free given what it was. You don’t really see any actual bites that I can recall, but obviously some of the zombies can look pretty scary. I liked this episode. I liked how they replaced Reed/Sue with Pym/Janet, which made sense. I liked Wanda as the big bad, which seemed kind of meta with the MCU Wanda being key to the Multiverse and the Zombies in the comics traveling the multiverse. Happy going “Blam!” made me laugh. I’m not surprised at the kind of middling response this show has gotten so far given one of the big hooks of the MCU is how connected everything is, and then you have this show with a bunch of one-offs.
  20. This was a good reminder to go mute “Shang-Chi” on Twitter. Maybe “post-credit” too.
  21. I assumed the ending implied Ego’s failed plan from Guardians 2 would actually work as Peter was alone and without the Guardians as backup.
  22. I’m sure there was some sort of reasoning, but they haven’t said what it is. IIRC, Batista said he wasn’t even asked.
  23. Same here. I still wouldn’t be surprised if it was.
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