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  1. Reminds me of the story Alvarez was saying on WOR or wherever about his friend who is a wrestling coach taking kids to a tournament in the early part of the pandemic, and the kids not being allowed to shake hands before or after the match. Like, if it's safe enough for them to wrestle, it's safe enough to shake hands, and if it's not safe to shake hands, it's damn sure not safe to wrestle.
  2. Wasn't the point of the ZSJ tweet that he's donating his royalties instead of taking money from splx after all that happened?
  3. What bothers me the most is that it was a damn good match until the finish. You have Booker kick out and get the win aminute later...
  4. After Mania, Hogan and Slaughter had at least one Boot Camp Match. That would've been a really cool stip for Mania. Add a bit more violence and chaos (though I actually like the match they had.)
  5. Our old board mate Bill did a deep dive on this in June. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29247938/debunking-dak-prescott-contract-debate-facts-fiction-why-cowboys-pay-him
  6. Hey, don't forget HALO Infinite. (In a perfect world, they'd announce a release date for Gears Tactics for the Xbox One.
  7. Also said there's no salary cap percentage language
  8. Blackman lasted way longer in WWF than I remembered.
  9. I will go to my grave defending Load. Reload mostly sucked though.
  10. As an adult, I find the booking of that final survivors match fascinating. I'm pretty sure by that point they knew they were moving back to Hogan and were going to use Slaughter for the transition. So they couldn't have Sarge in the main event unless he won it, which they simply didn't do on ppv back then. But he had to look strong going into the Rumble. So he winds up down 4-1, and beats three of the four guys before falling in booking that really feels more like scrappy underdog Babyface stuff. Then they gave to juggle the egos and positions of Hogan and Warrior. They need Warrior strong to sell as many tickets as they can for the next few months, but they also need to make sure everyone knows Hulk is still Hulk. And I'm pretty sure that's why they never did it again. Just a logistical nightmare when they used to actually book long-term.
  11. 2K, with it's "every mode we pay attention to is littered with microtransactions" model feels like the worst developer to be first out the gate with a price bump. Maybe do anything to update franchise mode?
  12. About Lost: I watched about half the pilot, and was just utterly hating it, and never finished that episode. It became wildly known as one of the greatest pilots of all-time, so I felt pretty safe in concluding the show just wasn't for me.
  13. IIRC, ROH didn't refer to their belt as a world title until it was defended in England.
  14. I expect him to throw a tantrum for a couple days first
  15. At least some of the teams apparently want it. They don't want their players, especially the young ones, going from like March to November without playing. It's basically just a glorified summer league. (None of this should be taken as me thinking it's a good idea.)
  16. I really think if, you know, the world falling apart, hadn't happened, AEW was heading towards a big breakthrough with The Match Beyond. But then *gestures vaguely at everything"
  17. The network gives roughly zero shit about any number except the 18-49 demo. Because advertisers give negative shits about them.
  18. To be fair to WWE's legal staff circa 2002, Vince signed a settlement with the WWF to avoid a lawsuit (that it seems most analyst think give would've probably won) and then just willfully ignored the terms he agreed to. The best legal team of all-time probably would've lost that case.
  19. I was sitting here going "didn't Josey join a Christian band like a decade after this?" and was very confused.
  20. A Double being a dick and a moron has been making me sad for years. He's so goddamn good when he isn't being an unprofessional ass.
  21. https://sports.yahoo.com/welcome-to-boston-cam-newton-he-can-already-hear-the-dog-whistles-and-trite-criticism-204248832.html
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