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  1. CMLL had 2 unmaskings tonight on their anniversary show. There's a whole lot that I don't know about lucha. How common is it to have more than one unmasking on a single show?
  2. You're right. A Bryan-Mox final is clearly the most obvious path to take. Deep down I'm just a little frustrated by the idea that they so blatantly telegraphed the winner of the tournament, and it's making me try to come up with plausible alternatives.
  3. I'd support doing Bryan vs. Sammy and giving everyone heart attacks with some very near falls for Sammy before Bryan wins.
  4. Thought the Stokely segment would have worked better if he'd kept talking after they beat up the production guy for telling them to end the segment. Instead, they, you know, ended the segment. Just like the production guy wanted.
  5. To state the obvious, they never mentioned Punk or any of the Elite by name. Which maybe, slightly, suggests the same punishment is being given to all of them?
  6. Could have sworn this already happened in the build to All Out. Apparently not. Must have dreamt it.
  7. I take this to mean that Tony is folding the promotion, and issuing a press release saying "Thanks for ruining it PHIL"
  8. Did he state this as a fact or was he speculating? (I'm going to listen to the audio eventually to find out for myself)
  9. Whichever media guy actually asked Punk about Colt is my new hero.
  10. Hey, Punk is going off on Colt Cabana in the press conference
  11. So when TK was talking about his roster being better than ever, he was working, and referring to the MJF return. Huh.
  12. You know, I was thinking the noise on the chops wasn't coming through because it was such a big building, but I guess Flair wrestled in quite a few big buildings and still had loud chops. (Also the ring would be mic'ed, and all that)
  13. Ospreay tweeted that he's done in AEW for the foreseeable future. So that means cross him off the list of candidates for the joker in the Casino Ladder Match, and his match with Omega is probably happening in New Japan rather than AEW.
  14. I'm going to say Punk loses at the ppv in around 20 minutes and turns heel. Everything about that makes more sense than the alternative, except for the part where the show is in Chicago.
  15. Stokely obviously makes any act better. I already thought Ethan Page + the Gunn kids would be absolutely off-the-charts levels of obnoxious. Now if they're adding some muscle to it with Morrissey, that's going to be an amazing stable.
  16. Does this mean a normal Shooting Star Press doesn't actually hurt because the person delivering it is rotating up and not, like, landing on someone, because of gravity?
  17. They're bringing the women's tag titles back! Sasha and Naomi are gonna be in the tournament! Nope. Well, they'll take a team out somehow and put in Sasha and Naomi! Nope. Well, Sasha and Naomi will show up after the tournament to challenge the winners! Nope. Well, surely Sasha and Naomi will show up at the PLE this weekend!
  18. No, I'm serious. It seemed like they were giving away a ppv main event. I was looking for a number that made me say "wow".
  19. This is a bit of a disappointing number imo. A ratings bump for the unification match, but not all that much of one.
  20. Same, no Dynamite for me, because I am a rube who doesn't know how to use the Ticketmaster website. Did get a Rampage ticket, second row in the 100 level. Hopefully they throw us a bone with at least one good match on there.
  21. The only thing I feel confident about is that the match will have a finish and either Mox or Punk will no longer be holding a belt after tonight.
  22. Have considered putting this on a sign, possibly with "especially this one"
  23. Took a big swing with this, trying to get some acknowledgement from Meltzer, but he doesn't seem to be on Twitter today. Maybe he's not on there during weekends? I don't know. Anyway, here's a new wrestling crossword!
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