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  1. How is it just Woody Woodpecker? I've heard it with a "the" plenty of times.
  2. Maybe you guys can help me out. I'm trying to do some research on Capitol Wrestling/WWWF and I'm trying to find Capitol results, specifically MSG results. I've got a shit load of old results/cards from Karl Stern. I can barely find any MSG cards prior to 1963 on those. Does anyone know of any other places that might have results/cards lists like this?
  3. Well, then my point is gone. I must've missed that part of RAW. I'll be on my way
  4. So, Los Matadores are basically like Woody the Woodpecker, starting shit for no reason?
  5. The main was a pretty damn good match and everyone worked really fucking hard. I wish Cody showed more fire in the hot tag though. He's starting to show me that while he is solid, he's not anything above that. Also, I can't help but wonder why it's not Daniel Bryan in the Big Show spot. It's been a good story with Show but all DB gets is beaten up and Show gets a huge moment on two straight RAWs. I know DB got some big moments too in the past month but he needs it more than Show.
  6. Probably at Mania. He'd probably generate something for his first appearance but everything else after that would dwindle. Also, Hulk doesn't seem to have helped TNA in any major way in the last four years.
  7. I'm sure this has been mentioned before but Hulk Hogan is an idiot. I've been watching 1995 Nitro shows and then reading the WON stuff on them afterwards. In the September 25 issue, it's stated that Steve Austin was fired and Hogan and his crew felt he had no charisma. On what planet does Steve Austin not have charisma in 1995? Hell, in 94, he came across as amazing with a ton of potential, probably in 93 too but I haven't seen enough of his stuff from then. My rant is over
  8. Backlund in the 90's. It's like he came out of a time capsule and it was awesome. Too bad most guys couldn't figure out how to have a solid match with him, like Razor. Also, it's too bad he never got to wrestle Flair one-on-one again.
  9. Anyone know if Pedro Morales has ever done any public appearances/auto signings?
  10. Web Conn, you tossed me over the edge for the Goldberg set. Actually, I ended up buying another set of 2 sets on my Bill Me Later account, so I ended up getting both sets, along with the Mid-South and nWo sets. I've got a ton of WCW to watch here and I'll probably start with the Goldberg set.
  11. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never seen a minute of Mid-South footage in my life. That set will be first my look at everything.
  12. Someone help me out here. I want to get a new WWE Blu-Ray set with their sale going on but I can't decide on a second set. I'm getting the Mid-South set for sure but I can't decide on the Goldberg set or the Best of Nitro Vol. 2 set for my freebie. Which one do you guys think would be more fun? I'm guessing the matches on the Nitro set are better but workrate isn't something I want to worry about. I just want some fun stuff to watch.
  13. WWEshop has a B1G1 sale on DVDs/Blu-Rays, so you can pick up the Goldberg set with that.
  14. Isn't it completely possible that they're in a frenzy and will put the WHC on Cena at HITC? They could easily protect the shit out of him, having him work an incredibly safe match. He could continue working like one match a month as the lesser champ, working these safe matches until he's healed. As long as he doesn't wrestle with a sling, it could probably work. Hell, he might even wrestle in a sling or something, who knows. He doesn't need to wrestle to show up and cut promos every week.
  15. Next up, alcoholism and suicide right in the overrun!
  16. It'd be great if I could play all my backlog of games on my tv. I hope this works out.
  17. After reading the Photo post and seeing the awesome Destination X 2008 pics, I had to watch this badboy. First thing I saw was the Fish Market Street Fight with Team 3D v. Curry Man/Shark Boy. This may have been the greatest match in existence. The first half of the match was complete chaos as they both attempted to kill each other with several types of fish. Bubba even started throwing smaller fish into the crowd and at the ring crew. Curry Man attached a cupcake to a fishing pole and lured Bubba into biting it and Curry Man tried bringing him in like a fish. Both teams did the wasssup headbutt but only with fish. The crowd could give a fuck less about Curry Man and even less for Shark Boy but they wanted to see Team 3D throw someone threw a table. However, they didn't even do the bit where Bubba tells Devon to get a table. The crowd was really hot for a table spot and all they got was Johnny Devine being tossed over the top onto a table. Team 3D didn't even win this thing though. Gail Kim, ODB, and Kong fought for the KO title in a well worked match. Kong looked strong and was protected and the other two didn't look weak. Kong won but Gail Kim was hot. Booker T v. Robert Roode in a Stand By Your Man Strap Match was just a wrestling match with both guys tied together, which sucked. Roode won even though Booker was looking for revenge on him for punching Sharmell. Somehow, Peyton Banks and Traci were involved and Traci ended up getting 10 lashes with a small strap because Booker lost. Both of these gals are rough looking to say the least. Traci took her lashes like Tommy Dreamer did with The Sandman, just without the intensity. After the 10 lashes, Peyton kept going and Sharmell made the save with a strap. She actually went to town on everyone including security, refs, Dave Penzer, the announcers, and Jim Cornette. Quite awesome ending.
  18. Do you guys think there is any chance Dave will do an Angelo Savoldi bio soon?
  19. I wasn't that impressed with EVOLVE but I haven't seen a show since last year. The matches were supposed to be the best in the world but they ranged from bad to average. A lot of the top stars didn't know how to work outside of doing move after move. The indy scene really stinks now since most of the good guys got snatched up for developmental. Now, we're left with guys like the Young Bucks or Chuck Taylor.
  20. Has it already been mentioned that Angelo Savoldi has passed away? I didn't even know he was still alive.
  21. I think it starts around 91 and is up to 96 now, along with some stuff from the last few years.
  22. That glorious Triple H mullet!
  23. Who the hell wears denim jean jackets these days? Lil Vader looks like a guy Big Vader would eat in a handicap match on a 94 Saturday Night.
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