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  1. Working a couple of Indy's as the Ring Announcer/"General Manager", I was told more then once that I was missing out by not having a 8x10 for sale. "You are the only one that is here every show, people like you, sell a picture" I always said no, because I'm not supposed to be the one selling stuff, but I wondered if I was cutting my nose off and missing out.
  2. If they don't find a way to somehow sell these at college campuses, what are we even doing here?
  3. I don't have a problem with that but if they are going to do it, go all the way. Form that Bloodline Stable with Roman, The Uso's and Naomi. Only issue I have with that is they need an older statesmen type, the guy that's seen it all to lead them.
  4. and this is how Takeover gets edited and all of a sudden..Cameron Grimes is the NXT Breakout Winner...
  5. When Crown Jewel is done, He will have a long and profitable career as a referee.
  6. Was that a Serg song? If you shazam it, it shows up as being from an album called Dark Country by Blues Saraceno...that I have now downloaded and am listening to
  7. Part of the problem may have been having to come into Canada and then cross the border again back into the states.
  8. She was in the NXT Womens Championship match at Takeover last night.
  9. The amount of Tranquilizers, uppers and rum Babe was on, that was him selling
  10. Any chance there is a lawsuit settlement somewhere where WWE gets right of first refusal on a sale of the company? like that's ever happened before...
  11. Ive worked with Blay on a bunch of shows in New Brunswick for a bunch of years. He is really good, so dont let the gimmick scare you off. Hes been spreading out from the maritimes this year, a lot of times teaming up with Dylan Davis as Maritimes Most Wanted in Ontario and Quebec.
  12. Depending on where you live , you may also have family, Twice Removed, once forcibly by Law enforcement...
  13. https://awfulannouncing.com/local-networks/sinclair-fox-rsns-up-to-10-billion.html Good news for ROH, I guess?
  14. I pay little to no attention to impact ...but what? this can't be right
  15. The thing I noticed is that the guy from Wrestle and Flow in in one of those pictures and if you havn't been checking out that Youtube channel, you are missing out. He needs to be paired with CFO$ yesterday
  16. WWE could let everyone in to Live events and TV tapings for Free for a year before it would even begin to have a small impact on the bottom line. As long as they continue to create content for broadcast deals and the streaming network, they are laughing. The days of looking at Gate Revenue as anything but found money are over.
  17. I worked a show with him as a ring announcer and I asked him for a pronunciation of his last name, to be sure I had it right, and that was the exact line he used. "It rhymes with Ryback"
  18. Does anyone play WWE Supercard? I've got into it recently and am really enjoying it. I am looking for a team if anyone has one with an open spot.
  19. 6 Guys 3 "Heels" 3 "Faces" I mean, there is a Elimination Chamber PPV coming up, and would it be a shock that that Papa H may be looking for a little bit of cross over for a group of people where most of them are going to end up on the main roster eventually.
  20. That's what I was going to say. That is the most obvious "someone is in my ear telling me something I don't want to say, but I gotta say something like it" I've ever seen
  21. My Wife and I are still playing every night as well. I enjoy it, but the paywall for some of the tours is WAY overpriced.
  22. Looking at the size, this one was probably Blackjack Mulligan
  23. If it's a hockey arena, probably the zamboni entrence
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