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  1. Rampage on TNT - Friday nights at 10pm EST
  2. Cody will be a deserving first TBS champion
  3. 4 "supercards" will air on TNT per year as well
  4. Stop me if you've heard this before - Tom Wilson is a jack wagon
  5. Is this where the Kross stuff is coming from? He attended an event with DW and Matt Morgan who were connected https://www.vice.com/en/article/5dzx88/wwe-referee-wrestler-turned-mayor-fundraise-for-qanon-adjacent-charity Bobby Fish was at this stuff last year too
  6. SRS reported he was suspended earlier in the year and was banned from the PC for a time as well.
  7. DZ hates HumanChessgame Meanwhile - the absolute fucking worst - how is this guy still employed?
  8. Guessing someone got fired for sending Mickie her stuff in a trash bag
  9. He's third from the left in the back. That's not Swerve - it's Ricardo Miller a former college football guy who dropped out after a few months. ACH is the guy in front of him.
  10. The Blood and Guts match going the full 2 hours then on the 5th?
  11. Ratings up in total viewers (5%) and slightly higher in the demo
  12. Ed Woodward gone at United Agnelli gone at Juve What a day to be a legacy fan
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