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  1. Rina Amikura tore her ACL and meniscus, so she'll be out for quite a while. This comes just as Yuna Manase appears to be close to coming back from her own ACL/meniscus tear, and Rina had been wrestling as Ami Manase in Ganbare to fill the void while Yuna was out. Rina is an enjoyable addition to any card so I'm sad that she's injured.
  2. I'd lean towards it's a bit considering how in the 1990s he had a stretch where he called like six different moves a sidewalk slam and by the third time it felt intentional.
  3. Not counting Barbie (which I saw via a private screening with my former roller derby team, so I don't think it really counts), I haven't been to a theatre since 2016. I'm shockingly introverted and don't like my entertainment to be dependent on the behavior of others, so if someone can't keep quiet or stay off their phone, I 1) will be annoyed and 2) won't want to talk to them to tell them to knock it off, so I'd rather not spend the money to go see it in a theatre. I also grew up very poor and rarely saw movies in theatres anyway, so I'm far more used to watching them on a TV than anything else.
  4. As a kid I thought it was fairly bold of Lex Luger to be around mirrors so much considering how Marty Jannetty whacked Sensational Sherri with one, but then I figured Luger would just shove the referee in the way or something.
  5. QUEEN VALKYRIE have their first International Ribbon Tag Title challengers, with Totoro Satsuki and Asuka Fujitaki stepping up at today's dojo show, where they went to a 15 minute draw. They'll match up at Ice Ribbon's next SKIP City show on 12/17. With a defense at SKIP City, be on the lookout for whoever wins to get another challenger in time for Ribbonmania on 12/31.
  6. Gonna co-sign this one as an absolute must-see. Probably the greatest tag team match in Ice Ribbon's history (though I personally think Tsukushi's retirement match, teaming with Tsukka against Nanae and Hamuko Hoshi, comes close).
  7. I got you covered, don't worry. Teamwork makes the dream wahhhhhhhhh
  8. If it's TJPW it'll end up on Wrestle Universe eventually, I can't think of any shows they've put on that don't wind up there at some point. As far as live streaming, it's not currently on either the Wrestle Universe schedule or IWTV (who usually streams Prestige), so it might not get a stream.
  9. In this post, we see the true balance of life. On one hand, sharing your daily planner with people is important. On the other hand, they spill the details of all your crying times.
  10. Wait. We get breakfast if we watch AEW this week? You crazy bastards, I'm in. Someone get me a waffle.
  11. Answering this as "I use a Mac" just feels snotty, so I'll say "I haven't thought about doing that, admittedly".
  12. You know what's not safe? Windows, that's for sure.
  13. If good, windows bricked due to celebration. If bad, windows bricked due to anger. If not used, windows bricked over dissatisfaction due to absence. World proclaimed as neverending torment due to clinical depression, unrelated to Hikaru Shida really, but it's a convenient excuse.
  14. Look, you let me have my daily 3:45 cry whether I need it or no- Oh, you mean about AEW. No. Carry on.
  15. Personally, if anything ever happens to Hikaru Shida, good or bad, I'm going to throw a brick through a window and proclaim that the world is neverending torment.
  16. It appears this was listed in error according to, like, a gabillion news sites today.
  17. Yeah, the Pistons are actually trying, they just aren't good.
  18. 2K made a horrible port of 2K18, didn't really support it, and opted not to release anything after that. 2K also isn't the most involved publisher in the world, so if it takes a major development revamp, they aren't interested in doing it. (Their NBA 2K ports are really sloppy too.)
  19. Most labral tears can also be worked through, it just makes it easier to dislocate the shoulder and could make the eventual surgery more difficult to perform/recover from.
  20. We can all enjoy an Egg McMuffin from time to time.
  21. That's correct, and thank you for providing other examples of where things were started and then dropped for whatever reason. It's fine to have to abandon something, but it seems like they do things just to get through this week and then drastically reverse course. Sammy's constant splitting/reuniting with Jericho was another one, to where it completely ruined the impact of the actual final split. Guests can be great when used sparingly, but I'd agree there's too much of a reliance on them. AEW also has a bad habit of assuming that anyone they bring in is automatically known by their fanbase and don't need introductions to their audience, which then gets supported with "well, if you don't know who [non-AEW wrestler here] is, do your own research" along with how it's respecting the intelligence of the audience to just drop these names with no information on people's laps. There's a difference between respecting the intelligence of the audience and being an unapproachable show to watch, and it's possible to be both respectful and approachable. Just saying "this is a dream match" only goes so far, as evidenced by how much they've spammed "HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!" to the point where it means literally nothing (and was probably killed with the "huge announcement" of "in a month, you can buy tickets for a show in August!").
  22. I think for me, I don't personally feel as though AEW respects my time as a viewer. The breakup of Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland is probably the best example of this. They were building tension between the two, they lost the titles, they stayed together for nearly three months after, then they just... did nothing. Swerve started his own group, but there was never a match between him and Keith Lee to play off of the tension that they had. If the story they wanted to tell was that Swerve turned and as a result Keith drifted away from him, fine. If it was a health thing from one of them, fine. But we didn't get a true conclusion to their story, it just sort of ended, and to me, I struggle to see why I should have gotten invested in Swerve and Keith as a team or in the tension they had because it was all just thrown away to move onto the next story. All it takes is one angle someone really enjoys being blown off with an unsatisfactory conclusion to completely tank someone's interest. The primary hook a lot of people fall on is "but there are great matches", but there are great matches everywhere. What's the incentive if you want more than that? Not only that, but there's six hours of regular TV each week. How do I know which show will have my favorites, if any? I don't. AEW used to be really good about advertising what matches would happen the next week, and nowadays you might not get an announcement of what's happening on each show until the day before. It's almost as if AEW relies on their audience to just watch each week and they don't need to say what they're going to be delivering. You can't try and sell as much product as AEW does while also not saying what's inside the package.
  23. Possibly? It may have helped with a wider net, but there wasn't as much enthusiasm this go-round. From the strike limiting things to just Joel (as colonial mentioned) to the rewards issues from previous crowdfunding, I think there were issues. That said, this was... I think the third time they've tried to crowdfund? Maybe fourth? It's really hard to pull that off over and over again because the message sent is that you don't have a very strong business model. This is where the Rifftrax comparison comes into play again; their crowdfunding has been for a special event each year and they maintain a regularly running business year-round, whereas MST3K basically crowdfunds to keep the lights on and produce another season. If MST3K were producing shorts year-round and said "this crowdfunding is to ensure that we can produce six feature releases", I think you'd have a different scenario on your hands no matter where the hosting was. Of course, if it takes 12-18 months to get rewards out for a prior campaign, well... people remember feeling burned on these things.
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