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  1. Just wrapped up The Northman, fucking loved this one! This is what I thought The Green Knight was gonna be, except I hated the fuck out that one and enjoyed the hell out of this. Getting to see this back to back with the new Dr. Strange flick was a nice way to spend my dad's birthday with him. Fucker turns 63 and is about to be a new dad (yup dad not granddad)
  2. Fritz the Cat? The animated Hobbits movies? One of those rotoscoped animated movies
  3. From or Midnight Mass I suppose. Just cut off from the outside world seems good nuff
  4. I give zero fucks if this was accepted where anyone grew up. Attacking performers on stage isn't cool. Wasn't cool when Will did it.
  5. I like Yuta joining but he needs his own "beatdown" attack instead of stealing Moxleys "elbows to the side of the head" as I don't think he's landing the elbows as snug as Mox is
  6. You wouldn't be the only one my friend. They pointing out just how FAKE his sincerity is using clips of his from past promos
  7. Okay, wrestlers that make me unreasonably happy? Low Ki in the early TNA/ROH years. He just seemed to fly through the air, almost like he was th best mix of RVD and Rey Mysterio who were two of my faves during the 90s. This is waaaaay before I got online and learned about what he's like irl, so I'm just going by in ring career strictly Hayabusa blew my mind seeing him pop up at Heatwave for ECW and he was another favorite (i definitely have a pattern of enjoying the high flyers) Bryan Danielson, seeing him on ROH shows was a blast with his VICIOUS submissions. Folding Low Ki in half and tea bagging him with the dragon sleeper had me howling laughing Kobashi, Umaga, two guys I loved to watch go to war.
  8. Tay isn't lying, iirc I don't recall Paige holding any championships
  9. I'm pretty confident he bought it for the video library. Y'know, in case they land a streaming service deal, say HBO Max or whoever. Dunno if that's been covered yet but yeah RoH was already dead as of their last PPV since all the talent were released from their contracts last year. RoH as an entity is just a brand name and a back catalog. /S
  10. Thats what I'm wondering about also, does this mean Lydia dies in the sequel? Are we getting Lydia using Beetlejuice to run off whoever bought her place after she died?
  11. When did the "take a bump on the edge of the ring" spot start? Feels like once a night whatever wrestling you watch, someone takes a bump on THE HARDEST PART OF THE RING and sometimes they lay and sell it then other times they pop up like nothing And as frustrating as I'm starting to find this spot, I got to wondering who or when did this get started with? IIRC i think I had a late 90s vhs comp of the matches of the year and Kobashi gives someone (can't remember who?) maybe. Dragon suplex or a half Nelson suplex onto the edge of the ring and I feel like it has to be someone before that (if I even remember the spot correctly which tbh I saw this match like 15 years back so its possible it was someone else doing the spot)
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