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  1. Miz "broke" his arm and Bray no-sold it. What else did you want him to do to "stand up for his family"? Stab Bray in the face?
  2. Kairi’s got a history of concussions dating back to Stardom, so it’s pretty scary for me whenever I see her get her bell rung like that.
  3. Fuck, now I’m gonna be mad if they don’t do Lesnar vs Fury.
  4. Even John Cena had real life money problems. And as HBK and Big Show have shown in kayfabe, WWE stars are terrible with their money.
  5. When you're married you need to pick and choose your badass hills to die on. Kevin Owens the FAMILY MAN who prize fights for his FAMILY would certainly prioritize his wife demanding to know why they can't pay the mortgage bill this month than he is of wrestling badass street cred.
  6. Becky should’ve been using the Stunner all along. Fuck Kevin Owens.
  7. This might come as a shock to you, but Seth was a whiny douche before this heel turn.
  8. Turning Seth’s twitter persona into his heel character is brilliant tbh.
  9. Roman vs Keith Lee was a fucking big time moment like Hogan vs Warrior in the Royal Rumble. Shut up, don’t look at me like that.
  10. They’re all complicit in this. Making Dakota jump through hoops to “prove” herself was a douche move.
  11. That’s what Tegan gets for being a shitty friend to Dakota.
  12. AEW might as well pack it in if they're losing to Seth Rollins.
  13. I’ve heard some people say the blood is fake and the whole thing is a work.
  14. Man, Rhea Ripley has no right to question Dakota Kai’s toughness when she has the human knee injury Teagan Nox on her team.
  15. I had the same thought back when that was happening. But blame John Laurenitis and his fondness for hiring bikini models out of his magazine collection. Well, I guess you can blame everyone involved. The whole thing was always sleazy to me.
  16. Yeah, that was never a realistic expectation. Bayley’s sold plenty of “I’m a hugger” t-shirts though, so at least the money part was sort of right.
  17. Weird enough, Kelly Kelly was also 19 when she debuted.
  18. Knowing the trajectory of Rusev’s career, Lashley will be the one taking him, Maria and Lana.
  19. Of course. Basic human decency is the calling card of all wrestling fans.
  20. They showed a replay on Sunday afternoon on Fox after football, so you're gonna need to add those numbers too to get...the real number! AEW WILL NEVER WIN! MUAHAHAHA
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