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  1. Make him ask another question! Something about composting!
  2. So Europe had a price too high for Tony Khan. But they are taking gigs in the break room? I think things have worked themselves out nicely.
  3. I totally get the awkwardness of stuffing another hour onto a Wednesday night tv taping. It just sounds exhausting. The solution to that is of course just buckling down and doing a second live show on Friday nights. Ok, more full on production costs for a single hour of tv time. A single hour preceded by 8pm to 10pm of what? YouTube content? I can see TNT noping out on that one. And you KNOW what that means! The Greatest night in the history of our sport Presents: A second hour of RAMPAGE!!! Cuz at that point why the fuck not? Isn’t that what wrestling companies do? But doesn’t that also make this marathon viewing now? Do you sacrifice the live crowd for the television audience? Strike while the iron is hot, yes. But they haven’t beaten RAW or SD in weeks ratings totals. (Yet?). Great strides obviously have been made. NXT was slain like Nirvana slayed the hair bands. But do you flood the market to pad your capital only to throw money at any side effects? The show quality has certainly benefited from a steady rotation of the roster. That’ll get thinned out, not immediately, but eventually as more activity and increases in potential injuries. As potheads often say: “Don’t fuck up the rotation.” Hey… that reminds me…
  4. They haven’t given a reason that I can recall. But personally, I’m fine with him remaining somewhat enigmatic. Though I’d imagine eventually it might be requisite to get a bit deeper with the character. A very good match with Nick/Bryan. The three way was decent with Nyla and Rosa carrying Jade through it. It’s looking like Cargill has the tools but really needs some quality time in the ring. OC made me laugh out loud during the split screen. “Wait? What am I doing?” All the lols. I love you AEW.
  5. Brian Pillman must be looking up from hell and loving this Armed/Glock Anderson stuff.
  6. True. When I saw him at Chaotic Wrestling’s Cold Fury show a couple years ago. He had a pair of ladies with him as a part of the package. Later, when he appeared of that one Evolve show on the network. It seemed like there wasn’t much wind in sails in his act because the ladies were not there. Still seemed like the case last night. But who could blame him if he didn’t become a star over last night? He was placed on a show as a placeholder without an act.
  7. I’m exhausted from a long day. But I did not yawn or doze off during this show. On MJF: I think he is trying to put the horror in horrible. But I’m not sure his age lends him the gravity to land his his one liners. He cut the promo off at the right time to at least leave some plot hanging in the air. I’m good with this. Was Darby hitting character correct awkward teenager notes? Or was he not that great on the mic? When -1 tossed the fucking PAPERS!!! I lost my shit brother brother brother. Highlight of the show for me. So a reunion here means Bray coming in would be to tear them apart again? Things sure got kinda quiet when Colt hit that moonsault. *whistles Like… tossed out lawsuits awkward. Well AEW continues to be my happy place. Cody gets all the lols. Nick Jackson vs. Bryan Danielson is going to be good for all of gods creatures except one… Fenix.
  8. Well this episode of AEW has the handicap of following the show where I got everything I’ve ever wanted in a wrestling match. After a childhood full of syndicated squash show matches. Having a match on regular tv that (for me) is the apex pairing. It doesn’t get any better than that. This episode of Rampage didn’t have a chance to follow that. Yet still, it was a great episode. I’m going to shout whomever pointed out the plot hole of nobody coming out to save Jericho and Jake. Exasperated by the fact they’re all wearing support vests AND there are two segments after the beat down of other Inner Circle members coming out all happy and jovial. Like nothing even happened to their crew. Sammi and Santana and Ortiz come out later and I’m like: “Where the fuck were these dickheads?” Really? Don’t get me wrong. The Sammi segment got more focus on next weeks match. The 8 man tag quietly planted the seed for a P&P vs Lucha Bros tag title match. It got its work done. It’s just a block that doesn’t fit with the other LEGOs. Maybe re-edit the show and put the Jericho match later in the show? Had an eye opening moment seeing Hager do the job. That doesn’t happen every day. TK has a lot of credit to spend when choosing someone to lay down. Punk vs Hobbs and HOOK was all the good. The 6 Man tag revealed that maybe it’s understood. Luchasaurus isn’t going to be protected as much as your typical “big guy/giant” on a typical team or faction. Being that he does the job again here. The double goozle choke slam was fire. I like the idea of the Mark Henry pre-Main Event dual interview. But they aren’t getting any better. Maybe they’ll get it there. I love you AEW.
  9. Milk ain’t vegan bruh! Doesn’t your imaginary Brie Bella care about the planet? ?
  10. I haven’t watched the Pillman episode of DSOTR. So my understanding of this Pillman push isn’t readily apparent. But DSOTR is so into the wrestling cultural zeitgeist that to ignore PJr would seem like a missed opportunity. Maybe a cut off would be appropriate until he develops further. OR… Maybe PJr. could be the one to talk Wardlow into turning face and crushing MJF as a pair?
  11. What a show. Man, I loved everything on this show top to bottom. Bryan is my dude, in your base, killing all your dudes. Yeah, Ruby was gassed. But she held it together just fine.
  12. I was betting that the crowd would kill a solid effort from both. I was thinking the crowd wouldn’t be as up to date in the goings on or forgot about the one highlight of the piledriver shown on Dynamite. (BTW, auto correct tried to replace piledriver with “puked river”) But damn, the crowd was into it. The angle afterward worked well enough to continue the story. Solid undercard material.
  13. I had this issue. I remember the bit about the “unruly beard”. Wow.
  14. So what’s the over/under on Hook having a vast array of Tazplexes followed by stoic arm crossing?
  15. Solid enjoyable show that soothes the soul of this old wrestling dork. Bryan/Omega. Fucking bring it. Dan Lambert is an inspiration on the mic. The poise, the confidence. I’ll bet the mirror he has been practicing in front of is a fan too. Little bit of “seen it” for Suzuki and the rest doing the crowd brawl when Cody and Black already did one. This might have been better served as a beat down on Mox and Eddie to set up Suzuki doing something really fucked up only to be interrupted by a flock of refs. I don’t know. I liked that closer. But it never got into 3rd gear. That red suit made Cody easy to spot in those far away shots in the crowd. Smart. Seemed like a lot of strong promos tonight. I really like how they’ll wedge 20/30 second promos in between match announcements. Keeps things straight. I love you AEW.
  16. This looks pretty rough. Plus: Ruckus is still around.
  17. I’m looking for a recommendation. I’m looking to sim a football game. However, since I do not follow the NFL I haven’t got a clue about their video games. It’s kind of hard to look up reviews Ideally, I would need a team and roster creator. Hopefully, a custom stadium creator. Plus, whatever else might be available to customize streaming on YouTube so it’s reflective of my sim wrestling league. Lastly, I’d rather not buy a current generation Madden game. I’m really only doing this football (with my roster of wrestlers) as a one off. So would any of the cheaper football games from the past few years work for me?
  18. I’m just high enough. But I’m going to have to smoke another bowl after seeing this shit. It fucking talks on the show doesn’t it? The muppet is a character that interacts with everyone else? I haven’t watched NXT in a bit.
  19. I’ve never had a problem with the sequels. So you can imagine I’m pretty stoked for this. I never got to play Matrix Online but I did follow as much of the story as it happened. So It’ll be quite the treat if I find a few Easter eggs about the Morpheus deal or The General.
  20. I’m fine with MJF doing what he do. I too am a heel. I just wish he was saying that hateful shit to somebody I care about. Junior Pillman wasn’t up to the task tonight. The show wasn’t a home run. But I’m getting Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson on my tv.
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