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  1. Speaking of cosplay tributes, was Penelope Ford supposed to be Sindel? Blame it on my monitor but I can't tell if her hair is white or light purple and I'd imagine it might be white if she's going for the Sindel look
  2. Loving Dark so far Lance Archers work, the physicality, him getting the opponent into the corner with the camera and mugging for the camera as he shit talks, hell yeah! Props to Pineapple Pete calling out Archer on Twitter last week and putting in some nice hope spots. Janela with the leaf blower, dude let that be his signature wrapon please like Sandman with the cane or Balls with the steelchair. My cousin and me always bring up reaching over the guardrail to grab a weapon like the WWE AKI games for n64 and I felt this was a nice tribute since he hopped the rail with leaf blower ready to go I think (may need to rewatch and see when he got the leaf blower). Archer and Janela on Night 2 should be ugly and physical and see one of them walk away with some nasty welts, in a perfect world Ricky Starks- damn I want more of his matches and more of his arrogance. Was kinda sad Taz dropped the beef with Garrison about being an Ivy Leaguer, but Garrison brought some fire in this and I wouldn't mind him and Starks having a mini feud over a few months, let them lock up in random tags and then toss em back into a heated singles series. I Could be way off but parts of this reminded me of MJF v Jungleboy recently, and I think they'd make great antagonists for each other Ahahahahahaha Allie in her tag was so much fun, as was Brandi correcting the announcer and clearing up that they aren't related. It's tiny things but I'm enjoying the direction of this story with it's new developments like Allie tagging in Brandi to get the W and Dustin being reluctant to raise Allie's hand after she copied his taunt and borrowed his bulldog. Can't wait to see tonight's matches asap, super hyped for both Fyter Fest and NXT
  3. Cosign the HEB love. They've got curbside pickup and since the lockdown began earlier in the year that's about the only way all of my family has gotten their groceries, from HEB They'll bring the groceries out to your car and unload everything in the trunk to make contact as minimal as possible. For my sister, who has a daughter with respiratory issues and my mom living with her, it's been a blessing for them. I'm diabetic myself and have only gone inside grocery stores when HEB is out of stock on some stuff. To no surprise counties are now making masks mandatory around here and the reopening process has been slowed down, so that's a tiny bit of relief from all the anxiety and stress. My sister just enrolled her daughter in homeschooling for next semester while my nephew is undecided if he wants to attend public school or not. He may end up homeschooled too so as not to put his sister and grandma at risk. If there was any way at all to put myself in cryogenic sleep and wait this whole thing out, I'd probably sign up in a heartbeat. The stress is getting to where I'm losing sleep and aching all over.
  4. Loving this weeks Dynamite. Wardlow can only go to the top I think. Give him some 80s tapes of agile big men to study and watch him become AEWs headliner down the road, barring injuries Cabana and Dark Order, nothing but love. The backstage promo when Brodie challenged SCU and Cabana is kinda unsure at first, but then he's completely onboard by the end, golden. Janela/Kiss I want more of them on Dynamite against established teams. Quick 1 offs with Best Friends and SCU before they wade into the deep end. Their tag chemistry is getting there and I'd hope they tag for a good long time Okay now with the Mongo twitter account closing up, please, tell me how do we get a Pants free JR account on Twitter of him losing his mind over the gentlemen. Lmao between Trent last week and Ortiz this week with the Latin Matinee Idol I'd die laughing at audio clip tweets of good ole JR going pants free calling men's matchesx Shida killing her opponent like that and going Optimus Prime "you got the touch" mode against Penelope and Sabian was great! So seamless and I hope she hangs on to the belt til next year, my personal preference and wish Baker continues to kill me with her antics. This is how you keep someone relevant while injured. Character work imo on the level of Jericho, not afraid to be a goof on TV, doesn't let her ego get in the way. She mentioned on the AEW podcast with Schiavone that she consults with Jericho on promos and character development and it shows. Popping on Dark after the Jericho promo, might edit this with more thoughts. Great Dynamite episode imo
  5. Over 5000 new cases and that's just today. Caldwell and Travis counties are making masks mandatory again but then you got that incident from Party City (?) today with that woman who insists she won't shop online for supplies and she won't wear a mask inside the store, so she's not going to leave the store. You got those kind of incidents and its like, elected officials or not, it's the fucking citizens that are much a problem with new positive covid cases on the rise. We're maybe a week or two away from mandatory lockdown again despite the governor saying that should be a last measure but it's the goddamn "masks are violating my freedom/I'm not wearing a mask cause the governor says we don't have to" people that feel their freedom is being violated who are going to put us back on mandatory stay home orders, where, yup you guessed it, we can't go out again. Self fulfilling prophecy type shit. I'm sorry, I'm ranting and blowing off steam. My mom beat lymphoma years back and we nearly lost her back at the beginning of lockdown before testing was made available to the public. She and my 9 year old niece who has respiratory problems are both immuno compromised, and half their neighbors are the same idiots throwing cookouts and block parties without masks who wander the grocery store without masks, coughing and breathing all over the aisles.
  6. I've been limited in my retail chain breakfast ventures since my family stuck to family owned diners mostly, but the only place I could find when I was younger with better pancakes than IHOP was this place called Kettle. Way fluffier and huge pancakes too. Kettle on Sunday mornings was the best start to Sunday's knowing we'd be stuck at church from 9 to maybe 6. I'd load up on the pancakes so I wouldn't be that hungry for the lunch "potlucks" that the church would have. These days, Bill Miller's might have the larger pancakes around but its always a roll of the dice because they come out either dry and crumbling to pieces or soggy and falling apart. Honestly haven't had any good restaurant bought pancakes in years. I guess we just have shit options for pancakes, period
  7. So couple weeks back my state governor made it a law that cities and counties could NOT fine folks for being out in public without a mask. tbh I don't remember reading anyone actually being fined or arrested, but as he started the slow reopening of the state he says masks are optional and if you're not wearing one don't worry it's illegal to be cited/fined/arrested Now he's gone and done a total 180 and he's about begging people to start wearing masks now. We don't want to go back to stay at home orders, so please wear your face masks in public and practice social distancing. All that jazz. I watched pieces of his press conference earlier and I felt like the living embodiment of that Stone Cold meme from Tough Enough when he's asking the trainees for their favorite wrestling match. His face, that's exactly what I felt like for the whole conference as the Governor is there unmasked next to other unmasked folks and they're talking about confirmed new cases are on the rise and just about double in the last few days compared to the number of confirmed cases back at the end of May. Could only watch it in increments, it was so maddening. I'm watching it scratching my head thinking, yup we're just a week or two away from going back to lockdown orders statewide if the general public is taking their cues from this leadership of unmasked/not social distancing folks.
  8. My naive thinking is that Sammy's suspension lasts about as short a timeframes as the 2nd night of Fyter Fest where he comes back from sensitivty training and is back to regularly scheduled booking plans? He dips out, what a week or two, and then he does a run in where everyone is surprised he's back so soon. Possibly something along those lines. If he's kept away until the Fall, that would legit surprise me.
  9. YMMV since it's a mythical animal but... Phoenix splash Dragon screw leg whip Dragon sleeper And as far as non mythic animals for the diehard zoological fandom Liger bomb
  10. Falcon arrow, dunno if that got mentioned
  11. At least someone got the joke. You'd think the part about stunt doubles with wigs would have given it away
  12. Necro coming out of retirement to face Undertaker in a deathmatch, think Boneyard match meets the cinematic shots and edited cuts of the Wrestler movie, gets all the buys in this house. It could go 5 minutes and as long as we get the chair sit down and slug it out sequence, some chairshots to the body, and Necro taking the chokeslam onto barbwire and/or thumbtacks, then I'm good. Give them both stunt doubles with wigs like Hot Shots part deux or Spaceballs, it's even better imo.
  13. Seeing Montez Ford in the tag match with the ninjas and doing a bit of catch up watching on Street Profits, all I'm left with is the impression that he's Jamal from On My Block all grown up following the season finale of the latest season. The voice, the yelling, almost everything is Jamal and now I wish they'd give him a new partner to be his Ruby, except I don't know who would fit that role. Zayn maybe?
  14. That's great, Kingston is one of my favorites out there so just the idea of them throwing down has me pumped up. Thanks very much
  15. Yessir, that's the guy alright, I can't remember the spelling of his last name so my brain has Kenta Kobashi aka Japanese Clark Kent as just Kobashi in my head and then KENTA I have in my head as Kenta because the letters get mixed in my weirdo mind Awesome to hear, I have more matches to look up and I can't wait to dig in, thanks
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