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  1. I thought they stopped even handing manager's licenses out, since almost all of them vanished a long time ago. He must have gotten his in the early 90's when he first retired. Probably as a back up plan suggested by JJ Dillon, or something? Who knew it would come in handy decades later?
  2. Tag team guys winning singles titles while part of a tag team is awesome. Another awesome thing is when one or both of current tag team champions are still vying for singles titles at the same time ( think Barry Windham and Ron Garvin as US tag team champions). Also, Lio Rush CAN see the future, that's probably how he really made all that money on his investments.
  3. To something you didn't need to know the answers for, nor did you ask for! Brilliant strategy, nonetheless!
  4. After a nice, relaxing weekend, I decided to mix things up a bit and try the bench and heavy curls with the EZ bar on Monday. Between the warm up bench sets I did a set of curls, going 5-3-1 quickly before going for 94lbs +the bar (18 lbs?). I managed a decent 5 with it, so I figure I add another 5 lbs. As I'm getting into the position to lift on the Scott bench I hear this disgusting crunch on my right arm. Obviously, I stop what I'm doing and assess the damage. It's moving alright, the range of motion is full, I can move my fingers, no intense pain, so I didn't break anything. I take a bunch of weight off and see if I can lift 60 or so lbs. That's fine but the right forearm does feel tight. I was going for 286 on the bench, so I take it down to 242 and 264 and they go with no trouble. I clear the 286 and do 2x297 almost clean and get decent reps going down as well, so whatever happened, doesn't seem to affect my bench. So, I guess it's a bunch of legwork for the rest of the week just to be safe. The forearm isn't bruised or swollen, but certain movements of the wrist still make it feel tight and tense. Two days later it still feels off, but it hasn't gotten any worse, so I guess I got lucky. It just sucks that the left forearm had been giving me some trouble for more than a year and now that it's doing ok again, then the right one bails out on me. I guess this is mid 40's, then?
  5. Needs to happen. All of this.
  6. Watching the match from a Steve Austin compilation, I was able to distinguish Zenk's build under the suit. I think it was a chinlock or an armbar, where one of his arms looked familiar, if you knew what to look for.
  7. She probably spent so much time backstage tending to his son that somebody thought that if she's around all the time, we might as well put her on TV, maybe as a rib, maybe not?
  8. And it's not like they can help themselves from falling, either!
  9. Goddammit! Zoe's knee was hurt last week! Fuck! There goes the match. This sucks. Nile (or Zoe) will probably be released by the time they are both healthy at the same time. Shit!
  10. Yeah, and you could be like: "Oh, hey Bro! Here's that bag of Cheetoz I promised you and here, have a bag of Oreos, too! You must be SO hungry at this point! Nice seeing you, Bro, but I really need to be somewhere. Bye!"
  11. Back to the usual grind this week. After the usual Monday stuff, like a dumbass I did bench and heavy curls on an EZ bar in a Scott bench because I didn't have the time properly stretch my legs during the workday, so squats or trapbar was out. So, obviously not too good results, but I did a 3 with 281 and a few sets of 3 with 264 and a bunch of lighter stuff. Considering I did a 7 with 220, it was obvious I hadn't recovered properly yet. Took Wednesday off, Thursday was trapbar as follows: 10x140, 8x230, 7x352, 5x396, 5x451, 6, 3 and 4x473, 5x451 and then a bunch of shrugs. The 6x473 was a record so far, but it obviously taxed the next two sets. Friday was just a big mess of chest flyes, lat pulldowns on the machine, pushdowns with the resistance band and some more curls and light overhead presses with two kettlebells. As a whole, it was a good week, maybe next week I can stretch my legs properly so I can have two lower body workouts, but I'm just glad I'm feeling ok again.
  12. This is absolutely true. Along with a bunch of others who later became at least a reasonable successess. Hell, come to think of it, today they could release those two for getting over on their own and also if it seemed like they were on their way to becoming "bigger than the brand"!
  13. I meant who the fuck hasn't seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? But thank you.
  14. Who are those people? I even saw the Reboot recently.
  15. No one will survive! Speaking of NXT vets, there's not a ton of them left, either, at this point!
  16. Who's left? Ziggler, Rey, Roode, Shelton, AJ, anyone else come to mind?
  17. I'd watch it! Anyway, when they said Harry Smith was released, are we talking about Davey Boy Smith Jr. Harry Smith here? If so, I really had no actual clue that he was signed. That was at least the second time his WWE stint amounted to nothing (much).
  18. Oh, man! That's like working through a groin injury and accidentally getting kicked in the junk. Hope that helps.
  19. Haven't read the book, but one of the first long shoot interviews I ever read was by Jim Brunzell and his stuff about the end of his WWF run ('88) was really interesting, so I think this should be pretty cool read!
  20. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about this one. I'm glad I get to see him more, but get to see him do what and with whom isn't necessarily too inspiring.
  21. This is the first I've come across Havukruunu, but there sure has been an influx of Finnish metal bands over the past two and a half decades, who actually sing in Finnish. And there's such a wide variety of them these days. Almost any metal sub-genre and there's at least one or two of them using Finnish language. Surprising and cool, even though 25 years ago, I had serious doubts that Finnish could be used successfully in any genre whatsoever, but I've since changed my tune quite drastically.
  22. Triceps are looking jacked @Gordberg, good job! Keep at it! I missed the entire last week, due to not feeling well enough to work out, but I went back at it today. Usual Monday routine, but started with 66 lbs with the pull-up, dip, reverse-shrug combo and ended with 22 lbs, so a lot less rounds and reps this week. Still felt harder than usual, so I guess I'm still not totally ok. Did the chest flies, lat-pull down and push down combos with the old, less rigid resistance bands, so those were lighter too. Some light lateral side raises and curls between some of the sets. You could tell I took a week off, since the pump came relatively fast and was intense for a little bit there. Yeah, not expecting any new records set this week, but I'll do what I can, and hope I keep feeling good enough to resume the normal routine again this week.
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