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  1. If it was held over a weekend - would people really buy a ticket for one day and not the other? Especially if they deliberately don't advertise what is on what day?
  2. Can you imagine the amount of times where the first night is rendered null and void, because Vince gets 20 minutes sleep and decides to retcon everything the next day? Kofi closing night one by beating Bryan for the title, only to eat an RKO and lose the belt five minutes into the next day would be amazing.
  3. Hopefully that Braun/SNL stuff gets saved to the SNL prior to Mania. Leslie Jones saving Colin Jost and laying a beatdown on Braun probably goes over really well on SNL. At Mania, it'll get booed out of the building by guys who will never forget there was an all woman ghostbusters.
  4. At best - it wasn't a bad movie. There is no way in hell it is worth 91% on RT though. That script was written in about 5 minutes, and the awkwardly implied "NXT was scripted, but this is sort of real!" stuff at the end, yeesh.
  5. Not sure what Angle's last match will be. I hope it's him winning the Andre rather than a pointless match with Baron or Elias, or a redux of his match with Drew.
  6. I'd love to see a redux of the Bulldog/Owen feud of 97, them finally having a match, only for Charlotte or Becky to come out and get them to reconcile. Curious to see what their plans are for Miz past this feud. I hope Miz/Bryan being re-done is the goal for Summerslam with the title, but is Miz over enough as a face? Is it worth Kofi dropping the title back to Bryan a month later or so?
  7. I feel like they wouldn't take that path for the simple fact that they'd be devaluing one title as less than the other.
  8. I liked them adding Ali. The sight of having 3 internet darling previous recipients of the "PUSH THIS GUY" wave getting freezed out by fans was something. Fickle indeed. Show did nothing for me.
  9. I noticed there was a Jimmy Hart in the stunt doubles. That was confusing.
  10. Thor: Ragnarok Infinity War Captain Marvel Spiderman 2 (2004) Captain America: The First Avenger Guardians of the Galaxy X-Men: First Class Captain America: Winter Soldier Captain America: Civil War Black Panther Doctor Strange Guardians of the Galaxy 2 --------Enjoyed but probably not going to rewatch------- Iron Man Spiderman (2001) X-Men: Days Of Future Past Spiderman: Homecoming Ant-Man X2 The Avengers Avengers: Age of Ultron Blade X-Men Ant Man 2 Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer Logan The Wolverine X-Men: The Last Stand Deadpool Fantastic Four (2005) -----------Boring----------- Blade Trinity Daredevil Thor X-Men: Apocalypse --------Bad Films------------ Amazing Spiderman 2 Iron Man 2 The Amazing Spiderman Blade II X-Men Origins: Wolverine Ghost Rider Iron Man 3 Spiderman 3 Elektra Thor The Dark World ------Fuck you for making this------ Hulk (2003)
  11. First third was pretty bad. Final 2/3 were all time great for me. I see no reason why Ben Mendelsohn can't at least get a nomination for best supporting actor. That end scene was such a great gaslighting fuck you response whilst a great call back to the rest of the series. Goose spinoff please.
  12. Ronda Rousey, 11 year old efedder is quite the gimmick. Her match with Beckylynch1@juno.com will be something
  13. I'd like to see how he outdoes himself this year. Needs more overbooked stipulations to eliminate someone. All entrants are attached to a giant dog collar, the eliminatee must touch all four corners and eliminate the opponent by throwing them over the top of the cage or through the door to the table below
  14. No way Jack, it's the summer of 1978, me and Jackson Browne are running against the wind in a Chevy Kamala convertible with the roof down, sipping on a quartz of Jack, an eyeball of coke, wearing nothing but our waistcoats, daddy, our naked foreskins at the mercy of the sizzle sizzle of the sun. I was a chapter down into my first novel about alien erotica which I'd just written while getting my beekeeping license, and I stopped to think "If there was ever a guy that would buck the trends of professional wrestling and say yes to a nice coiffered mat of pubic hair gloriousness over the mantra of none makes it look all bigger, it'd be that Buddy Roberts...wait where was I going with this baby?"
  15. The live home invasion and subsequent self cannibalism of Rick Springfield would have been something.
  16. Also if Michael Cole is legit leaving, they should totally bring back Sean Mooney.
  17. Watching a few High Energy squashes on the Network. I wish they'd given Koko B Ware a crackhead gimmick during the end of the High Energy run. Portray it as a Saved By The Bell style After School Special type deal when it's revealed Koko has pawned a heap of Hart family memorabilia to pay for his habit...only to hit rock bottom when he's forced to sell the services of Frankie to Jimmy Hart for a hit. Those Bird Bird Bird videos are tremendous
  18. Gronk, yeah OK. Maybe if you really like Jimmy Graham. Suh there's a case for. Sanders and Thomas have been consistently good whilst Brown's been consistently great. Otherwise, I got no idea
  19. Yeah the ring gear is lame. He should dress more like NOD era Crush. As should most people. And I also had a soft spot for how he'd call people PUNK in a really forced manner and then menace the camera, but even he wasn't buying it in his heart of hearts (Also ironic given his fondness for punching them at the time). Man Crushs promos were lame. Having said that, I'd be pretty up for a redo of the Kona Crush character just turning up...crushing shit...axe shredding entrance music. Maybe some air guitar. Maybe the real punks being called out.
  20. The Weekend Update guys were awful, and I'm a big fan of them. You can tell from their WWE references in the past, they aren't there because they're big fans. It's going to be awful. I thought the main event segment fell flat. It felt very much like a segment meant for Brock, and then Ronda sprinted through her promo, and destroyed Becky flat, yet all the heat kinda went onto Charlotte and Steph instead. Everything else was fast forward worthy. Surely if Ambrose was leaving, they'd hotshot the title onto Reigns or Rollins before Mania and do the Shield triple threat while they could?
  21. On the plus side, he's now got plenty of time to work on his average carpentry skills.
  22. Exclusive backstage footage of Arn confirming just how many beers Alicia Fox stole from his cooler.
  23. Snakes On A Plane is the answer you're looking for though.
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