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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. Punk is so stubborn that if Ace is punished or fired he would walk. If Punk himself is punished he would likely walk too. Do you want someone like that in your company? On the flip side, Tony wouldn't have stripped the Elite of the titles unless there was a damn good reason. The reason wasn't to appease Phil Brooks. They had a weeks long tournament for those belts and after all of the hooplah they awarded them to the winners of 1 match last night. Not a good way to start but I'm not sure how it could have been better handled.
  2. which would be why he would threaten legal action considering he is straightedge
  3. Sammy wasn't a world champion though. He also just fucking dropped Ruby on her neck. How do they keep rewarding this guy?! If they are playing the TV champ card you could have Wardlow, or former FTW champ Ricky Starks (I'd prefer this) anyone but Sammy.
  4. Wow Page and Sammy in the tournament but not Kingston?! Yeah fuck this guy and his company.
  5. And this again, I hate to say it proofs Punk's point. He's working with a bunch of kids. Someone (probably Matt or Nick) ran to their buddy Dave and set "Hey Dave big Zoom call today at 4pm" I mean it's petty but it's what all of this has evolved into.
  6. I mean imagine any other job in the world where shit like this happens. The people involved are told they have a zoom meeting with the owner to discuss things. Who in the hell would have the thought of "lets go tell Dave Meltzer" It's not Punk since his whole beef was how the journalists had their stories wrong. It's not Ace Steele. Just so unprofessional on AEW's part. Also to the guy who kept telling us we were being worked, still think it's a work??
  7. the fact that after all the shit that just went down actually happened and people are still leaking this to Dave is kind of shocking. In an instance like this the only ones who should know about the call should be Punk, Ace, Tony, and whoever legal member is on the call. The fact that this got out to Dave should alarm the fuck out of Tony as it is extremely unprofessional.
  8. I'm already hearing people bitching that it's not fair Punk got to be in a backstage fight with the Elite but Thunder Rosa was given the same opportunity.
  9. shit, Sandberg was right there!! Shocked he just didn't rattle out Cubs.
  10. He is one of Punk's longest friends in the business, Daniels, Ace, and Joe, are always going to have his back.
  11. He said a lot of things that I could see would piss most fans off. The one thing he did that nobody touched on is his refusal to share muffins with Tony Khan. Tony was sitting there eying them, hell, Punk even named the bakery and when they are open. He could've shared.
  12. the Speghetti was from Johnny Gargano's dad's catering business. Little known fact.
  13. She worked an indy show roughly 2 weeks ago. Wardlow was at the same show. She had a lot of heat because she wasn't formally trained prior to her WWE Raw match which was actually her first ever match. She can't catch a break, she was being packaged for a decent gimmick in Chikara right before they folded.
  14. not the way I want to start the month but sadly Joe Doering's cancer has returned ? #fuckcancer
  15. Not sure if it was common knowledge but Shooter McGavin is going to be in this game. Chubbs maybe in as well. Some of the game developers posted pictures of Tiger with Shooter hinting at this earier in the week.
  16. I remember the TV show Head of the Class filmed some stuff in the U.S.S.R. in the 80's and even had the quiz bowl a battle of US Vs Russia. Gorbachev was a complicated man but he knew how bad nuclear war would be and did his damndest to prevent it. RIP
  17. I just realized Roger Stern worked on the Superman Exile stories in addition to one of my fav Spider-Man runs!!
  18. The Rosa stuff is odd. I don't think Baker leaked any of it. Some workers have stated Rosa works stiff. The odd thing is one of Rosa's biggest supporters is Dustin Rhodes. I wouldn't think he would defend/support her if she was as bad as these stories make it seem. I think you are spot on with the Punk/Bret comparrison here as well.
  19. Nah Hogan would assume you running was the same abandonment he received from Sid Justice walking away from the Flair/Taker tag on Saturday Night's Main Event back in 92. In retaliation Hogan would pin you, Hawk, and Animal, all in the same match clean as a whistle.
  20. Remember when AEW could actually keep info from leaking?! Brody's health (not that any reporter or fan needed to know the situation), Sting's debut, a few other big debuts. Now everything seems to come out of the locker room. The Thunder Rosa heat, the CM Punk heat, the video game stuff from March. Kind of interesting. Almost like they want the stuff leaked out to the fans.
  21. You have to also remember WCW had Nitro, Thunder, Saturday night, Main Event, World Wide, Pro, and multiple house shows. The lower or sometimes called B-C talent would work Saturday Night on TBS and get exposure. You could argue AEW has Dark/Elevation but really how many watch it? WCW had roughly 9-10 hrs of actual TV each week as well as house shows AEW has half of that and 0 house shows. One of the glaring examples of a talent coming in and being pushed and then boom he's gone is Jeff Cobb. Lance Archer is another. He had Jake with him and steamrolled through the Covid era and now nothing. One could blame them also working NJPW but the simple answer to that is to not heavily push those who aren't full time AEW talent. As for every match being a spot fest/epic showdown. Look at who he has in his ear. Kenny/Bucks, Excaliber/PWG. Too many chiefs and not enough indians (well maybe bad example but..)
  22. Is anyone familiar with this LVAC promotion? They added a show that looked like it happened yesterday and from the roster its like Chikara 2.0. Kingston, Orange Cassidy, Delirious, the Batari, and Cheeseburger were there among others.
  23. Catchy theme song and fuck I'l be that guy Pee Wee's Big Adventure> Big Top Peewee
  24. I'm hoping Kenny and Tony have a good relationship with the game makers and that if there is any negative feedback they can address the issues. I was reading somewhere the demo version of this game already won some best sports game award (in Germany I believe) so lots of hope for this.
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