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  1. just might be the best birthday present two years running Last year we got that amazing fucking card on the big day, and now this year a day early we're getting this fucking card tysm AEW
  2. Don't tell me the guy who preyed on underage fans isn't someone to be trusted That's just not possible WWE always tells us how their superstars put smiles on the WWE Universes faces
  3. First I'm asking myself what the hullabaloo from Aew/Roh was about but this one sums it up about perfectly
  4. velveteen dream goes scorched earth? Anyone have that on their bingo card?
  5. With all the talk Bobby Fish has done this week, is this guy working, trying to stir up buzz for interest to maybe get another payday? I mean, given he's talking on Punk so much this week, I'm guessing he's airing his own gripes now that he's not with the AEW roster any more? Not one fucking clue hahahaha
  6. UFC alone nearly cornered the market on this stuff especially in the McGregor era Granted the bus one wasn't in full view of the fans but that had clips making the rounds online almost immediately This was right after the closing moments of a ppv *right after Khabib finished Conor*
  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you friend. I went off my Zoloft two weeks after a giant argument with my brother and stepbrother. Long story short, about 5 years ago when I moved out to the sticks to work at my stepbrothers construction company, I've had tons of arguments and shouting matches with all of my family coming back and declaring me a hot head with a temper. FF to about april I think, fuck I can't remember. My cousin passed away, months younger than me. Fucked me up pretty bad, i posted about it somewhere on this forum. Another hot headed outbreak got me to realize I need meds like a motherfucker because I was tired of all my flareups. So I try to get in to see a shrink, get some asshole who only does phone consults and is in a race against the clock each time we speak so that my phone consults go from about half an hour at first to over and wrapped up within 4 minutes. Asshole starts me on Zoloft, ups the dosage after a month, but then comes the swerve ball. I don't have a flare up at the office, but everyone has an issue with how dismissive I'm talking to a customer, more in the sense that instead of being all warm sunny customer service I have this flat monotone. Not trying to get the dude to hang up, just not overflowing with sunshine and rainbows right. So i get double teamed outta nowhere and everyone's bringing up my past from literally two years back and acting like i'm the same. which is like jabbing lava tipped daggers into my heart because i fucking swear i'm not the same guy i was back in may. i'm absolutely not the same guy i was in march. and having my own family ignoring what i felt was lots of progress got me really fucked up. had to take out my zoloft prescription and say "look i've been on this about two months. i don't want laurels and flowers but i wanna at least acknowledge i'm not the same jerk i was back in january at least. can i at least get that?" in the heat of the moment i just empty the bottle into a trash can because fuck them. i can't get one fucking word in, and the worst part is i'm not even trying to defend my actions, i'm just trying to explain my mindset since they keep asking why i handled the customer that way. which again, i wasn't even rude or angry or using foul language, i just wasn't sunny and pleasant enough for them Still got about a month left before i can try to get the zoloft refill but nah, fuck it. i've been very open with my family about my losing struggles with mental health and if the best defense they can muster when they gang up on me is to bring up my bullshit from two or three years ago, especially after i've actually taken steps to try and rewire my own brain with medication which kinda was working, then fuck it. fuck zoloft. fuck trying to improve my mental issues. absolutely felt like i was gonna lose that battle about 6 years back, even told everyone not to expect me around in another 3 years. long ass way of saying, in my mind you shouldn't feel embarassed about opening up to your family, especially if you might think you're on the losing side (of struggling with mental health) and want to know that someone's got your back brother. and it seems like that was the case, which i absolutely love for you and for anyone here who's got the unconditional support of their loved ones. just reflecting on all this today since last night i had an episode and was told to take a pill and calm down. which ironically i can't take my zoloft since i dumped them in the trash to make a point to my brothers weeks back hahaha. wish i could. /rant-whining done
  8. @Gordlow Gordfather my liege, I'm hoping if abyone reads my post and understands I was just reacting to the article, I hope it would be you Wasn't trying to drag that mess into this thread, I mean I've long been a fan of your posts along others like Elsavage, Eivion, FlipsandFists, etc aka the good Bubbas (if i can steal from KawadaSmiles) who get in depth with their thoughts and opinions and bring up interesting pov's. Believer it or not I also count Newbury among that group in recent months, there's lots of great discussions in this thread and many others and it's all you good bubbas making it such a great place to relax and unwind after a day at work and peruse things of MattD and Dean and you too naturally Tldr didn't want to drag the convo over here, Newburys link was here and I reacted to it here but I wasn't planning or hoping to revisit the talk here, and seeing the ppv thread closed I'm absolutely not gonna linger on the gossip in this holiest and most sacred of threads* In closijg I hope to see you post reviews of live events or even past events, your stories and pictures are awesome as hell bubba. I've got a best friend living in Fukuoka who married a local girl and they had their 1st kid recently and trust me, I love reading about and hearing about the daily life in Japan from good bubbas like yourself and my brother Sergio so hopefully you won't only lurk but will still drop some road stories past or present ***Not being insincere at all, if you recall I rejoiced in the first navel gazing thread how awesome it was to find a thread that was just discussion without the photos eating up bandwidth every other post. These threads are what I love about the board and its the laid out thoughts of the good bubbas in detail that make it such a great time to browse
  9. And now you're policing who posts what in which thread? Remind me, back in the hot takes thread yeah, ain't you the guy saying wrestling fans should enjoy wrestling how they want to I quoted you in that thread since you posted the article in that thread dude, good lord if you're going to police what's getting posted where please do me the courtesy of spelling out your rules for me seeing how I'm not a mind reader and how I'm not up to speed with your rules on other members posting their thoughts seeing how you ask for links to tweets i share I'll hope you can share the links for your forum posting rules, bud
  10. Jesus I'm just seeing this now Ok, if any of the scuffles kerfuffles are real incidents and not a work, fire everyone involved in throwing hands/chairs If he's coming out talking about he's cool with that shit, fuck him and fuck any "stars" unprofessional enough to throw hands backstage off camera instead of working it out on TV for the payday
  11. Didnt see it like that @ first, but I getcha VileOne, Punkenhead, an Newbury. Good points for me to think on. *added Just caught up on navel gazing thread and saw the article Newbury shared about Tony being all "let them hate each other, thats cool!" FUUUUUUUCCK if that doesn't give me a new perspective now Fuck anyone unprofessional enough to settle shit off camera for zero money by throwing hands. if they cant work that shit out in ring for a payday, fuck em. Fire em. Thats the environment tony wants to foster? Gtfo if they can't find a way to make some $ with that drama. Unprofessional asses
  12. Eddie Kingston doing damage control like he did after the exploding barb wire massacre/sparkler fiasco Please and thank you
  13. Try to get to you and VileOne both here My point is, which I've laid out across multiple posts.. SRS/Fightful is sitting at the center of several shit storms over the past few months, with tweets and patreon reports saying one thing, then rumors and gossip mill ramp up, and when shit hits the fan, Fightful deflects from doing a retraction by "reporting" well in our defense, we never said we got our info directly from these folsk we're reporting on Did the leg work for those tweets, you can check out my last posts from recent 24 hours I get what you and VileOne are saying, but I've stressed it enough, two things can be true at the same time 1) Punk is a dick/jerk/asshole/bitter etc 2) Fightful barely meets the standards of journalism, they're way more tabloid sleaze To the 1st point, which again feel free to scroll through last 24 hours of my posts as I've said it enough times, I'm not standing up for Punk but rather looking at the shituation he put the company and others in, and looking for the source aka what's at the root of all this And bringing up May and what happened back then doesn't really fit into this, imo, because he didn't really seem to have an issue with this until his injury and absence* when all the rumors swirled up without him around to debunk or address them He gets put on leave, likely wants to rehab in peace, I imagine all the shit he's hearing gets to him, he gets a hot mic in front of the press and unleashes a shitstorm (*that's my takeaway from his comments at the presser) Now sure, he can see himself as a martyr and all that, don't think I've tried to paint him as a (2nd city) saint here, but again going by his words if I put myself in his shoes then fuck yeah I see how that shit would build up to a boiling point and sho nuff he's wrong for airing dirty laundry in public so to speak But rewind to before the injury, the rumors were swirling about Punk getting Cabana booted same as the rumors were swirling that FTR had heat with Bucks (which FTR had to address in a tweet then they had to go back and address it again when they got left off the videogame and rumors swirled about the future of FTR with AEW) Now for the root of all this shituation again I go back to those tweets I shared in previous posts Fightful seems to be at the center of this given how frequently they keep pumping out WELL WE DIDNT HEAR THIS FROM THEIR MOUTH DIRECTLY, BUT WE'RE NOT RETRACTING OUR REPORTING EITHER My bone to pick with them is how they're crowing about their subs growing when that growth is apparently fueled by gossip and lies. Back to Nick, say that Ace cracking him in the head with a chair leads to the black eye, maybe getting knocked out. From the reports I've read of Aces wife being backstage watching over Larry and the Bucks going after Punk to confront him, I can totally see Ace trying to kill someone seeing his wife is innocently in the middle of all the chaos. Say Nick's retina is damaged, or he's concussed and has to miss action. That's reckless behavior on Aces part no doubt. Unprofessional. But that shit imo isn't happening without one shit stirring "website" running around spreading lies and gossip for months, which then gets picked up and spread and quoted as a source ad nauseum until the boys get worked into a shoot and now careers are on the line if not outright done But I guess I'm deflecting, and the boys losing jobs is totes fine, hey gossip sites are just doing their job,let the boys do theirs, fragile egos aside? /s Dunno. For all the memes I shared of Nick getting laid out, at the end of the day if he ends up with serious head damage/trauma from Ace likely trying to take his block off, im a feel shitty for Nick and his family, reading all the reports from today that we didn't have yesterday Anyone potentially taking serious injuries, I mean if any talent has to miss weeks or months for injury from this melee, that sucks. Should some talent miss time for suspensions over brawling, fuck yeah! The two are not mutually exclusive if you ask me Like Newbury said, fightful got over 10k subs off this. Yay fightful!
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