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  1. I'm perfectly fine with Sandow getting squashed when he cashes in...
  2. I kinda figure they move on from Bryan challenging for the belt to Bryan trying to get his hands on Triple H. Big Show vs. Orton, somehow?
  3. There's everything from mid-1998 into mid 99 WCW, for starters. And by most accounts, he's been the top guy for TNA the last several months before the contract disputes kicked in...
  4. I just don't see the evidence that Bisch could possibly succeed. I mean, the last 15 years haven't shown any reason to think Bischoff has anything left to give that actually helps a wrestling company.
  5. Yeah, that part was terrible, can't deny that. And, I mean, I'm not saying it was great, but it was perfectly acceptable pro wrestling.
  6. Nah, Shawn kicked him because Bryan knocked out Shawn's best friend, as far as I can tell. He didn't come in to favor Orton, he was going right down the middle, but when Bryan attacked Trips, Shawn got pissed and played a little sweet chin music, and then immediately regretted it when Orton made the cover.
  7. If Vince can get a sweetheart deal for the video library and only the talent he wants, like he did for WCW, he'll buy it in a heartbeat. I can't imagine him absorbing all of the debt and contract commitments and such at a premium price, though.
  8. I just wish, if they were going to have Shawn superkick him, they would have just committed to him turning heel. I mean, seriously, who does it help to have a guy that's been retired for 4 years be wishy-washy in the middle of this angle?
  9. The opening tag was fantastic, and Cena/Del Rio, while tamed down from Cena's normal standards, was really good. Main event was good until the story swallowed it whole. AJ/Brie was fine for a diva's match. The Punk beatdown of Heyman was really good. The rest of the show probably happened, to. (Oh, and although I like Ambrose, I kind of wish that opening clothesline-cover had gotten the 3.)
  10. Man, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Machete Kills absolutely bombed, and I kinda doubt 3 gets made.
  11. Bad Grampa finally broke Gravity's stranglehold on #1, but it still only slipped 32%, which would have been a pretty good hold weeks ago, much less now. The Counselor pretty much bombed.
  12. I never understood the big deal about Michaels in this match, its a Hogan match, if he played it straight we are not talking about that match today, much like how the Orton-Hogan match is regarded. HBK, to me, made the Hogan-schnick work for a bit with his goofy selling. I'll defend him on this one. The funny thing about that match is that the heat segment with Hogan down is actually pretty good, as Shawn was way better taking the heat segment than eating the offense (pretty much every match he had post-comeback that I liked had him working the heel role, more or less) and even old, broken down Hogan was still good at sympathetic babyface selling. It only gets absurd and either stupid or hilarious (depending on POV) when Hogan makes the comeback.
  13. Brian Fowler


    Beyond visually stunning, as mentioned repeatedly in this thread: It is a masterpiece of sound design. It is an incredibly gripping, nail biting story that left nearly all of us shook to our very core. Bullock gives a fantastic performance, and Clooney nearly matches it.
  14. No clue since it didn't make the last countdown I actually don't think I voted for BTVS. The movie has a certain amount of charm, but it's not actually, you know, any good. On the other hand, I damn sure did vote for True Romance.
  15. The whole week yes.I respectfully disagree with him.
  16. Didn't Dez say he was just as good as MEGAFUCKINGTRON?
  17. The two Taker matches are great. Maybe 3-4 other post comeback matches are roo. But SO many more suck. I am also drunk.
  18. Ladder matches are way older than either of those.
  19. Well, what do you expect? Nobody can sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell. (Tip your waitresses.)
  20. Nash/Triple H instead of HBK/Triple H, HBK/Taker #1, Lesnar/Taker way up.
  21. Yeah, but now he's going to star in that Leprechaun reboot they are doing...
  22. Maybe his parents were double agents secretly working for the Red Skull.
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