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  1. To be fair, there are a LOT of Mikes in wrestling. (And even more in IT. The last company I worked for had three Mikes and a Micah, and all in single-org-chart-line distance from each other.)
  2. If the territory was hot and Buddy was getting a piece of the booth, that's a nice little pay day. It was, and he almost certainly did. (Fuck quoting the pic, that's amazing. We need less shitty Briscoes and Young Bucks, and more Buddy Rose and Matt Borne.)
  3. I hope HHH hips him to a good suit place.
  4. Alundra dropping the women's title in a trash can on Nitro a couple of weeks later probably didn't help. Did Madusa leave because they were going to scrap Aja/Madusa? Aja/Asari happened at the 11/21 tapings, which was the last show Alundra worked before showing up on Nitro. From da Meltz:
  5. This week's Observer mentioned that TNA's current deals are pay-per-appearance (Brooke just got signed to one) and thus only have a minimal cost otherwise.
  6. I expect a bearded, lazy eyed baby. With a heavy Southern/Noo Yawk accent. If there is a vengeful god out there, Vince Russo will be forced to raise a child with a heavy Southern accent as his own.
  7. Hey! Something I have experience in! * Look professional. You will get so far these days by just LOOKING THE PART. Get a short sleeved referee shirt, a pair of black pants, a black belt, and black shoes. I'd recommend solid black sneakers, like possibly Skechers - you want something that will be comfortable, won't leave marks, and will blend in. Some promotions may have different referee looks but this will cover 99% of places you will work. Believe me, you're gonna see some REALLY badly dressed refs. Don't be one of them. * Study. Watch the refs of the past. Watch how they move, how they get involved when they need to and stay out of the way and out of sight otherwise. Tommy Young and Nick Patrick were the two that I watched the most. (Oddly, after I reffed for a while I started to not enjoy Mark Curtis as much - I found that when I had to dive into a spot like he frequently did, it was because I was grossly out of position, and noticed that he usually was, too.) * Check your ego at the door. You are an important player in the match - but you're a supporting role. You are NOT the star and will not be the star. Don't start thinking of angles you can do, or how you can get over - you can get yourself over by being the best ref you can and having workers you respect give you that praise. When the booker puts you in the main events because you're reliable and do your job well, THAT'S when you're "over". * Know the rules. NWABCS nailed a lot of this, but seriously, at least know the basic rules of wrestling (DQ counts to five, CO counts to 10, chokes are illegal, so are punches, etc). A story: When I worked a basic match with a big green rookie in DOA, I called the finish as the ol' El Gigante clawhold pin. When we did the spot, the ref stood there. I told him to count.. and he started doing a DQ count. We hate that guy. Don't be that guy. * Ignore the fans. I don't mean be a dick, but don't let what they say get to you. By design, you're the patsy, and by design, you're going to get tricked by the heels and booed and jeered and cursed. Part of the game. You're a professional and professionals don't let the small stuff get to them. * Positioning. Again, NWABCS nailed this with the corners. Don't get between the wrestlers and the hard cam unless you ABSOLUTELY have to (and usually you shouldn't.) Secondary to this, watch any floor cams as well - they want shots of the wrestlers, not you. * Enjoy it! It can be frustrating, but when you're in there with two great workers having a fantastic match, and you've got literally the best seat in the house, just inches from the action and calling it like a pro, it can be the most rewarding job out there.
  8. By the way, I asked David McLane a while back about Vince Russo "meeting with him" - it was a phone call and it never got further than "I have an idea". He ALSO tried it AGAIN when WOW was threatening to start back up last year, with the same response. Even McLane wants nothing to do with him.
  9. Hey, dude did what he wanted with his money. At least he got lots of girls around. What's TNA got? Knux? Also, he probably lost less on Wrestleicious than TNA has lost in like, the last couple of months.
  10. Dibs on the Knockouts footage. I can sell it edited to the pervs and make a goddamn fortune. The McLane Gambit strikes again.
  11. Alundra dropping the women's title in a trash can on Nitro a couple of weeks later probably didn't help.
  12. That's some pretty good Sting cosplay. I wonder if he's entered into the Masquerade.
  13. Man, Kane looks 15 years younger now that the hair is more normal again.
  14. These were cool. This was not. To quote Marvel themselves, "please, please, please do not mention issue #3."
  15. Ding! http://www.wwe.com/videos/wwe-superstars-curt-hawkins-vance-archer-vs-local-competitors-14445876
  16. This happened. It's how Pat Patterson lost the Hardcore title to Gerald Brisco. That sounds like a joke, but it's not.
  17. Ugh. The night I dropped that crappy belt into a trash can was one of the greatest nights of my career. (and boy, did I piss off a LOT of people when I did that)
  18. Same. Even watching guys I've worked with, I have gone from "Shit, that was a sick bump" to "Dude, you've only got two knees, protect them." I didn't do jack shit bumping in my career and I feel daily like I got ran over by a car. I can't imagine what they're gonna be feeling like. Crazy people draw money. Crazy bumps don't.
  19. It was a random aspect of this Medusa run that she wrestled with bare feet, as Mona/Miss Madness had previously. There was something slightly sleazy about it, and I'm not even sure it's completely on Russo. I *never* noticed that Madusa was barefoot in this run. That IS weird because it makes absolutely no sense for the character. He gets genuine pleasure out of it. It's fantastic. Damn you, Barry Hardy! Once again, you have fucked over the King. This spot needs to make a comeback.
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