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  1. Moore tends to be more measured on everything else he did except The Killing Joke. But he's talked about how that was the only book that is all surface he ever did since the 90's. That there is no message or deeper meaning. People still insist it means many things.
  2. Hey hey hey be fair now. The Irishman is only 3.5 hours.
  3. Yeah. All things Snyder except that I've repeatedly praised his Dawn of the Dead remake, gave Watchmen 3 1/2 on letterboxd about a week and a half ago, and probably have said more nice things about Sucker Punch on this board than everyone else combined. Hell, I think I also called 300 the greatest visual movie of it's decade. MoS is a mediocre movie. BvS is a fucking shitty movie. Justice League isn't very good, but it's better than MoS and a fuckton better than BvS.
  4. He's also threatening to hit Brad with a steel chair because triple threats are no DQ.
  5. I saw the trailer before a couple movies, and I know I saw a couple tv spots, but not much. It's probably not going to turn a profit theatrically, but it has a decent chance to at least break even at the end of everything.
  6. What happened to the guy who just suddenly threw the strap on Bret on a house show, or Nash at MSG and let him have it for a year, etc? When did he become convinced that he has to keep going back to guys who peaked 15-25 years ago?
  7. I've seen MoS and BvS. The Snyder Cut can definitely be worse than the movie we got.
  8. If Baltimore/Houston is an MVP decider type game, Watson is no longer a candidate. Jackson, on the other hand... This Lions/Cowboys game is not nearly as close as it looks on the scoreboard.
  9. Hey, didn't the Ravens do that the year they won their first Superbowl?
  10. The trophy is still definitely pointed at LSU, but Hurts had another Heisman type of day. 297 yards and four scores, plus running for 117 in a furious comeback. I wonder though, at some point you have to figure voters start crediting Riley and his staff more than the Plug N Play QBs.
  11. I think for a long time WWE just didn't say they were No DQ, but they never DQed guys in them, and eventually they just codified it probably over a decade ago.
  12. Oklahoma's title chances might be evaporating.
  13. Every time I see Harden or his fans mock other players for load management/dismiss needing load management, I want to literally scream "maybe he wouldn't shit the bed in the playoffs every year if he took some time off"
  14. Rutgers with their finest in conference offensive performance of the season, only lose by 35.
  15. Whatever Jim Harbaugh said at halftime of the Penn State game... I really wish he had said it before the season started.
  16. I can't follow that at all, personally. He's one of the very few villains I think can carry a story. I mean, I highly doubt it ends up as successful of a movie, but there is a lot more story justification to a Black Adam movie than Venom or Joker.
  17. My first ROH show was Dragon Gate Challenge Series in Detroit when they did the triple shot weekend leading into the Chicago Mania.
  18. I only saw Punk live once, but it was against The Undertaker at WrestleMania and it was fucking great. Only time I've ever felt like the dueling chants were completely real.
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