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  1. I assume that's just what Morelocks naturally do when not eating the Eloi.
  2. I have 20 of them on the way to you. A mysterious address out in the desert. Also, it's just a bunch of billiard 8-balls being delivered by a Harris Twin.
  3. Himself all jacked, so Vince can stare at them all day.
  4. We have a Scritti Politti problem around here. Damn Brit.
  5. 15% of them will catch it because someone in the group will have it and a bunch will die; then, they'll shut the fuck up.
  6. Hoping he makes it and mangles it with his bare hands somehow and makes a crude table out of its remains. "This wasn't even as bad as that time I had to remove my own kidney with a spoon just because I wanted to see what it looked like."
  7. I want to see Roman do a 450 into a spear to a standing Dean Ambrose.
  8. Which one was Kitao? I haven't seen Muto since he came back from his double knee replacement, but surely he's at least in less pain.
  9. I live in Wisconsin, we already have your weather. You owe us.
  10. Ah, yes, early UFC. I'm okay with this happening as the guy getting dick-punched turned out to be a serial rapist and what-not. Same guy from above is punching him.
  11. Perfect time for Canada to annex us.
  12. When they're held back two years, she'll be upset.
  13. It must be Michael Cole. I knew Heidenreich gave him something. He must have come back for more.
  14. If Tenryu's in it, its probably worth watching 95% of the time before a certain year. 2012 maybe?
  15. That could be local management level fuckery.
  16. No one should be made fun of for not feeling safe during a fucking world-shattering event.
  17. Unfortunately, for you, it will be like the book and we'll all just end up in one giant psych ward.
  18. I heard it on TV all the time for most of the last few decades.
  19. That checks with Stan Kroenke math.
  20. The $1200 will come in the form of a free "artifact" from Hobby Lobby's recent ransacking of some poor country's history that you can proudly display.
  21. Well, the Menard's owner is rather insane if I recall and my father ventured out the other day to get the essential product known as MULCH from there, so you're doing GOD'S work. Probably a god of death in one of the pantheons.
  22. The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many because I need a new yacht, brutha.
  23. I demand a bail-out! We have to pay off Braun to go the fuck away somehow.
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