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  1. Hey, when you're booked, you get to the show by any means necessary. (Besides, the best part of this pic is that he's apparently wearing a Destination America hoodie. You know that came out of his TNA PO.)
  2. Seriously, WWE, the Bollywood Boyz are RIGHT THERE.
  3. I don't think those are tattoos on Marty - just really bad Sharpie.
  4. According to Well Known Canadian Bret "The Hit Man" Clarke, Canadian beer tastes like butter.
  5. I still enjoy this game. Finishing up the Punk v. Cena Showcase, then I'll probably do Warrior's. I keep meaning to get the trophies associated with Universe, but every time I go to make a CAW I get frustrated over the lack of CAW parts and don't bother.
  6. And you know what? He'd do it again.
  7. As much of a great heel as Stephanie has been, she never was completely drowned out by a crowd screaming for her head, so there's that. Vickie > Stephanie.
  8. I believe that pic was taken right around WrestleMania 2000; they turned Show face immediately after, had him do the impressions bits with Angle, then sent him to the OVW fat farm.
  9. Hero looks like his spirit is utterly broken at this point.
  10. "Next week: Catering debuts! BUT WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON?!"
  11. Give it a few more years and the story will be that Hogan was actually there when this all went down, and ended up bodyslamming Steiner onto the conveyor belt after he threatened Jennifer. Oh, and Steiner weighed 700 pounds at the time of the incident. There were 10 different flights all delayed at once, so there were nearly 1,000 people cramped to capacity in the airport to witness this all happen. I'm now imagining Steiner riding the baggage conveyor all the way around and Hogan slamming him again.
  12. "Vandanju" would not be the worst name WWE's ever come up with. I do look forward to hearing from the Authority's Director of Operations, Ken.
  13. Fuck, I want all those logos vectored so I can use one for my team on MLB 15: The Show.
  14. Everybody in WCW was into business for themselves so much they probably wouldn't have listened, anyway. Every time WCW tried to overbook something they blew it to shit.
  15. If I recall correctly, the Bigelow debut at Studio 54 was either a 3-on-1 or 4-on-1 handicap match.
  16. I think if I was in the ring and saw 30 angry Samoans barging down the aisle toward me, I'd think about popping the cyanide pill I brought with me.
  17. Last show I went to, it was the kids yelling horrid things, strangely enough. So loud and obnoxious that we (Sweetser was there for this, as it was in his area in San Diego) moved to an empty part of the arena instead... Right in front of a pre-debut John Cena. Yup, I remember that - March 2001 in San Diego. Main was HHH vs. Austin. I don't actually recall the kids yelling anything too bad - they were just really loud in that squeaky kid way and we were too tired to hear it. So yup, we went up to the upper deck that was totally empty - except for UPW's John Cena, who was literally sprawled out over six seats and two rows. Cool guy.
  18. Did you run out of characters?
  19. Cartoon shorts as bumpers with Brock chasing after Rollins through a variety of places and terrain. Shorts of Brock and Rusev fighting each other at kaiju-scale throughout America and Russia.
  20. Michael Cole has been given his last rites and his family has said their goodbyes. I'm on my way to the hospital to pick up the body and take it to the funeral home to embalm him. Ooh! Can we do a funeral pyre? Or a Viking funeral?
  21. For WWE Network, I want a Russian cartoon based on the adventures of Rusev and the tank. Something like the Russian cartoon from Family Guy. "RUSEV UND TANK. ONE IS MAN. ONE IS MACHINE. BOTH CRUSH."
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