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  1. Joe? Would Joe be on team Punk? They have previous for dealing with Teddy Hart’s backstage tomfoolery.
  2. Oh come on, Hogan was so professional he worked 700 dates a year and even time travelled so he could make them. He also gave up being Metallica’s bass player for his love of the biz. ? Also, Punk is older now than Hogan was when he joined the nwo. I get a kick out that fact!
  3. Wait a minute, are MJF and Punk recreating the Penta / Vampiro angle from Lucha Underground?
  4. I agree with a lot of what JR says, but I fundamentally disagree with his on air surliness. He even shits on guys who clearly display a lot of the things he actively wants. Cabana was a particular target, Colt always looked in great shape, played College football, can work a classic style but JR still couldn’t be nice about him!
  5. Release Black. Have Brodie King assume control of the Dark Order. Rename them “New Dark Order”. Sell one billion t shirts. Julia can replace Anna. We only need one group of spooky perverts in any one promotion. Put Buddy in the mix with Omega, Danielson etc and get even more great matches.
  6. To add to the above, Ethan Page has been criminally under utilised in AEW. He had that one promo about 3 weeks ago then disappeared again? The trios tournament has really sucked a lot of the fun out of AEW. TK really needs to stop with the tournaments. The TV shows also suffered during that Owen Cup. Im not saying we are at 1999 WCW levels yet, but I’m almost certain Lanny Poffo has been receiving pay checks from AEW for the last few years.
  7. Otis Dagnabbit certainly has a certain Hill-William vibe about it.
  8. I had a dream once that I was tagging with Hogan against the Road Warriors. I had to eat the pin and didn’t want to take the Doomsday Device. I told Animal and he said Hawk would be pissed, I then spent the rest of the dream running down a corridor away from Hawk and Animal who were trying to kill me. If only Hogan and politicked a victory. Stupid dreams.
  9. Road Dogg rehired? Oh I didn’t know. I better call somebody!
  10. 24.29 on the crossword, too right corner stumped me, that goddam nitro girl in particular! Mind was drawing a blank!
  11. Road Warrior Wrestling Every wrestler on the roster is a Road Warrior and comes out to Iron Man. - Road Warrior Jim - Road Warrior Steve - Road Warrior Sasha - Road Warrior Tina etc.
  12. I miss Lucha Underground. I’d give anything for another season as good as seasons 1-3
  13. Catching up on Rampage, I’ve been a huge fan of Ol’ Mancer since his MLW run, he was often the highlight of those shows. I’m not sure where he first in AEW, he could be Hangman’s friend or mortal enemy, or both. Alternatively they could repackage him as a knight, full Lanny Poffo get up, and call him Sir Mancelot.
  14. Was Lex named Luger because he brought the “guns” *does double bicep pose and immediately leaves room*
  15. Don’t know where else to put this, but it’s struck me a few times that Austin Gunn is a Memphis Wrestler trapped in 2020’s wrestling. His look size and wrestling style would fit right in with Lawler, Dundee, Jarrett, Brian Christopher et al. I’ve loved the Gunn Club v Acclaimed feud.
  16. You just know that line gave Vince an aneurysm. I have a vision of him sitting watching along, railing lines of coke, eating a steak and getting angrier and angrier as the show went on. ”RICOCHET!!! A MULKEY!! WHO THE HELL RE-HIRED KROSS!!!”
  17. Well, if he does, at least Conrad will be able to help him reduce his monthly repayments.
  18. That guy that had the sign that says “I can here to see Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart”. Take. A. Bow.
  19. I’m never messing with, or complaining to, a fast food outlet manager ever again. Between Gus at El Pollo Loco and Gene at Cinnabon, who knows what side hussles the rest of them have.
  20. Come on Conrad, talk him into a podcast, the blue chew ads alone would be something else.
  21. Companion piece to “Vince McMahon is a horny old man”, is “Jim Ross is a horny old man…. On Twitter”. Wont post it as it’s possibly NSFW but his comment on Nattie’s latest sister/bikini post is something else.
  22. Literally came on to post the same, Nese sold that better than anyone I’ve ever seen take a superman punch.
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