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  1. I think what you're trying to say is that they need to book The Corporation as Dump Matsumoto's Atrocious Alliance and Bryan as Chigusa and Kane as Lioness Asuka. Maybe Mark Henry can be Devil Masami. This will work, only if they have a title vs beard match leading to little Jimmys crying in the stands as HHH and Orton shave off Bryan's beard.
  2. Mark Henry should've grabbed Randy right then and there and WSS'd him on the ramp. It's not like anyone would've said or done a damn thing after he did it except toss money at his feet. I also like how prominently displayed Darren Young is in that shot.
  3. Gonna need to see how good their missile dropkicks are before I'm sold on that angle.
  4. Now I can't get the image of Bryan, Dolph, Big Show and Mark Henry all hitting simultaneous missile dropkicks to Orton and The Shield out of my head.
  5. If Daniel Bryan could throw good punches, he'd be the total package.
  6. We still need a scenario where The Stud Stable saves the WWE from the Corporation.
  7. Well, I assume Sin Cara getting injured 3 seconds into his match gave them more free time than they planned on.
  8. I hope we get a moment like when Sting took off a Sting mask to reveal that he was Sting, only with Bryan taking off a fake beard to reveal it was Daniel Bryan.
  9. For sure. My vote for first head bashing goes to Seth Rollins. Probably will be; however I'd much rather it was Roman "one move of doom" Reigns. Oh god, this please. Can't you imagine it? Bryan's fought off Ambrose and Rollins again, but Reigns is already set-up in the corner, ready to charge out with the spear. The announcers and fans see what's coming next, they've seen it a million times before. As Bryan turns around slowly, Reigns comes running in at full speed... ...and takes a flying knee right in the face. All my ppv buys right there.
  10. I feel Alberto del Rio should probably be part of the Corporate Evolution. After all, he's pretty much the epitome of what they consider "A+ talent"(And lord knows it would explain why he gets a gajillion opportunities at the world title)...but I figure the stable's already big enough as it is.
  11. It's sad for me to realize that Dolph Ziggler will eventually become Daniel Bryan's buddy. He's got enough odds to overcome and then he's gotta do it with that anchor dragging him down at the same time. Poor Bryan. At least Sheamus could've clubbed Dean Ambrose in the chest ten times for you. Maybe Dolph's Hornswoggle inspired offense can cause Seth Rollins to chase him right into a flying knee.
  12. Wrong. Daniel Bryan is actually employed and owns his house.
  13. I will never forgive Hunter Hearst Helmsley for defeating Barry Horowitz on that one episode of WWF Challenge in 1996. Fuck this no-talent hack.
  14. Punk no-selling that powerbomb out of the triangle choke was also fairly ridiculous, but I let it slide since Brock killed him with the running powerbomb immediately after.
  15. Indeed, and KENTA will give him Shinsuke Nakamura's phone number. Considering KENTA uses the Yes Lock now, I'm going with him being Bryan's inspiration rather than Nakamura.
  16. A tiny part of me hopes no one will stand with Bryan and we end up with a video montage of him going to Japan to find the man that taught him the deadly kneestrike that felled the immortal John Cena as back-up.
  17. In other news...Fandango straight up stole those shoes from that Foot Locker guy. He's nothing more than a common thief.
  18. Daniel Bryan needs back-up. And the only way to fight a McMahon...is with another McMahon.
  19. John Cena would've done it, because that's the right thing to do. This is why every else is a miserable Yes man and John Cena has a cool mansion with a waterslide and the big breasted Bella.
  20. I felt we needed Good Guy Drew McIntyre to step in and help Daniel Bryan in that ending segment.
  21. We'll see at least one or two instances of Bryan in a handicap match against The Shield and Orton or The Shield, Orton and HHH. That much is pretty much set in stone.
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