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  1. His catchphrase is BAY BAY, right? Let's dress him as a giant baby, with a diaper and pacifier. Gotta get that merchandising money!
  2. i'm sorry you and Rayven had to go through that. Always here if you need a friend. Will be thinking of you all day.
  3. thanks! i knew he walked through the beginnings of TNA on there, so it's been on my list for quite a while. knowing WWA is covered moves it up quite a bit!
  4. finally! a chance to flex my niche wrestling knowledge! I love the first WWA show and was super hyped for the second one....until it happened. "Macho Man" Randy Savage was scheduled to appear, but pulled out a few days beforehand. I believe it was due to pay. At one point, Hall & Nash were announced to reunite for this show. I don't know if that was ever actually going to happen, but they ended up in WWE reforming the nWo, so i guess it worked out for them. He certainly did. dammit! @Nice Guy Eddie beat me to it. Well, at least i can add something: This was on the inaugural WWA PPV, "Inception", from October 2001. You may be surprised to learn that WWA held 5 (FIVE!) PPV events.
  5. i don't know if this falls in the timeframe, but Finn Balor getting injured and giving up his Universal (?) title directly after winning it has to be worth mentioning.
  6. forbidden door TO THE MULTIVERSE! book it, Coach TK!
  7. i absolutely fucking loved this movie. i don't want to go off on a positive rant (is there a term for that? Acclaim Tirade?) but suffice to say that it was awesome and i highly recommend it.
  8. i am potentially interested in a Rosa figure, but it will depend on how the makeup looks and which outfit they go with.
  9. i have gotten really good at avoiding spoilers. hell, i haven't even see the trailer for Shang-Chi yet. (of course, now that i say that, i have jinxed myself).
  10. decided to go with Zero Mission. finished it up today. not as impressive as you might think, as it turns out i had a save file on there. I bought the game brand new back when it was brand new- actually it and Metroid Fusion were the two games i bought when i picked up a GameBoy Advance. actually, funny story: i was debating whether to grab a GBA or a Game Boy Player that attaches to the GameCube, and i had 100% decided to go with the Game Boy Player. Then, i show up at the store (i wanna say it was an Electronics Boutique by that point) and they had the GBA with the NES skin. Changed my mind on the spot, picked up it and the two aforementioned Metroid games. Turned out to be a wise choice as i still have that GBA but sold my GC a couple years later. Anyway, apparently way back when i had made it through most of the Metroid Zero Mission game. I popped it in earlier this week just to see where i was at, and it was the ending sequence of the OG Metroid. i finished that, just for fun, intending to start over to "really" count it. But then at what would have been the end, the titular "Zero" mission begins, so i feel like it counts since i beat the new content. tl;dr i beat Metroid: Zero Mission today. and i take a rambling walk down memory lane. P.S. i got a notification that Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 shipped today. Try to bum rush Metroid Prime or take a break for a week until BS shows up?
  11. So i played through all of the Bond movie songs a couple times at work today, and i gotta say: Madonna's "Die Another Day" is so, so bad. there's a bunch of classic songs, some less memorable ones, and then this abomination. No matter how you look at it, it doesn't fit. Theme? Genre? Sound? just an absolutely terrible Bond song. It stuck WAY out both times through the playlist. Seriously, what is the argument for this working? P.S. i thought we had a thread dedicated more to Bond songs, but i couldn't find it.
  12. i've always interpreted that as Coach Tony K not really being comfortable in front of crowds/media/whatever, so he hypes himself up beforehand and his overzealousness shows through.
  13. also slow-handed for fast count finishes, if Starrcade '97 is anything to go by.
  14. pretty good card overall. opening and closing matches were far and away the best.
  15. Last summer i beat the original Metroid (NES), Metroid 2 (GB), and Super Metroid (SNES). they were all awesome. Today, largely due to the recent announcement of Metroid 5: Dread, i finished Metroid 4: Fusion (game boy advance). this was awesome, too, if a bit too linear for my taste. some of the later bosses were frustratingly difficult. i finished with a pathetic 51% of items found. probably won't go back for what i missed. Likely will jump into either Metroid Prime or Zero Mission. the FPS style of Prime isn't my favorite, but we'll see.
  16. very true. he's 0-5-1 in his last six, and his last win came in June 2018. yikes. main should be fan-fucking-tastic.
  17. ok, Extreme Rising 3 is a legitimately good show. Bestia 666 vs. Pesadilla (these are the same two luchadores from last night's show) put on a GREAT match. it's a 2 out of 3 falls match where falls count anywhere and there's hardcore weapons involved. if you haven't seen it, this one is worth checking out. Stevie Richards faces Luke Hawx in a rematch from last night. and this is a pretty good match too. Stevie shows a lot of babyface fire and the crowd is here all day for it. main event is a triple threat between Jerry Lynn, Homicide, and Matt Hardy. solid match, no complaints.
  18. yeah, but Matt Hughes won the WW title by being choked out.
  19. watched Extreme Rising 2 the other day. @sabremikenailed it when he said this show was a complete 180 from the last. Also, this was held in a gymnasium (and looks like it) and the crowd was SPARSE. cagematch cites attendance as 250, but i think they were being generous. first gripe: there's no commentary. Why should i give a shit about two guys i don't know fighting on an ECW reunion show? Do they have history? where did they come from? Shane Douglas comes out to cut a promo and talks about how the "internet" shit all over his last show, but he thought it was great. the crowd actually seems to agree with him for some reason. Maybe they didn't watch it. He introduces a pair of luchadores that nobody in that building had ever heard of and they do fine. The match is actually pretty decent, but it's 2012. Just because it was revolutionary in ECW in 1995 doesn't mean it will even get a reaction. In the main event, Matt Hardy beats Jerry Lynn (this felt wrong to me. Matt was still a decent worker here, but Lynn should definitely have gone over). Rapid fire other matches: Homicide pinning Devon Storm (in which Crowbar takes a bunch of bumps....no surprise), Luke Hawx upsetting Stevie Richards, Pitbull Gary Wolfe beating CW Anderson (a match that i actually expected more from. it was quick and the finish was abrupt), FBI pinning the makeshift team of Blue Balls (Blue Meanie & Balls Mahoney, who cement their tag team post-match), and Sabu getting a win over "Greek God" Papadon in the opener (this should've been little more than a squash, but it limps along to over the 8 minute mark). ok, i'm in for the third card, which takes place the next night. i have to take these one show at a time.
  20. i didn't watch Raw, but seeing Kross' gear brought me here. i can't speak to how well it fits the man, or the character, but i don't really see much wrong with the outfit. you DO need to stand out. you DO want to sell merch. This has certainly garnered attention, for better or for worse. If Demolition debuted today wearing their same outfits that they did, they would be told that it would kill their careers too. Calling this out as a rehash of the Demos is fair play (and i did quite enjoy the WCW/NWO Revenge "Executioner" side-by-side from @For Great Justice), but i think the piling on is a bit much. Is it a great outfit? no. But it's fine.
  21. *former* wrestler. according to cagematch, he lost a retirement match 2 years ago. then again, we all know how wrestlers and retirement go. but honestly, it doesn't bother me that it's posted here. i was just surprised.
  22. heard about this over the weekend. expected to see it mentioned in the music folder eventually, but the monthly wrestling thread? sure, why not.
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