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  1. He was into counterfeiting money and sniffing women's underwear. That sort of stalker.
  2. Saw Toy Story 4. The first 3 are 10/10 films in my eyes. This was...a good straight to DVD movie? At worst, questionable for why it needed to be made. Enjoyable trip to the IMDB app to put the voices to faces afterwards. Overall, nothing special. Wait till a torrent turns up. 6.5/10
  3. Ah geez I forgot how bad Defenders was. Not sure what the problem with s2 Punisher was. Iron Fist was bad, but if I could give it any credit it seemed like the only one that actively tried to make the most of the time allocated to it. Luke Cage seemed to have no idea what to do with all that time. So much shit thrown in because dunno, hours to fill.
  4. Crocodile Dundee Wolf Creek. Seriously though, if I can implore you to watch one film, please give Hotel Sorrento a go.
  5. Yeah, if you got the time, Luke Cage takes forever but you at least feel like there's a decent payoff to it. Last two seasons of Jessica Jones were just...why?
  6. Agreed on both counts, but would add both seasons of The Punisher into the mix there too.
  7. I definitely wasted my weekend watching this. Another Marvel Netflix venture that got given twice the amount of hours it needed, and just made it feel like four times instead.
  8. We kept Kuz. That's about the only positive. LeBron-Davis-Kuzma.....Rondo? Not ideal
  9. Haven't rated Van Vleet all playoffs. Today just hit all the shots that Lowry has been passing off for the last 3 playoffs. Ballsy to be throwing some of them up with <5 mins in a game 6. WIsh we got a game 7 but that was fun. Almost as fun as what the off-season will be.
  10. Yep, should have done the same with Ember Moon, rather than just giving her the title after Asuka was done with it.
  11. Cuban Assassin would have had a money finish.
  12. Hooo boy. Netflix Designated Survivor is all sorts of dog shit. I'm as socially far left as you'll find on here but a whole season of presenting themselves as "the sensible centre" was just so self indulgent.
  13. It's the answer to every question of the past 2.5 pages.
  14. Think they did a similar gimmick in dying days of WCW (Filthy Animals against either Team Canada or Jarrett and the Harris Nazis?) Early TNA with AMW possibly?
  15. But on the other hand, show should have ended with with Noam Dar, Dean Malenko, Barry Horrowitz and Colt Cabana running in and forcefully attempting to circumsize the Undertaker only for hometown hero, Mohammed Hassan to make the save and be all "hey sorry about that piano wire thing a while back, bro"
  16. Kinda annoys me when they do overseas shows and still announce guys as being from "Atlanta, Georgia" or "Death Valley" without adding the US on the end.
  17. Considering how often they told us how hot it was, the crowd was anything but.
  18. Last few years showing a need for nostalgia sing a long acts, it's gotta be Men on a Mission. Crowd would pop for a live Whoomp There It Is.
  19. Wasn't the story even worse than that, where Shawn actually got a bump off him and *then* went and ratted him out for how big the line he just snorted was?
  20. Remember when the whole Faarooq/Sunny thing got dropped because they were getting the wrong kind of heat in the wrong towns? What a time to do it all over again.
  21. First guy to pin the Undertaker clean on PPV. Main evented a big 4 PPV. Former KOTR winner. Went over in two Mania title matches. A fondly remembered character of the attitude era. Snorted coke off a limo. Responsible for the introduction of Oscar. Arguably the best pushed 100% African American in the history of WWE. We need to talk about Mabel' s HOF credentials.
  22. I completely misread this and assumed you were talking about James Marsters.....Spike from Buffy. Not Cyclops. Doesn't really move the needle on my want to see this either way, but it could have worked.
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