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  1. You can't tell me there aren't tons of people in the WWE/NXT PC who couldn't have given him great workout advice. He could've been halfway decent without drugs.
  2. Miguel Perez Jr. back in the day and The Animal.
  3. How about the Ryback hats and stalkings? What douche would want any of those? I'm not even sure Ryback would want those.
  4. Yea, this week has been good. Still got the authors of the Montreal territory book coming up. I'm reading that right now and I can't wait to hear their interview.
  5. So, we've got Orton/Show for Survivor Series. What will be the excuse for the low buys on this one? Or is it that Survivor Series is never expected to do big numbers but Summerslam is?
  6. I swear I don't know how he isn't burnt out after all these years. You have to figure there are days when he wants to just say "fuck it" and take a nap or something.
  7. I don't think this has been mentioned but how about a Scott Steiner comp? Start with Steiner Brothers matches and progress into his singles career and have a whole section of promos too!
  8. Plus, Del Rio has been jobbed to hell for the last two years. No one cares about him at all.
  9. I'm amazed at how inept this company can be. They had a perfect opportunity to make a new star with Cena's "absence" and it doesn't appear like they really have. They NEED new talent on top that the fans take seriously and who else is going to fill those shoes right now besides Bryan? It ain't Sandow and sure as hell ain't Ziggler or Del Rio. Ryback has no momentum and Big E. is just starting out. Who knows what will happen with the Shield when they are inevitably broken up? Cesaro has got nothing and Bray Wyatt is just starting out. Who's left? I guess Cena and Orton.
  10. Quoting because I feel like it but TNA should be this.
  11. I didn't really like the main too much. I guess it was decent but nothing special. The ref bump had me groaning and made me wonder why they think this type of booking will work for shit in 2013. The Anderson/Bully brawl looked like two guys pretending to fight and I didn't buy it. Plus, Anderson's facial expressions were funny. Finally, Dixie came across like a bad parent who can't control her kids. "Get back here AJ, I mean it" Was it bad that I was more interested in watching the fat kid yelling at everyone than I was in the main event?
  12. Wade should just go around doing that gimmick where he asks wrestlers questions and makes them look stupid, like on Youtube. Those videos were funny and made him look great, I thought. Have him kick ass in the ring along with the gimmick and he's set. Of course, once Vince and the writing team got a hold of the gimmick, it wouldn't be funny anymore.
  13. Well, now we know someone in WWE has heard of TNA besides Zeb and Punk.
  14. I'm up to the first loss on the Goldberg set and so far, I've probably seen 3 pretty solid matches. First was the Sting match where Sting was getting visibly frustrated after Goldberg kept no-selling his stuff. Goldberg was really booked as an unstoppable force by the end of this match. The emotion on Sting's face told the whole story and put over Goldberg good. Too bad good ol' Hulk came in and cost Sting the match, even though it was a decent way to protect Sting. Second was the DDP match which was phenomenal and the best Goldberg match so far. DDP really wanted to take down Goldberg and he gave him everything he had including the diamond cutter. No run-ins on this and just a clean story of DDP trying to be the first guy to beat the beast. The Nash match was decent until the overbooked finish even though Goldberg took a lot more offense than his previous matches. Unlike others, I don't mind the cattle prod idea. I think it makes it seem that the only way Nash could win was to do that but of course the announcers didn't stress that thought at all. I could see the reasoning behind keeping the streak going at this point though. Also, the fact that the loss could have easily made someone new although I'm not sure who in WCW had momentum at this point to be taken serious against Goldberg. After watching this stuff plus old Nitros, I'm really sick and tired of both Nash and Hogan. It's been said before but they're both self-serving and in business for only themselves and it's evident from the booking from 94-98.
  15. I linked to your Bam Bam/Backlund match that you had recommended to me a few months back, on my site. Keep up the great work!
  16. Anyone know off-hand if Ted Dibiase talks about his early WWF career at all in his book?
  17. EDIT: I have no idea why the thing is so damn huge
  18. Wow, that TNA news is big, I think. How are they going to fill their shows now? The end could be near. I was planning on going to the Canton, OH show in a couple weeks too.
  19. Who the hell would buy that shirt? That's worse than any of The Miz t-shirts out there.
  20. Wait, what? Are you new here? Well, now that I think about it, the reason why I started at DVDVR was that old Barbarian thread way back in the day. I guess I just assumed there was still only a minority that liked him
  21. I'm probably one of a few who wanted to watch Jericho/Guerrero v. The Faces of Fear just because of Meng and the Barbarian. This was a thing of beauty. Jericho got murdered for his heat segment. Meng tossed him backwards and Barbarian fucking caught him, almost dropped him, and powerbombed him to hell. Barbarian did an awesome superplex where just chucked Jericho. Everyone worked their asses off and this is a match you must see.
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