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  1. Let's not also act like the people that were in Meltzer's theatre not cheering for Roman is indicative of anything. Unless you could somehow figure out the reactions of every audience member in the tens of thousands of movie theatres and screenings of Hobbs and Shaw around the world that have occurred, Meltzer's take means absolutely nothing and is thus, terrible.
  2. Not just Cena and Piper, but Terry Funk as well. Yes, I too remember that huge pop Terry Funk got from the theatre when he showed up in Roadhouse. We all chanted "Thank you Terry!" and "You deserve it!" that night.
  3. Violence wasn't the answer in this instance. Charlotte simply hit Bayley with too much truth and it hurt her ego. Dumping Alexa's coffee on her head or putting laxatives in her drink backstage would've been the right play. Btw, I can't be the only person here who was disappointed that Roman didn't say "I'm seeing double...four Rowans!", am I?
  4. I’ve watched enough PG era WWE to know the appropriate response from Bayley would’ve been to A) dump a bucket of poop on Charlotte, B) Photoshop her head on a fat person/animal or C) cut a vicious rap on her that was so humiliating, it forces Charlotte to attack first and then hitting her with the Bayley to Belly.
  5. Bayley’s booking has been weird ever since she won the title. She comes off looking like a bully or jerk a lot. I dunno if they just don’t know how to write someone developing an edge without looking like a dick, but tonight she just went and shoved Charlotte over unprovoked.
  6. These sound like the type of people that think wearing a baseball cap backwards makes Seth Rollins cool.
  7. I thought nothing could possibly be a bigger dork than Seth Rollins...and then I saw Seth Rollins with a backwards baseball cap.
  8. If you watched her network special, it was concussions from wrestling Ronda Rousey.
  9. That Fiend entrance video on YouTube keeps getting edited down. From 3+ minutes to 1 minute to 56 seconds. YouTube censorship is weird.
  10. That ending to RAW was the worst possible “911 saves Tommy Dreamer from The Dudley clan” ending possible.
  11. It took a decade, but Dolph Ziggler is finally booked properly.
  12. Counterpoint: Sting was never dumb enough to do a Canadian destroyer.
  13. Between the Ciampa feud and the Cole feud, is there any doubt that the Johnny Gargano character is definitely the dumbest man in wrestling?
  14. I'd argue that the Becky feud did plenty to help get Lacey Evans over as a main roster wrestler with the casual audience, but I really don't want to argue about Lacey Evans.
  15. Finally, someone around here that knows what they’re talking about.
  16. I have to commend Bayley and Ember Moon for making that Bayley to Belly look like the world's deadliest suplex for once. That was Scott Steiner-esque.
  17. I'd like to believe Brock was so upset that he had to watch yet another Dolph Ziggler/Seth Rollins match on RAW, that he flew to the arena just to end it.
  18. I hope the lesson they learned is that Jimmy Hart=ratings and he starts making theme music for wrestlers again.
  19. Jimmy Hart alone, has done more for professional wrestling than Sami Zayn ever has. Change my mind.
  20. Has one picture ever captured the existence of Seth Rollins and his career more perfectly?
  21. Zangief managed by George Carlin is one hell of a visual.
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