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  1. Not sure how you make Classic Green Goblin work in more "realistic" comic book movie. I hate to say it, but I think Ultimate would come across much better. I'm also kind of down on them using Rhino and Electro as the main villains. I'm guessing we'll only be teased with a little Goblin action, saving that for 3. Side note: I wish they'd use the actual Spider-Man comics for the film titles. First one be Amazing, this one be Spectacular, third one Sensational, etc. etc. "Amazing Spider-Man TWO" and "Amazing Spider-Man THREE" is fucking weak.
  2. Special effects do not make a movie good, or even decent. Sure Sandman and Venom looked awesome, but so what? The Sandman character was completely unnecessary in a movie that also included Harry and Venom. Yeah, they could've done Harry and Sandman with the blacksuit, and then wait for SM4 to do Venom proper, but that's not what happened. Venom didn't kill the film, Sandman did. Raimi was dead-set on doing Sandman, and Sony basically forced him to include Venom, because joe-schmoe in the audience is going to want to see a movie with Venom more than a movie with the fucking Sandman, the blacksuit is the reason why that movie made around $1B, not because of Marko.
  3. Not only is Spidey my personal choice for greatest superhero ever (Superman's stupid and the only powers Batman has is his fortress of offshore tax shelters), but Venom is also one of my favorite baddies around (I always appreciated the fact that Eddie never had any world domination schemes or anything of the ilk, he just hated Spiderman for ruining his pedestrian life, a fairly simple yet effective motive for storytelling). That said, SM3 was total trash, regardless of how high the previous 2 set the bar (especially 2). Not even talking about emo Peter or the usual dumb fanboy critiques. The ENTIRE Sandman plot was totally irrelevant, there was no reason why the movie couldn't have been Peter vs. Harry for the first half, with them vs. Venom for the grand finale. To top it all off, Sandman isn't a bad guy (which should've been Venom's role, as bank robbery isn't exactly his M.O.), he just wanted to help his daughter. Right. Fuck SM3. Fuck it up its stupid ass. I've always been convinced that Sony decided to reboot the Spidey franchise because they know there's billions to be made with a Venom/Maximum Carnage franchise, and were pissed that Raimi killed that moneytrain before it ever got to leave the station.
  4. If you shop on Black Friday, you're part of the problem.
  5. Wasn't The Rock his directorial debut? Can easily be chalked up as beginner's luck.
  6. You act as if those are enough to compensate for the rest of his shit. He gave us The Rock and Bad Boys, not Goodfellas and Platoon.
  7. Revenge of the Fallen might just be the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. If it wasn't for Buscemi, Armageddon would be at that level.
  8. I hope you enjoy the heat, and I don't mean another poorly chosen Sandra vehicle.
  9. Avoid lavishing praise on any works bearing the mark of the beast ("A Michael Bay Film").
  10. If it's a constant loop of Armageddon, Transformers 2, Bad Boys 2, and Pearl Harbor, this is a religion I could get behind.
  11. First Transformers is a legitimately good, *** movie. Was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. There is a special place in Hell for Bay on account of the second one and the seven hours of my life (or however long it was, felt like eternity) I'll never get back. Absolute garbage. If you defend this film, you deserve AIDS. Third one is passable. I didn't have a seething desire to hunt down the entire Bay family, which makes it an improvement over Revenge of the Fallen. Plus I didn't pay to see it.
  12. And it's not as if the 1964 election was so grueling and close that he would be dissuaded from running again. He's so determined to become President he mastermind's one of the greatest conspiracies of all time, wins actual election in a landslide, but then 3 years later decides "Eh, it's not for me." Totally inconsistent. The second part isn't theory, Vietnam deteriorated via the unexpected loss of U.S. lives and the North's resiliency. That's undisputed facts. What's theoretical is WHY the situation deteriorated the way it did, but the actual results aren't.
  13. Hes 10x the President cause about 2/3s of the stuff he got done was on the back of JFK's memory No, it wasn't. JFK and RFK only started to look into passing Civil Rights legislation in the Summer of '63, because prior to that they were openly admitting such a move could cost him re-election. Johnson said to hell with the electoral consequences and went through with it regardless. Huge difference. Johnson's reputation was in shambles by 1968. Running for another term would have been tough sledding. And that's not factoring in his failing health. The loss of life in Vietnam had nothing to do with it, but rather how badly things turned out for him regarding the situation. As tough a sledding as successfully orchestrating the assassination of the previous President? He was willing to expel effort for the biggest conspiracy to ever happen in the country, but wasn't up for seizing the office legally 4 years later? Come on. That last sentence makes zero sense, so I have no idea how to respond to it.
  14. So he desires the Presidency enough to have a man killed, but is so distraught over the loss of life in Vietnam that he doesn't bother at attempting another turn? Sorry but I don't buy it for a second. Of course, I also think LBJ is 10x the President JFK could ever have hoped to be, so maybe there's a slight bias here. But most likely not.
  15. Besides becoming President (which just 4 years later wasn't a driving point for him as he didn't even bother to run for re-election), what is LBJs motivation for offing Kennedy?
  16. I'll vouch for Black Sheep (2006), it's just fantastic.
  17. I don't think it's any more bizarre for a typical 45 year old male to be buying a $15 ticket for The Avengers versus Avatar or Star Wars. Comic book movies are replacing the "original" scifi flicks because there's already the general level of familarity with them, which audiences love (less to think about). Now, if these typical 45 year old males were just starting their "graphic novel" collection, I think Moore would be spot on.
  18. I sort of get what Moore is saying, but the fact of the matter is that comic book movies are taking over the action/scifi genre because they're all stories that the general audience is familiar with on some sort of level. Even if you've never read a Spider-man comic, you probably know the gist of it. The only reason this has begun over the past 10-15 years or so is that special effects have become detailed enough to make the fantasy elements visually plausible, wasn't possible before the 1990s.
  19. Didn't see the episode, but being that Brian is my favorite character (Shocking I know), this does not sit well with me. Haven't heard anything about Pauly W. Becoming a permanent cast member, so I assume they'll bring Brian back eventually.
  20. Really liked this episode, but it's obvious that they could've condensed this one and last weeks into 1 single episode. And unless the Governor dies of the prison virus, I really have no idea what the point of the first half of the season is for. Also: I hope whoever came up with the concept of "mid season finales" is rounded up with the rest of their family and shot in a dark alley.
  21. I recently found my Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables framed album cover from college. Jello > Ted
  22. Well that's the basic tenant of MAD: Whoever pushes the launch button first is essentially committing suicide at the same time. No one wants to push it first, regardless of professed ideology. Idk, I always felt that it was more than likely a domestic group such as the mafia or some shit, not a foreign government or a rogue CIA/paramilitary operation. Maybe we should ask Belzer.
  23. I guess this is where we differ. IMHO the CMC made it pretty clear that Krushchev wasn't willing to risk a nuclear exchange sans an actual invasion of the USSR. A US response on Cuban soil wouldn't have provoked a Soviet nuclear response. So the Cubans did it, and the US covered it up to save face? Then why wouldn't the Cubans just openly proclaim that they were behind the assassination, if they knew MAD would prevent a US invasion?
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