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  1. Even though my lapse is longer than yours, and it's not likely to change, I do wanna give Krieg another chance since I paid $10 for him. Though right now I'm loving Gaige.
  2. @IAmJericho: So long to @WWE for now…2013 was one of my favorite in ring yrs ever! Thx for always sticking w Y2J & see u on the road soon w @FOZZYROCK!
  3. "Grizzly veterans" are so much more fucking awesome than "grizzled veterans".
  4. Last night and I said, "You know, I wonder if my Gaige is a high enough level to play of the DLC? I'll try playing for about an hour." When I put the controller down, I found out 8 and a half hours had passed. Fuck this game for being so awesome.
  5. The way Michael Elgin is holding Ms.Chif makes me think he's gonna pop her up and give her a flapjack.
  6. I think Erick Stevens quit wrestling and went into bodybuilding.
  7. No, I meant it. I appreciate what he said.
  8. "Anything with legs and a pair of tits walk by and your flagpole's gonna be at full salute!"
  9. God damnit Ric.... http://www.betweentheropes.com/2013/07/16/arrest-warrant-issued-for-ric-flair/
  10. I agree with everything you said. But you meant "great promo work from Punk and Heyman", right? Or did I miss Brock talking later??
  11. If Mark Henry is a baby face now, we're one step closer to Henry vs. Brock.
  12. If Mark Henry is a baby face now, we're one step closer to Henry vs. Brock....
  13. Because you don't change it back after posting on your Hentai forums?
  14. Is anyone else concerned that Dolph Ziggler got mouth-raped?
  15. It's official: The Brad Maddox era is an era of CONSTANT BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Why was Alberto Del Rio even out there at the end?
  16. There's a million Indy guys who all had their best matches with Danielson.
  17. Exactly how does a rapist crawl around the ring? And the dude's not ugly. Girls legit love him.
  18. Oh, fuck this. I'm not coming back in this thread until I beat The Last Of Us.
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