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  1. I’d have Big E win the Rumble and choose Roman and The Universal Championship. Have Big E go over to Smackdown reunite with The New Day and feud with The Bloodline and at Mania I’d have Big E beat Roman.

    Then I’d have Lashley win the Elimination Chamber for the shot against Brock and run Brock vs Lashley with Lashley going over.

    Those would be solid main events for the two nights Big E vs Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley.

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  2. I watched this I haven’t watched a WWE show since Money in the Bank. I liked the first match between The Uso’s and The New Day and after that not so much.

    WWE has musical acts perform when the crowd doesn’t give a shit. This crowd would have gave a shit had the Migos performed so of course they don’t.

    I’m asking this seriously cuz I do t watch the TV Shows, who is the big up and coming babyface they are building to be the one to dethrone Becky at Mania? Are they building Bianca Belair up on Smackdown to be the one to do it? Are they   laying the ground work for a rematch at all?

    I’ll save my Lesnar rant for a separate post.

  3. On 12/26/2021 at 8:13 PM, Matt D said:

    I feel like this match gets traded around on these, but it's for a reason. I find it more accessible than a lot of other big AJPW tag matches, while you still get the sort of underlying notion of fighting spirit (through Kikuchi) even as Kroffat brings an almost Memphis heeling mentality, with an absolutely molten crowd.

    It's 5/25/92: Kikuchi/Kobashi vs Furnas/Kroffat (even if it won't embed).


    So I've been saying I haven't watched much All Japan which is true. But i forgot that I've seen arguably the most famous of All Japan matches especially on this board which is Misawa vs Kawada. It slipped my mind when i was bringing up watching All Japan 80's matches most of which involve Flair, The Funks, Brody and Hansen. It is important to me that people on this board know that i've seen The Greatest Wrestling Match of all time in Misawa vs Kawada.

    So lets get into the match at hand. I did a little research, Furnas and Kroffat are the All Asia Tag Team Champions in the midst of a 10 month run. I'm familiar with them as the big guys standing around as Sabu and RVD's heavies in ECW. Kenta Kobashi i'm versed in I've seen a handful of his NOAH Epics and of course the match with Joe underneath a chandelier. Kikiuchi I've never seen or hard of before this match but I dig his trunks, the man has badass gear. First off forget everything you think you about Japanese wrestling crowds because this one will defy every last bit of it. This crowd is LOUD and they are LOUD from the giddy up. The are as hot if not hotter than the hottest Dynamite crowd. And boy does it enhance a really awesome match. The crowd love their local boys (local as in fellow Japanese) especially Kenta. They loved them some Kenta. Furnas and Kroffat wear their Memphis experience on their sleeves; they are not afraid to take powders on the outside, apply headlocks to slow down the match, or even mockingly clap on the apron as their partner hits a shoulder tackle on the babyface. I will say that the headlocks are used to further the match and not just a lazy device to call spots. One spot I found humorous was when Furnas Press Slammed Kikuchi onto a table on the outside and the table didn't budge. Japanese tables stay undefeated. This match was awesome. Kenta and Kuchi from the opening bell just go ham on Furnas and Kroffat who slow it down  and work over their opponents. Theirs two Doomsday devices, There's a frogsplash where Kenta gets his knees up and that gets a crazy pop. The crowd goes wild for everything Kenta and Kikuchi do. At the end when Kenta hits the 2nd DDT on Kroffat for the win and the tag straps that crowd is besides themselves in enjoyment. Thanks for bringing this match to my attention Matt.

    Also I'm so down to continue this. I'm watching matches that I would never seek out and I'm all the better for it.

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  4. I don’t know if it counts as a comeback but Matt Cardona had one hell of a year. Aside from NYWC I don’t think Ryder worked much Indies before his 15 year run in WWE but dammit if he has made an impact on the scene since being released. 

    As cool as CM Punks return was I’d push for Trevor Murdoch winning the NWA World Championship as moment of the year. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. Full Gear ending with The Hangman on the shoulders of The Dark Order celebrating his title win over Omega was cool too.

    Tag Team is a tricky one there was a lot of good tag wrestling this year. I almost wanna go AJ Styles and Omos just cuz Omos didn’t do much but Chokeslams whole dressed as a bouncer and AJ did all the work. FTR is the logical choice they had a hell of a year.

    I should just put my votes in.

    Promotion: AEW

    Wrestler: Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson

    Match of the Year: Kota Ibushi vs Jay White

    Tag Team: FTR

    Card of the Year: AEW All Out

    Womens Wrester: Thunder Rosa

    Promos: MJF

    Comeback: CM Punk

    Moment of the Year: Trevor Murdoch winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title in ST Louis.


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  5. 18 hours ago, Zimbra said:

    @Web Conn

    Izumida/Honda vs Hayabusa/Shinzaki 1/16/99

    I hope you like blood and head-based offense

    I've seen Shinzaki and Haybusa vs RVD and Sabu, thats all i've sen of them. I've never seen Izumida and Honda before. In fact besides a handful of matches from the 80's I haven't watched much All Japan. This is for the All Asia Tag Team Championships, Izumida and Honda are defending against the outside team representing FMW. I know that much. Zimbra's right lots of blood and lots of head butts. The head butts start right off the bat, Red Singlet Guy favors headbutts. Shinzaki bleeds less than 10 minutes in. For fuck i'd say for the 1st 10 minutes is Sinzaki playing the Ricky Morton in the champions corner. He takes a beating. The Hayabusa tags in and the crowd comes alive. I've also been under the impression that Hayabusa was the Japanese equivalent to Sabu. I don't know if all of that is true but i see the parallels. Hayabusa hits a flying cross body off the top rope onto No Frills Black Trunks Up To The Naval Guy over the guard rail into the crowd which was an awesome spot. Crowd was really behind the Challangers, once they started hitting tandem offense on the champs that crowd was losing their minds. Red Singlet Guy gets the 3 after hitting a german on Shinzaki to retain the titles. Really fun match, this was a by the numbers tag match. I mean that in the best way possible. The started off slow got the heat on the babyface, hot tag wild shit, slowed it down some more wild shit and then the finish. Stellar match!

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  6. On 12/11/2021 at 3:07 PM, Morganti said:

    @Web Conn

    Here is something I found by searching for Hawaii wrestling




    I’ve never seen any wrestling from the Hawaii Territory. All I know The Rocks grandparents ran it and Bret Harts older brother Dean would ref there from time to time but that’s about it. Sam Steamboat I’ve never seen wrestle before. I know he’s who Ricky Steamboat got his namesake from though I don’t think they look that much alike. And I’ve never heard of Rocky Tomayo before being he looks like an unsavory character. Also the ring announcer looks a little bit like Don Owen. It starts of slow but this match is from 77 so it’s to be expected. Not that it matters the crowd loves Steamboat and the more Tomayo stalls the more they react to when Steamboat gets a strike in. I like the lone commentator he brings a certain integrity to this contest. Not many flat back bumps but they grapple and work the headlock spots for drama. Steamboat works as the face in peril and Tomayo is the dastardly heel. It works. Steamboat works a comeback but targeting Tomayos knee. I like matches that focuses on a wrestler working over a specific body part of their opponent. Tomayo seemed content in working over Steamboats eyes what with all the eye rakes. Steamboat starts swinging on Tomayo, they end up outside the ring. The kids in the crowd get excited over this. They end up back in the ring Steamboat is in full control he hits Tomayo with a back body drop, the highest spot of the match. Steamboat gets in an Abdominal Stretch he gets jabbed in the ear and the match cuts out I didn’t see the finish. But from what I saw it was a cool match, simple but effective. 

  7. Just now, Peck said:

    Going to spoiler this in case no one wants or cares to know.

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    NASCAR race in October at Talladega. Reporter is interviewing winner Brandon Brown after the race on live TV when crowd starts chanting "Fuck Joe Biden!". The reporter incorrectly tells the viewers that the crowd is chanting "Let's go Brandon!" instead. From there, it just took off.


    Oh so it’s the medias fault!!!!!!! I roll my eyes at all this goofy shit. Ronald Reagan and Tip  O’Neil we’re friends what ever happened to agreeing to disagree. I digress.

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  8. Not to get on a thing but why not say “fuck go Joe Biden”? What’s with the code words? 

    That being said what a fun as episode of Dynamite. Page vs Danielson was epic. Wardlow is turning on MJF in the CM Punk match isn’t he? Also I thought Dante was gonna finally win the big one against MJF I guess he’s gonna be the one taking the FTW title off of Starks now.

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  9. On 12/5/2021 at 8:16 PM, (BP) said:

    Here’s Emi vs Kay Lee Ray from EVE.


    I have not watched any NXT UK nor have i watched much British wrestling from the last decade so this is my first look at Kay Lee Ray. I've seen Emi Sakura in AEW, I have not seen any of her Joshi work. I'm a fan of Emi's from what I've seen. I've also never heard of this promotion, Pro Wrestling Eve before so there's some firsts in this match for me. I enjoy that. I'll get it out of the way I liked the match. They had a wrestling match, they worked holds, they chopped the shit out of each other, they even fit in a few comedy spots one including Emi do-si-doing with the ref leading to a double clothesline to Ray much to the refs bewilderment . There wasn't much flashy about this match, the first move from the top rope was a superplex 9 minutes in. The venue and a say this enduringly looked like a dingy basement bar. Had a punk rock feel to it, the ring announcer was a lady with a pink mohawk for crying out loud. The match fit the aesthetic, it was no frills beat up however is front of you. There was grappling as well, Emi hit a Falcon Arrow that she immediately switched into an arm bar also later on Ray went for a Senton off the tope only for Emi to roll out of the way and sink in an arm bar. I dug those to spots. I like what I saw from Ray in this, I don't know if I'm gonna watch NXT UK on a weekly basis or anything but I'd watch another Kay Lee Ray match thats for certain. And Emi won with a Senton Bomb of her own.    

  10. Thought last night was a good show.

    MJF-Punk was awesome a 20 minute promo to start the show which felt like it served a purpose.

    Danielson kicking Colts tooth out his head was a pretty neat way to further the angle between Hangman and Bryan. 

    I also liked the further progression towards Hayter splitting from Britt and Rebel.

    The 8 man tag main event kicked ass too the main event scene in AEW is really fucking cool. Pac Cody Andrade and Black should all be Main Eventing Raw and Smackdown. I wonder if WWE realizes what they let slip through their fingers?

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  11. 1 hour ago, J.T. said:

    The RVA Coliseum is condemned.  The biggest indoor arena venue here in the RVA is the Siegel Center at VCU.   RoH has run a few shows there, but I don't think it's big enough to attract a major fed.  Norfolk or Charlottesville is probably as close as AEW will get to us.

    TNA ran a house show there (the Siegel Center) in September of 06 but never went back.

  12. On 11/11/2021 at 8:09 PM, matt925 said:

    Between the start of aew and now, new japan has come to the Bay Area twice. And this supposedly isn’t until spring, so almost half a year from now. But of course I’ll be excited to go. 

    New Japan is coming to Seattle in January. 

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