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  1. I know Rogan and Segura had been getting on Bert Kreischer about his weight and drinking but GOTCH DAMN Kreischer is looking crazy, man Just saw his cabin series and he doesn't look anywhere as ripped on there as he does here, thats wild haha Also, seeing Kiss and Senegal side by side, c'mon AEW, Beautiful People redux with Kiss doing Velvets entrance..(that entrance for the cody match has me hoping we get the Velvet entrance at least once and Senegal can be Love) My xmas wishlist grows
  2. Oh Gotch, hahaha Jake nonchalantly asking Archer to help him with that shirt, like the beating on Moxley was nothing, was just hilarious Here, help me get this on. Come on, help me put this on. Fucking dying Miro going bananas at having that cabinet destroyed was fun, more plz. Keep wrecking his shit so he loses it and goes wild. Also for my Xmas wishlist, more Baker/Tony skits hahahahahaha Is Cody the American Nightmare because he steals the spotlight from his opponents with those looooong intros The one highlight I've seen with Cody tonight is that th
  3. If we're talking AEW Cody highlights: Cody being whipped bloody is my personal all time Cody highlight from his AEW run. That death shot from Wardlow Brodie killing him and laying him out, maybe 2nd place of my personal Cody highlights
  4. This movie is so quotable, in my family it's up there with Hot Shots, Naked Gun and other movies like that where we just randomly quote lines to each other all the time, yes we're very cheesy like that Happy birthday homeboy Who me? Yeah Gets the most quoted, but then there's also "I got these cheeseburgers man!" And "alright, that's enough of that love!" Plus the gif MESSAGE gets quoted almost weekly Haha When they jump the one girls cousin and (can't remember who) comes through with the flying elbow off the top!
  5. okay the parking lot brawl was great, more on that below Taz joining Robert's for now, plus the brawl afterwards with Hobbs running in, king sized. Plus the Archer promo, wow! He's been stealing the spotlight with his matches and aggression, maybe hand him the mic more often if he's always that good? Friends of Kingston was great, when do we see him and Archer? Please! Private Party need more matches with FTR, sharpen them up right quick imho Solid stuff from what I saw, catching up on everything I skipped tomorrow NGL after the Hellacious Hardy bump r
  6. Hey thanks alot Shartnado and Natural, you all rock! Had a blast Stayed in catching up on AEW and WWE, so much that I had missed and finally enjoyed, it was a great time yesterday leading to a 4 day weekend luckily Now to catch up with Lovecraft Country, Alienist Season2 and probably a fresh rewatch of Cobra Kai maybe. Have a fantastic weekend thank you both again
  7. Thank you soooooooooooo much, oh my goodness this works like a charm! Awesome and simple, so much appreciated thank you. Already worked up some tracks syncing together and its everything I was hoping for. Blessings.
  8. If this is in the wrong forum, apologies to all. Is there any awesome music/audio editing software around online if you wanted to try and merge or sync two audio files? My cousins and I are talking the other day about favorite wrestling promos and out of nowhere someone mentioned the idea of the Dusty Rhodes Hard Times promo playing over the Can it Be So Simple instrumental or even the CREAM instrumental Naturally we start dreaming up the best wrestling promos and instrumentals to sync them with, and now I'm dying to find some editing software to try it. Not for commercial use obviou
  9. Y'know, I've never seen it but read reviews about some matches and couldn't remember what it was called when I was posting. That one, definitely Thanks man. Their toy fed with the Joe's and MASK vehicles in the background is Zona 23ish The Rock Lords and Insecticons ran the fed Dario Cueto style and Mark Henry was the kids version of Matanza for them at one point.
  10. Finally got around to watching some parts and leaving the rest for my birthday this week. The Baker match had me laughing, quite a bit of silliness like the leg going numb and the Van Daminator-esque elbow through the diploma. Jim and Tony just chuckling through everything was the icing on the cake I felt Sammy vs Matt- GODDAMN son! Nuff said bout the "spot" so I'll try to go another direction with it. That bit at the start with Sammy in the golf cart had me ROARING but then we get Matt escaping and jeez, that deflated me. I remember the Hardys mentioning in their autobiography that
  11. That's awesome! If I knew how to add pictures on here I'd show you the setup my nephews did for a "junkyard fed" they'd made using GI Joe and MASK vehicles for the background. The majority of the MASK vehicles had those operable gimmicks like buzzsaws and whatnot so their junkyard fed was this almost FMW style arena for Voltron and Power Rangers and Turtles, etc Gizmoduck and Darkwing Duck are the reigning tag champs last I heard. They tore through a mix of Thundercats and Battle Beasts minimates to get the straps
  12. My tag team champs was the Dreadnoks trip of Buzzer Ripper and Torch, Freebirds style where any two could defend the belts They did the "losing on their way out"business for Captain Power and company ETA- Couple years back there was a Build N Brawlers line of WWE and UFC guys that came out along the time of the 25th Anniversary Joe's. The Hardys had some epic matches with many duos like Luke and Duke, the Silva team of Wanderlei and Andereon, Tomax/Xamot, etc in my nephews little Joes fed
  13. sarcasm mode activated I just wanna see IRS pop up in AEW for one night just to laugh at the horde of "Oh look another WWE castoff gets picked up by AEW" posts that'll pop up all over Queue up the "How long til IRS is in line to challenge for a title?" posts lmao sarcasm deactivated
  14. Thank you Casey, I kinda thought that's what they were doing. "We're thankful for you promoting us all over your other shows, so we're returning the favor" type shit But then reading all the feedback about the Cody hype/game show announcement that was where I got confused and thought Oh fuck, please don't tell me the new AEW show is a fucking game show! ain't seen show yet, got two weeks of Dark qnd Dynamite plus the ppv to catch up on, but the posts got me mixed up as I scrolled thru spoilers/revuews
  15. Hey yall, dunno if this was covered already, apologies if it was, I might have missed it Is the game show supposed to be the second AEW show from back at the start of the year? Seems dumb if the second show is nothing but a game show, assuming that's what TNT did Or is it something where AEW gave it some promotion as gratitude for all the AEW promos airing on the Finals and other programming? Like, is the second AEW show still unannounced or was this game show the "second AEW show"? Legit unsure I'm probably reading things out of context in this thread but I get the feeling th
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