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  1. https://awfulannouncing.com/local-networks/sinclair-fox-rsns-up-to-10-billion.html Good news for ROH, I guess?
  2. I pay little to no attention to impact ...but what? this can't be right
  3. The thing I noticed is that the guy from Wrestle and Flow in in one of those pictures and if you havn't been checking out that Youtube channel, you are missing out. He needs to be paired with CFO$ yesterday
  4. WWE could let everyone in to Live events and TV tapings for Free for a year before it would even begin to have a small impact on the bottom line. As long as they continue to create content for broadcast deals and the streaming network, they are laughing. The days of looking at Gate Revenue as anything but found money are over.
  5. I worked a show with him as a ring announcer and I asked him for a pronunciation of his last name, to be sure I had it right, and that was the exact line he used. "It rhymes with Ryback"
  6. Does anyone play WWE Supercard? I've got into it recently and am really enjoying it. I am looking for a team if anyone has one with an open spot.
  7. 6 Guys 3 "Heels" 3 "Faces" I mean, there is a Elimination Chamber PPV coming up, and would it be a shock that that Papa H may be looking for a little bit of cross over for a group of people where most of them are going to end up on the main roster eventually.
  8. That's what I was going to say. That is the most obvious "someone is in my ear telling me something I don't want to say, but I gotta say something like it" I've ever seen
  9. My Wife and I are still playing every night as well. I enjoy it, but the paywall for some of the tours is WAY overpriced.
  10. Looking at the size, this one was probably Blackjack Mulligan
  11. If it's a hockey arena, probably the zamboni entrence
  12. WWE announced today that they will bring NXT UK TakeOver to Blackpool on Saturday, January 12. The show will stream live on the WWE Network.
  13. If anyone is around, My wife set up a team for the faction feud and she needs 1 more person to join. I dont have 2 people that are eligible, or I would
  14. dokdoyle


    Only thing that's missing is it starting with "Brooklyn, Brooklyn" Actually if this leads to the Return of Cryme Tyme, I might be OK with it
  15. I am still playing every day...There changes mean i have a lot to fuse up, if I can save some coins
  16. Can we just fast forward to Keith Lee vs Big E, Please?
  17. That looks like a 'that's as good a place as any to have a show, halfway to the next big town" show to fill out the tour.
  18. Impact made it to ESPN with the Segment with the football player making it to Bomani Jones and Pablo Torres' s shpw High Noon. They dropped the Impact name a bunch of times while watching and reacting to the video.
  19. I think there might be some confusion. Eric took the Brian Pillman book "Crazy like a Fox" to task for the 2 hours of the show, crapping all over it. The Pruitt Book is "Nitro", and so far it's been good, better when he goes deeper in to the business side instead of the on-screen stories we have heard dozens of times.
  20. So do we want to talk about this week's 83 Weeks podcast? Bischoff spends the entire show crapping all over the Brian Pillman book, saying none of it is correct. I'd be interested to hear the reaction to it from here. I'll hold my actual podcast thoughts to the podcast thread. I am reading WCW Nitro book that just came out and it seems very interesting, lots of details on things that we don't hear a lot about.
  21. "I'd Like a Pepsi" "We only have Coke, is that OK?" "Depends, Can I pay you with Monopoly Money?"
  22. So you buy the digital deluxe edition of Detroit: Being Human because your wife wants to play Heavy Rain. About a month later you check the list of Playstation Plus games, and then you swear...
  23. Is there an ALL IN image generator yet? I have a few people who have used it in a different context and I'm not that good at Photoshop
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