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  1. Man, I love Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Easily the funniest and best movie of the entire Apatow and/or friend catalog. Diddy is great in Get Him To The Greek though.
  2. Charlie V is still eligible for Detroit.
  3. I believe so. Ben Wallace is a big wrestling fan, and it was his idea, iirc.
  4. I read the first issue or two of that....
  5. Hey, Smackdown spoilers. I read them every week when you post them, but when the board was down, I didn't even think to look for them on my own.
  6. Rock/Jericho from No Mercy (I think) 2002 is both man's best match by a pretty wide margin. (Cue The Natural agreeing with me.... HERE)
  7. As I was saying on facebook, I set the over/under on "time until Keith reburns the newly rebuilt bridge" at six months. Six glorious months of the best show on the ESPN family.
  8. That's more belivable to me than the idea that a large group of people find his obnoxious shtick to be, in any way, funny.
  9. That was also fucking awesome. I mean, I don't think I've ever seen that before. And I'm a Tigers fan. AL WINS which matters now, or something something. God, that Rivera intro was great.
  10. That was fucking awesome.
  11. Man, Big Evil Taker was having great matches with Flair, Jeff Hardy, and Brock Lesnar during that time period. He was awesome. When he first came back as American Bad Ass UnderBiker, he was kind of crappy for a few months. But then he worked his way back into shape and was fantastic again. The notion that Angle brings UP Rey is the kind of thing that makes me hate star ratings, because... No.
  12. There was a lot of love for Sandow on this board and elsewhere a few months ago, and I just never understood it.
  13. Manziel is the most interesting prospect, because right now he could literally go anywhere from 1st overall to late 3rd round pick, just depending if a gm or two falls in love with his game.
  14. Well, he certainly should have a lifetime of never having to buy a drink in Miami.
  15. Closest too these two. The Dark Knight Iron Man Batman Begins Iron Man 3 The Dark Knight Rises Iron Man 2
  16. Yeah, at the very least, it feels like the end of Johns run should have taken Sinestro off the board for a couple of years, not a few months. Absurd.
  17. Yes. Hell, his Vader matches aren't event he best of his WCW work. That would be the two wild brawls with Sting, and the two wild tag brawls with the Nasties. Ugh. Shawn on auto-pilot was absolutely fucking terrible. Which he spent most of the 00's on autopilot, and was mostly absolutely fucking terrible.
  18. Or you might bump into him at your local White Castle....
  19. Wait, I thought they were done doing direct adaptations after Flashpoint?
  20. Nope, I definitely meant Heyman. That's the problem with posting at 4 am, I guess.
  21. No, not Superman Unchained, just the regular Superman book that Lobdell is writing. He was like the 4th writer in the first 13 issues, but he's stuck around now. And it's been pretty good. I read the first issue of Unchained, but I already barely remember it outside of one really cool splash page of Superman rescuing a satellite or space station or something...
  22. I'll be goddammed, but Scott Lobdell has managed to make the new 52 Superman book interesting. Even more amazingly, he's managed to make the Clark/Lois "not a couple, but best friends" idea work.
  23. Foley's best match, imo, is the Orton Backlash match. It's like the Triple H rumble match cranked to 11, and it's everything Foley did best at it's best. Sick bumps, absurd violence, shockingly good psychology and storytelling for such chaotic match. HBK definitely had Taker's best match (and vice versa, by an even larger margin.) I definitely give Cena the nod for Lashley, Khali, and Umaga. Punk probably. I could see an argument for Lesnar's, although for me that's Eddy (and I can see a case for the Taker HIAC as well.) Bret probably gets Austin, and maybe Nash, although I think I'd probably take Good Friends, Better Enemies over SS '95, but I could go either way on that. Perfect. Nasties best match is definitely Cactus/Payne. Vader steals Sting from Flair.
  24. So, I get home and fire up RAW, and watching a fairly decent show, get a great Henry promo/Shield segment, keep watching, Punk comes out... AND HOLY FUCK THAT SEGMENT. That was some absolutely compelling tv. Red hot crowd hanging on every word, great promo work from Punk and Lesnar, a really good out of control brawl... That was fucking PRO WRESTLING motherfucker. Also, D-Bry/Cena is pretty great sounding.
  25. Grammar is clearly not going to be my strong suit here on the new board either...
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