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  1. I thought the opening promo segment was the highlight of the show. ”You might as well be preaching hustle, loyalty, and respect at this point” and “You’re just a less famous Miz” were my favorite lines. I also thought the women’s match was really good. Thunder Rosa is a beast. I liked Danielson beating up Colt Cabana and the Hangman confrontation. However, I don’t like Hangman challenging him to a match after he just had a match. Why wouldn’t he just say let’s do it next week, instead of letting more of his friends get beat up? At least make the heel avoid the match. The main event was typical chaotic AEW tag multi-person style but the best part was Arn and Tully facing off. Glad Malakai didn’t lose another match too.
  2. Yuta tripped and obviously botched a spot as a result. There’s not a lot you can do baby face falls on his face and blows a spot. Or do you just want no commentary for botched spots? Also, I’d say the fact that you’re harping on JR’s commentary of it and not Yuta blowing a spot means he probably did Yuta a favor with the shoes excuse. As far as rules go, you have a 10 count outside the ring before you’re supposed to get back in. This is frequently completely ignored in some matches. A couple of months ago the rule wasn’t enforced in the earlier matches, and then in the main event Cody lost to Black because he rushed into the ring to break the 10 count. The inconsistency of rule enforcement is maddening. In AEW you have 10 seconds to exit the ring after a tag but in a lot of the matches this is disregarded to the flurry of spots they like to do. I have lost count of how many times a manager or wrestler has hands on a wrestler in view of the referee.
  3. Credibility of the announcer means that when JR says that “Fans, you’re not going to want to miss the ppv because CM Punk and MJF have a tremendous amount of animosity towards each other and are going to beat the absolute piss out of each other. It will be an absolute slobberknocker ” people still believe him. And people believe him more than (most if not all) other announcers precisely because he doesn’t lie to us and call a pile of crap a bouquet of roses. And has literally been a straight shooter on commentary since a lot of us were kids. As part of the show it’s the wrestlers job to not bury the referees and announcers by doing stupid and unnecessary things that make everyone else look stupid. The comically blatant disregard of the rules to get their stuff in also isn’t the “house style” either. Because numerous wrestlers are consistently able to operate within the confines of the commonly known rules (and only break them behind the backs of the officials). Also, recall that Jericho called a talent meeting shortly after Dynamite debuted and laid into the tag teams for not following rules, including ones as basic as tagging in. Another thing Tony Khan didn’t stop despite these house style claims.
  4. Maybe Tony Khan is fine with wrestlers flouting the rules in front of the officials who do nothing about it but then he must also be fine with JR shitting on the rule flouting since it’s been over two years and he hasn’t stopped it yet, and he’s literally on the headset every show. I don’t like when wrestlers blatantly flout the rules in front of the officials, so I appreciate JR giving a voice to my frustrations. So it’s not counter productive to me or the people who have a similar view.
  5. You can’t bestow credibility on anything if you aren’t credible yourself. And if you insult the intelligence of your audience by assuming that they don’t know basic rules (that are too frequently ignored by AEW officials) you lose credibility. Because it’s live tv we can see it and wonder what exactly the purpose of Rick Knox even is. Having an announcer validate that you’re not crazy the referee just isn’t doing his job is actually refreshing.
  6. This mind reading/projection stuff is so annoying because it’s so obviously untrue. If he didn’t care he wouldn’t take the criticism from people like you so personally. He’s a 70 year old man that has had multiple bouts of Bell’s palsy, a stroke, and currently has skin cancer (whose treatments he’s scheduled around AEW tv despite “not caring.”). He doesn’t have his fastball but he’s obviously trying and he has moments that enhance a match more than any of his counterparts because he has more credibility. And he has more credibility precisely because he doesn’t pretend like the rules don’t exist so a stunt can be performed, and questions what the referees are doing when they don’t enforce the rules which are blatantly violated in front of them. The fact that maybe 90% of the roster can’t throw a good working punch which is continually exposed by the camera shots they’re using, and that the wrestlers have completely buried the refs since AEW began are all far bigger issues than JR stumbling or using a wrong name.
  7. The report I saw earlier today said Fenix hit him with a shot that knocked him out about 10 minutes in and he was out of it from that point on (he was supposed to be more involved in the finish to make it more clear) and that there was some heat of Fenix for not checking up on him.
  8. What exactly is Hangman doing that he wouldn’t just give him the title shot immediately? I don’t see how this scenario wouldn’t make him come off as a a scenario. The only way I think this idea could possibly work without Hangman coming off as a heel is maybe if Danielson challenged the entire Dark Order to show Hangman what he had coming. But that would be kind of a dumb thing for him to do instead of just taking the title shot.
  9. It would be a pretty heelish move to have the number one contender for your title go through an entire stable of your friends before actually giving him the title shot he’s already earned.
  10. Yeah, I was thinking the Pinnacle really ought to have won whichever match that would have ended the Inner circle while watching this. I think it did its job in elevating Sammy and Santana and Ortiz to the AEW audience but now they’re background characters in a feud centered around a 51 year old Chris Jericho and Dan Lambert. Why? Other than this and the women’s 6 man which was not very good but at least made Tay Conti look strong…I thought everything else on the show was pretty great. Also, I think every AEW champion should sign his contract with his opponent’s blood in the future. That was awesome.
  11. I think it’d be more like a ticking time bomb for the well being of any of the women that had to wrestle her considering how terrible and reckless she is in the ring.
  12. She could help ladies like Cargill, Red Velvet, and Anna Jay, etc. get better by providing them with another solid veteran to work with. They can’t all work with Serena Deeb every week, unfortunately.
  13. They pushed the ppv back a week because the UFC is having a ppv (Covington vs Usman 2) and I think Canelo is fighting as well, so it’d be a lot of competition for that night.
  14. Yeah, I know that Moxley’s situation obviously threw a bit of a monkey wrench into plans but Dynamite was kind of just a show and this looks pretty underwhelming on paper (Kingston Punk is the only thing that interests me going into it). Usually, it seems like AEW is always picking up a lot of momentum going into the ppvs. But the build so far has felt a little subdued to me. Hopefully, this show will be better than it looks on paper and they’ll build a lot of steam next week…
  15. Before I die, I need to see him against Orange Cassidy on tv. And then to hear Jim Cornette’s head explode reviewing it.
  16. Plus, they initially advertised Dynamite being on at 10PST and 11MT for people on the West coast and in mountain states before changing it back to being aired live kind of last minute which probably hurt them some too.
  17. Yeah, the tape library is a good point. If Tony Khan is serious about eventually launching a streaming service having that tape library would give it a huge boost. What is your issue with Danhausen? Didn’t he already wrestle in AEW as part of Cody’s open challenge last summer?
  18. I haven’t watched Ring of Honor in a long time but I just read that they’re releasing everyone at the end of the year. Is there anyone there any of you that do watch think might be showing up in AEW? https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/roh-talent-contracts-won-t-be-renewed-end-2021-contracted-talent-will-still-be-paid
  19. I thought this was the most comfortable and the best Jungle Boy promo has ever cut. It was short but it was progress which is good. I don’t think he looked like a chump, he challenged any of the heels to a match, one of the heels pretended to accept and the others sneak attacked from behind. That’s pretty standard pro wrestling booking.
  20. I 100% thought he was going to pedigree him and that would be the beginning of his heel turn. Kind of think Black’s first loss should have come on a bigger stage than a random Saturday Dynamite. But still this was a good match and a good show. I hope the Archer thing was some kind of angle and not a serious injury, that was very awkward ending though.
  21. Will Hobbs is really good. It’s a bummer they had him lose another big match, especially to a guy whose gimmick I think is starting to get a little tiresome. Maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t sound like he’s as over as he once was. Anna Jay vs Britt Baker was okay. Jay’s strikes are terrible but I saw she just had her 20th match a couple of weeks ago, so it’s crazy she’s as good at the things she is good at and has time to improve. Andrade vs Pac was even better than the first match, very awesome and worth the time.
  22. It’s kind of funny how all of the WWE’s tactics to undermine AEW keep backfiring on them.
  23. I’m not sure that it being taped is as much of an issue as it is being taped after a 2 hour show and some dark matches. The crowd just doesn’t have the same juice. As far as time slots Friday at 10 is obviously terrible. I was hoping they’d get the old WCW Saturday Night time slot had and still hope it’s moved there at some point.
  24. I agree that they should have done tag titles for the women instead but if they use the TBS title similar to the TNT title where there are lots of open challenges—maybe that could be a way for them to bring in some veterans with tv experience to help carry the multitude of green girls on the roster.
  25. Does anyone know if Sky Blue vs Jade was the first of the tbs tournament matches, or just a match between the competitors? Anyway, I thought commentary was pretty hilarious tonight. “CM punk goes flying… like Mussolini…or Gandhi…or Kennedy. That really cracked me up. Taz being in despair when Starks was in trouble in his match was probably the best part of it too.
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