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  1. As GMs go he's one of the better ones. Top 10 easily. Just don't expect to spend much in free agency. Ever.
  2. If I never have to hear Ronde Barber speak again it'll be too soon.
  3. I hope this sale doesn't drag on nearly as much as the sale of the Hurricanes did. I hope that an investment group can be found that, while moving is extremely unlikely, is committed to keeping the team in the Carolinas.
  4. That game felt like an AFC title game.
  5. Gotta show some love to our catbros to the south. Jacksonville is headed to the playoffs for the first time since 2007!
  6. Panthers recover a fumble! Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Sweeeeeeeet Caroline oh oh oh...
  7. Green Bay down a TD just got a onside kick recovery with about 2 minutes to go. This bout to be some bullshit man...
  8. Byrd is finally starting to soar...nope Byrd stretches his wings for two TDs...nope Time to rename BOA stadium the Byrdhouse...nope I'll keep working on this I swear
  9. Damn I missed Greg Olsen in the lineup!
  10. I'm not sure Jesus himself would get more coverage if he came back today than Aaron Rodgers is getting from this game.
  11. RIP to Fats Domino one of my favorites
  12. Are the paid versions of Kaspersky and Malwarebytes enough of a defense or is there anything else that I should do?
  13. In the building for the Canes game against the Wild and it was the best atmosphere I've been to in almost a decade at a game in Raleigh. The crowd was lit and you could see the players wanted to do well but maybe came out a bit nervous. I really feel that the Hurricanes were robbed of goalie interference on the goal with 0.3 seconds left in regulation but a win is a win. Onto a very tough challenge tomorrow at home vs the Blue Jackets. Let's go Canes!
  14. Carolina has 5 sacks at this moment and there's very little reason they couldn't have had 7-8 already. This is looking like a championship level defense.
  15. I never thought that Jacksonville would be on the positive side of one of the most lopsided halves of football that I've ever seen.
  16. How long has Sunday Night Football been using the old NBA on NBC theme? I forgot how much I missed that.
  17. Somebody stop the damn match in Denver
  18. Weather delay in Denver could be up to an hour
  19. I feel that GGG won the fight but it was very close. I'm glad there will be a rematch though as this fight was wonderful to watch. Canelo can win but he would need a lot more of what he showed in the first minute of round ten. I don't understand how anyone could have scored this 118-110 unless you were looking at power punches but even then compubox had the power punches only slightly in Canelo's favor.
  20. I will give the Bills defense credit, they are legit. If they weren't they could easily have been run out of the building instead of hanging around with a chance to win.
  21. I understand that Cam looked pretty poor to begin the game, I won't argue that, but I feel like this is what Panther football is supposed to look like. Wear teams down with the run game and long drives, keep our defense fresh, keep the lead, and let our D-Line feast. If we can refine what we are doing today, there is no reason why we can't be exceptionally successful this year. This is a formula that puts us in position to win championships. This is only week one so I will pump the breaks on the optimism some but this could work out very nicely if we execute.
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