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  1. Embarrassing. Though I was hoping there'd be a level of HHH getting dissed, given that any WWE "celebration" is tongue in cheek and usually ends with the subject getting jobbed. So that happened, but the audience lost as well. Silent Sheamus bullying Cole was weird. Maybe it was just the UK feed. He's saying... something while someone else is coming out, and it gets no sold on commentary. Sheamus bullying Cole is no Stone Cold bullying Cole.
  2. Close: abacus. No, it's apparently not Mac-compatible. And cool, I'll look out for that.
  3. That's fair enough. 2016 seems really good though, and that's the one I can get for my Switch
  4. What is the best recent wrestling game, btw? Other than Fire Pro, which I don't have a system for.
  5. I read an interesting review from a guy on another site. He said it was pretty boring, with too much emphasis on resource management and chainsaw. But then he tried it on the hardest difficulty, and every fight becomes survival, something to really think about. He got a kick out of it when that happened. ymmv
  6. That's like the one time the Mauro overreaction screaming actually added to a match. To be honest, my friends and I were probably drowning him out. That and the suplex on Fedor were just the highlight of Big Kev's pro career. And not sure how I feel about the 249 card. I agree with the concerns about timing and camps... but the thirsty fight fan in me likes how stacked this is. I know a lot of the prelim people are really old, but to me they're still stars, so that's a draw to me. And I love Bryce after the twister. Hopefully de Castro has some nice heavy hands for Hardy, but I'm not a fan of the reach disparity (admittedly, I've not seen Hardy use a jab, so...). Every fight looks fun, which I guess is the aim of this rather than necessarily giving us amazing insights about any of the divisions.
  7. Eh, maybe. Tbh I've not watched full time since about 2005, but I can believe that's how faces work now. But in terms of internal logic, he's working exactly the same as superheel Brock. And exhibiting the kind of behaviour that led to Bray taking Cena out of existence. Far be it from me to suggest WWE writing lacks self awareness...
  8. Lumis is the best Heidenreich ever at the moment, with a bit of Truth Commission mixed in. But despite that description, I'm digging him a lot. Raquel working well as a monster. I'm glad she only got as far as one knee when she was selling damage. That's nice traditional booking. I forgot who Killer Kross was! I've not seen Impact in ages. I was trying to remember where I knew that mug when he beat up Ciampa.
  9. Drew is a confusing (and rubbish) champion. Maybe I'm too old school, but the idea of a babyface arrogant champ beating up much smaller guys and laughing at it is awful. Especially when Theory - after being hurt already - decides to stand up to Drew and gets a shellacking. It's backwards booking. Especially the "Drew getting back into the ring to deliver more punishment" spot.
  10. Interesting thread. This was my first Mania in a minute, and I watched all the shows in buildup. I like the idea of the Boneyard as this super-kitsch irony watch like Sharknado. That's cool and all, but when I saw it, it was just a 55 year old squashing as many people as possible in one match. Slow, plodding and pointless, other than to stroke a surprisingly fragile ego. Firefly Funhouse is the gift that keeps on giving. So much in the way of fun, cool dorky references, and as people have said, Cena is very game to do that with his character. Seems like a way of compensating Wyatt after the Goldberg squash in hindsight led to nothing. Flair-Ripley was awesome. A proper Flair match. Fighting over the holds, a great flow, working a body part, a logical finish. Loved it. Edge-Orton. I won't over-egg the pudding, but it was boring, too long (the idea that we may not complain about a match being overlong in this climate is petulant, Edge) and paled in comparison to either of the similar Gargano/Ciampa fights; that's how you communicate hate, skulduggery and brawling around the Performance Center. I didn't click on the Benoit spot while watching, but after I read about it I kicked myself. Not offended, it's just stupid given that Edge and Orton were both very ensconced in WWE when Benoit did the deed. Women's 5 way, women's tag title match, Black-Lashley, Otis-Ziggler all fun. Bryan-Zayn was fine, but a bit too much stooging for my liking. I love a good cowardly heel, but he worked it more like a manager. Rollins-KO was pretty decent as well. The "big" title matches were embarrassing. I've seen people dissing Brock for being lazy, but given that the format was identical between that match and Goldy-Braun, I don't think it was his not wanting to put Drew over, though I can't explain why either match was planned out to be so shit (other than Goldberg is really old). At least the empty arena meant I was spared the toe curling "you deserve it" chant. Overall, a heck of a lot of entertainment and I'm impressed at how well they built up rationale for so many feuds in such a short space of time. And def appreciate the wrestlers carrying on with shows while everything else has stopped. But yeah, pretty much all of the women's matches were better than pretty much all of the men's matches.
  11. Dude, I'm so Roy-conditioned that whenever the ad appeared for this during the last actual show with Roy Nelson on, I thought 'ooh, Roy Nelson's fighting soon.' I was technically correct.
  12. Oh man, two losses! He's such a con. Nobody can improve over the course of four years. Let's nix Werdum's title shot, while we're at it. He's got even more losses, the bloody fraudster.
  13. Umm. Yeah about that. There is a this guy named Rafael dos Anjos. He sort of beat Cerrone, then finished Benson Henderson. But then there is this other guy named Khabib, who suplexed that dude all over the place. OK and then Dos Anjos lost to Nurmagomedov. That's what Zero said Indeed. Romero was so tired, I'm not sure 25 seconds would have made that much difference. That finishing flurry would have come whatever happened, I reckon. Of course he said that. Are Lesnar and GSP current UFC fighters?
  14. I'm sure I'm not fully up to date on this... but has new information come to light that has led to this? Last I saw, he was freshly and unjustifiably rehired. Did they just have a moment of clarity?
  15. Bloody heck, not a good show for the menisci! Possibly a made-up word. I'm looking forward to this one. Top four fights really intrigue me (main event more for the watching how sharp the champ is), but I am only really dreading Cote.
  16. On top of that, Sylvia and Kharitonov did have rather more reach than Hunt enjoys. Hunt has shown that he's good at getting inside, but that's not the same as being 6'8 like Sylvia. And on the Mitrione-Schaub tip, I'm in complete agreement. Don't see why Mitrione would be anything other than a Justin Eilers character back then.
  17. I don't think I've seen Metamoris mentioned here before this conversation, but god damn. I randomly 'tuned in' to Metamoris 4, and I loved it! The odd match was a little 'methodical', but most of it was fantastic. That's what I like from my fights! That skinny commentator/BJJ legend is wonderful. Can't wait for 5. Florian doesn't even annoy me on that.
  18. Maybe Arlovski hits harder than Hunt. He can't take a shot like Hunt can, but Arlovski has always been pretty dangerous if he tags you. Couple of quick ones to the chin (quicker than Hunt throws one), and Silva went down. The hammers did the rest. Granted, Fedor hit pretty hard, but not everything is equal. Arlovski is as big as Silva, for one thing, which Fedor isn't. As for how Silva took all that from Reem without dying, who knows. Maybe he had more faith in Alistair gassing than Arlovski. Pretty blown away by that fight. AA has always been a favourite of mine (ok, not always, but I liked him from the Matyushenko fight onward), but as flakey as my other HW favourite, Le Banner. I hoped, but didn't think, he could do this. I thought he'd trip up and KO himself on the way into the Octagon.
  19. Or the best. I have no emotional or intellectual ties to Bellator, so I'm fine with them being ridiculous. Any 'Tito has a massive head' remarks will win me over. Bonnar is so the superior shit-talking Jones/Silva prey compared to Sonnen.
  20. Not really. Nobody rates him now he doesn't look like a Fist of the North Star baddie. You are worryingly quick to hate. I can't conceive of hating someone for preferring a different MMA promotion to me.
  21. Is he really not big enough to be a heavyweight? Granted, he doesn't have a massive frame, but he dismissed Bigfoot, Mir and Barnett with close to no issue. In fact, he threw Barnett - the best of the three, I reckon - around like he was nothing. He's pals with Cain, which is why he's gone to LHW. It's not like anyone was smushing him. Sorry, not picking on you! Only just realised these are both your posts. Does the week-in-advance guarantee anything? After seeing what some of these fighters do, given that they're used to cutting 24 hours in advance, who is to say they wont cut a week ahead, balloon back up and cut again? That'd be even unhealthier, and not inconceivable, given the lengths these people go to for an advantage.
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